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Four Years ago nearly today

It was December 12th in 2004 when I wrote this entry at my Livejournal.   Four years consist of 1460 days.  16 seasons.  4 birthdays.  4 Super Bowls.  Four years can feel like a long time or a short time, depending on how they were spent.  Taking into account what I’ve done over this period of time, my state of mind then and now, 2004 certainly feels like the distant past.

Among the most significant changes between that past and this present is my love of football.  If someone had asked me at the time I wrote that Livejournal entry, “Hey Stina, what if I told you that in four years time, you’ll spend your fall weekends watching football on TV and that you feel a pain when the teams/players you favor don’t do well?” I would’ve reacted like this:

Surprise.  Disbelief.  Skepticism.

and now?

The second most life-altering situation is that I spend my days doing something I greatly enjoy and for fabulous people.  If asking for cheap, fast, and top quality constructed buildings is a challenge, having a job with excellent human and non-human environments must be like seeing Haley’s Comet twice five years.

I might not be friends with any architects, sculptors, medical examiners, law enforcement agents, or chefs, but there are a few slinkster cool people I know now that I didn’t know then–in both the digital and analog worlds.   Take a look at my Blog Croissant, for instance.

My behavior and monologues may fervently indicate otherwise, but I am glad to exist still–if not for myself, then for the owner of my dark, little heart.


I’m aware that there’s a WordPress/Facebook handshake that would enable people to find my FB page by pressing a button.  I’ve been thinking about adding it but haven’t yet decided if I will or not.  In the mean time, if you give a flying frappuccino, I can be found in the Atlanta and Emory networks.  Search for the same email address that can be found in the About Sitting Pugs page.