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College Football: Texas hulk-smashes Mizzou

The University of Missouri’s Tigers saddled their horses and trekked over to the Lone Star state to duke it out with the University of Texas Longhorns.

But first, Vanderbilt lost to UGA and Clemson couldn’t dowse Ga Tech.

Another detour:

I watched W. (Oliver Stone, 200eight) last night and Max Payne (John Moore, 200eight) this afternoon.  Good times all around.

Retour back to the game:

Televised by ABC, the first quarter started with a Longhorns touchdown by their own quarterback, Colt McCoy.  Texas made their second TD in the bottom of the quarter, courtesy of running back Chris Ogbonnaya.  The second quarter began with a Longhorns TD by freshman wide receiver Malcolm Williams (who had to leap into the air, sandwiched between two Tigers to catch the ball and fall backwards into the end zone).  Ogbonnaya put another one into the end zone shortly thereafter.  Longhorns 28 and Tigers 0.  Mizzou’s next possession took them down into the red zone.  Quarterback Chase Daniel threw the ball to wide receiver Danario Alexander, who caught it in the end zone, but his right foot was out of bounds.  Incomplete.  Towards the bottom of the second quarter, Texas wide receiver Jordan Shipley made a TD.  He and his teammates got up to 35 points.  Mizzou didn’t go into halftime completely numberless.  They finally lit things up with a field goal.  35 to 3.

The third quarter commenced with a Mizzou touchdown by tailback Derrick Washington.  The Tigers closed the score gap a pinch more: 35 to 10.  Nearing the bottom of the third quarter, Texas QB McCoy ran into the end zone a second time.  Longhorns 42 and Tigers 10.  Mizzou tight end Chase Coffman increased his team’s points with a TD in the bottom of the third quarter.   Longhorns 42 and Tigers 17.  The fourth quarter started with Mizzou QB Daniel throwing an interception because Texas defensive end Brian Orakpo tackled him.  Texas cornerback Ryan Palmer snatched the ball from mid-air.  Longhorns running back Cody Johnson increased their lead with a TD.  Texas 49 and Mizzou 17.

Tigers wide receiver Jared Perry made it into the end zone approaching the halfway point of the fourth quarter.  Texas 49 and Mizzou 24.  John Chiles scrubbed in as quarterback for Texas at this time (about halfway through the fourth quarter).  The Longhorns’ lead climbed higher still with a TD by freshman wide receiver Dan Buckner, 56 to 24.  Approaching the bottom of the quarter, Mizzou QB Daniel broke the plane (and then there were off-setting personal fouls to both teams).  Longhorns 56 and Tigers 31.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger provided commentary tonight.  They discussed the trivia that the last time Mizzou beat Texas, the Titanic didn’t exist and Grover Cleveland was President.

2. Derek Jeter was at the game rooting for the Longhorns.

3. When the commercial break ended after Mizzou’s Jared Perry made the TD in the fourth quarter, the Tigers mascot was filmed from an extreme, extreme low angle, medium close-up doing push-ups.  I think he did ten (I wasn’t counting).

4. The commentators mentioned the curse of being AP-polled #1.  It seems that each time that has been in the top spot this season has fallen.  UGA, USC, OSU (Ohio State).  I don’t recall if there were others.

5. Both quarterbacks embraced each other after the game ended.

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NFL 08: Falcons swipe the rug from under the Bears

The Chicago Bears go dirty south to see what the Atlanta Falcons can serve up in front of a sell-out crowd at the Georgia Dome. Broadcast on Fox, the first quarter commenced with an Atlanta possession and a field goal. On the first play of their second possession, running back Michael Turner dropped the ball as he was being tackled. Bears defensive end Alex Brown scooped up the ball. Atlanta head coach Mike Smith fired up that red flag to challenge the call that Chicago recovered the fumble. Indeed, the call was reversed. Turner’s knee hit the ground while he was still holding the ball. The first quarter drew to a close with another Falcons field goal. 6 to 0.

The second quarter creeped to the nine minute mark and the Falcons were edging toward the red zone. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan threw a complete pass to running back Jerious Norwood, who fumbled the ball as he was tackled. The ball was recovered by Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris, who lost the ball as he was getting up. The ball was recovered by the Falcons. Bears head coach Lovie Smith challenged the call, claiming that Harris was down by contact. The call was not reversed.

Falcons wide receiver Roddy White made a touchdown catch two plays later, but it was nullified on account of an ineligible downfield pass. On the next play, Matt Ryan threw the ball to wide receiver Brian Finneran, who caught then dropped the ball. The Bears’ next possession ended in a field goal. Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes prevented Bears wide receiver Marty Booker from making a TD catch. Going into halftime, Atlanta 9 and Chicago 3.

The third quarter began with an Atlanta field goal. 12 to 3. It continued with the Bears running back Matt Forte touchdown. The fourth quarter started with a touchdown catch by Roddy White. Falcons 19 and Bears 10. On Chicago’s next possession, they made it all the way to the one yard line but was stopped by Atlanta. Rather than go for a field goal, though, they decided to try for the end zone–and they couldn’t do it. The Bears nearly got into the end zone near the end of the fourth quarter, but they had to field goal it. Atlanta 19 and Chicago 13. With just under four minutes left on the game clock, Jerious Norwood returned the kickoff for eighty-five yards. That drive was supposed to lead to a field goal, but Jason Elam missed it. Just when it looked like the Bears would not be winning this game, wide receiver Rashid Davis caught a TD pass. Chicago tied the game 19 to 19. The extra kick was good. Bears 20 and Atlanta 19. With eleven seconds still on the clock, the Falcons had another chance to win the game. Matt Ryan threw a complete pass to wide receiver Michael Jenkins. Jason Elam went on for a forty-eight yard field goal. And IT WAS GOOD!

Atlanta 22. Chicago 20. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Brian Billick and Thom Brennaman were commentators. The latter remarked that the former and Mike Smith are brothers-in-law.

2. During the instant replay of Matt Ryan’s pass to Brian Finneran in the middle of the second quarter, the camera went to a medium close-up of Ryan walking (in slight slow-motion) towards screen right. His face wore unmistakable frustration.

4. Yes, Jason Elam’s field goal was no good in the bottom of the fourth quarter, but he was the one putting all the Falcons’ numbers on the board until Roddy White made the TD in the top of the fourth quarter. Elam’s first field goal was from the twenty-nine yard line, his second from forty-eight, his third from thirty-two, and his fourth from the forty-one.

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GaTech Yellow Jackets beat Gardner-Webb Bulldogs on Saturday. Click here to read how.

College Football: GaTech turbo tacks Duke

Vingt-sept et zero? Vraiment? GaTech’s Yellow Jackets really did beat Duke’s Blue Devils 27 to 0.

Grab a sweet one, water the horses, and do not Lose Friends or Alienate People.

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Just a thought here

humming along

beneath the neon lights of an



football field

If too many conditions

factors, time-tables

came to marinate

on a quest for near-perfection

an interception,

most elegant

an audible,

most eloquent

Wouldn’t it just be easier

and simpler

to say

“hey man,

i ain’t lookin to play

i just wanna watch.

is that cool?”

but when really,


you want to play

on the fringes

of propriety



into the turf itself.

–yiqi 5 0ct 08 3:00 AM

College Football: GaTech chicken rotisserie skewers Miss State

A brilliant Saturday breeze in Atlanta, GA. The Mississippi State Bulldogs stepped into the eastern time zone to thumb-war with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Televised on my local CW station, the first quarter ended with two touchdowns by the Yellow Jackets, thanks to running back Embry Peeples and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. Mississippi State’s running back Anthony Dixon made a swift seventy-yard run towards the end zone soon thereafter but he stopped eight yards before the goal line. There was also a missed field goal. Yellow Jackets quarterback Jaybo Shaw put the ball in the end zone himself halfway through the second quarter. GaTech 21 and Miss State 0. With fewer than forty seconds on the clock, Bulldogs quarterback Wesley Carroll nearly threw a touchdown pass, but Yellow Jackets safety Morgan Burnett intercepted the ball at the one-yard line. Beautifully executed.

The third quarter began with Miss State’s possession. GaTech’s turn started at less than ideal field position (their own eleven yard line). After the snap, Yellow Jackets running back Jonathan Dwyer ran eighty-eight yards for a TD. Bellisimo. GaTech 28. Miss State 0. The Yellow Jackets gained three more points with a field goal. The fourth quarter upped the shine for the Yellow Jackets as running back Greg Smith made a forty-five yard TD run. GaTech 38 and Miss State 0.

That is until nearly the midpoint of the fourth quarter. Miss State’s running back Robert Elliot made a touchdown. Nevertheless, final score GaTech 38 and Miss State 7.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. John Heisman was head coach at Georgia Tech from 1904 to 1915, as the commentators mentioned seconds before the end of the second quarter.

2. GaTech’s third quarter field goal could’ve been a TD by Jaybo Shaw, but a chop block penalty nullified it.

3. In the fourth quarter, the commentators discussed briefly the Yellow Jackets’ redesigned uniforms. The gold is a bit more yellow (to me). Russell Athletic provided the costuming. Here’s what the Yellow Jackets looked like before.

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College Football: Hokies bat the Yellow Jackets away

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets traveled north to hammer it out with the Virginia Tech Hokies (televised by ESPN via ABC). This entry shall be streamlined because of a substantial tangential thought which surfaced while I watched a few plays from the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game.

By the end of the first half, Virginia Tech was in the lead with fourteen points (thanks to touchdowns by running back Darren Evans and quarterback Tyrod Taylor) to GaTech’s 9 (a field goal and a Roddy Jones TD). By the end of the second half, GaTech tied the game 17 to 17; but then there was a field goal by Virginia Tech.  Final score 20-17.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. The Hokies donned orange jerseys, which hasn’t happened since 1994. The uniforms made me think of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The bleachers were a sea of orange.

2. Virginia Tech’s president was interviewed briefly in the first quarter. He said that all VT’s home games are sold out. Ever since April 16, 2007 the entire community has banded together in unprecedented ways.

I flipped to NBC during a commercial break in the first quarter and was met with the game between the Fighting Irish and the Wolverines. The substantial tangent has to do with a particular pass in the top of the second quarter when Michigan had possession of the ball. Quarterback Steven Threet threw an incomplete pass.  The ball was knocked from flight by one of the Notre Dame players (I don’t recall who).  Threet’s pass would probably have landed in the hands of its intended (or an eligible) receiver if the other guy wasn’t in the way.  Does the incomplete pass mean Threet didn’t throw the ball adequately enough?  Should he have seen the blue jersey coming?

I’ve always believed that hard work doesn’t always pay off–not even for those who deserve it.  Athletes probably experience it disproportionately more than non-athletes.  So, the next time you tried really hard but didn’t stick the landing, remember the pass that was rendered incomplete because the ball was batted away.  It’s not your fault.  There are other forces at play.

The halftime show during the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game included an interview Bob Costas did with Jim Brown about Ernie Davis, who played for Syracuse University, became the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy, and died of leukemia at the age of twenty-three.  Jim Brown mentioned his “quickness, speed, power…agility, intelligence” and that “he transcends race….people just liked him…He had that..that spirit, just an intangible that moved mountains. The human spirit man…it can overcome anything.”

Notre Dame players have translucent blue mouth guards.  Dazzling.  The Irish Guard.  Click here to read all about Notre Dame’s win over Michigan.  35 to 17.