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NFL 2009: Falcons depreciate the Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons ground the axe the day after UGA out-played GaTech by one touchdown.  Televised by Fox, with commentary by Dick Stockton and Charles Davis, the first quarter commenced with the Falcons on offense.  First pass from quarterback Matt Ryan?  a would-be interception.  Running back Michael Turner was back in the game after resting last week.  No Falcons pointage resulted from the first go.  When the Falcons went on offense again, Chris Redman stepped in as quarterback on account of a foot injury on Ryan.  His second throw was complete to tight end Tony Gonzalez (wow, that play elapsed very slowly even in real-time).  The Falcons had to punt the ball away but due to an off-sides penalty on the Buccaneers, the Falcons got the ball back.  The  first quarter ended with no score for either team.

Chris Redman continued as quarterback in the second quarter.  Three minutes into the quarter, Matt Ryan went into the locker rooms.  Kicker Jason Elam broke the 0-0 of the scoreboard with a field goal.  About halfway through the second quarter, Falcons running back Jerious Norwood proved, with an eighteen-yard run, just how much his five-game absence impacted his team.  A few plays later, Redman’s shovel pass to Norwood led to a touchdown.  Atlanta 10 and Tampa Bay 0.  When the Buccaneers went on offense, quarterback Josh Freeman threw a forty-two yard TD pass to wide receiver Antonio Bryant.  The Buccaneers tied the score with a field goal with half a minute left in the second quarter.  Atlanta 10 and Tampa Bay 10.

The third quarter did not march off too well for the Falcons.  A punt was blocked, the Buccaneers got amazing field position and churned out a TD (via running back Carnell Williams).  Tampa Bay 17 and Atlanta 10.  Michael Turner made a pretty good run but had to step off the field shortly thereafter due to a right leg misfortune.  Jason Elam narrowed the score deficit by three halfway through the third quarter.  Tampa Bay 17 and Atlanta 13.  The Falcons were going strong in the bottom of the quarter when running back Jason Snelling lost control of the ball.

And then there was a fourth quarter…my eyes remained averted from the screen, afeared to see what wouldn’t feel so bad just to hear.  Can I even smile that that Tony Gonzalez caught Redman’s pass in the second half of the fourth quarter (with Buccaneer safety Tanard Jackson covering him)?  A forty+ yard FG was tried and failed.  Fortunately for the Falcons, the Buccaneers missed a field goal attempt in the bottom of the fourth quarter.  How would the Falcons perform with likely their last dance with the ball?  Thirty seconds left in the game.  One more chance.  Chris Redman to wide receiver Roddy White complete! It’s a touchdown! Atlanta 20 and Tampa Bay 17.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The Falcons wore black jerseys and red helmets.

2.  Halfway through the fourth quarter, footage of Matt Ryan standing on the sidelines (out of uniform) was aired.  In a medium close-up, Ryan wore an expression of bewilderment and disbelief.  When he was shown walking around the sidelines in the bottom of the fourth quarter, shock had turned to discontentment.  His frown was turned upside down after Redman and White connected for a TD.  Arthur Blank was all smiles and thumbs up too.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

NFL 2009: Falcons square root the 49ers

The Atlanta Falcons went to the west coast to test the turf of the San Francisco 49ers.  Broadcast on Fox, commentary was provided by Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston.  The first quarter began with a Falcons possession that went nowhere and a 49ers possession that led to a deflected ball that the Falcons recovered (thanks to cornerback Brian Williams).  A few plays later, Falcons running back Michael Turner broke the goal line.   On their next possession, wide receiver Roddy White made a TD catch.  49ers running back Glen Coffee eventually made a TD for his team.  Atlanta 14 and San Francisco 7.

The second quarter started with a 49ers field goal.  Atlanta 14 and San Francisco 10.  49ers head coach Mike Singletary had used up all three of his team’s time-outs by that point.  Falcons head coach Mike Smith challenged the ruling that San Francisco had recovered a fumbled ball to running back Jerious Norwood.  Mike Smith didn’t win the challenge.  A ninety-yard Roddy White TD run to the end zone came shortly thereafter (White did a somersault after broke the plane and was tagged with an unsportsman like conduct penalty).  The Falcons mirrored their earlier fumble by recovering a 49ers loose ball.  Against boos from the crowd, the birds went out on offense, and a couple plays later, Michael Turner made another TD.  Lather, rinse, and repeat with seventy seconds left in the first half.  Atlanta 35 and San Francisco 10.  It’s a franchise record for the Falcons — thirty-five points in the first half.

The 49ers appeared to come into the the third quarter with just a spritz more momentum.  Quarterback Shaun Hill didn’t complete all of his passes, nonetheless I observed a more tangible presence amongst the 49ers offense (as if they finally believed they were actually in the game).  Kicker Joe Nedney’s forty-eight field goal attempt was no good.  Michael Turner never got a good grip on the ball from Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.  On the next play, Matt Ryan threw an interception into the embrace of 49ers defensive back Dre’ Bly…only to be tackled by Roddy White.  The ball escaped from Bly’s left hand and Falcons center Todd McClure jumped on it (after Ryan tried but couldn’t stick the landing).  Falcons kicker Jason Elam’s forty yard FG attempt was good.  Atlanta 38 and San Francisco 10.

The “umph” that I had noticed in the beginning of the third quarter was gone by the end of it.  Matt Ryan slice-jumped through the front right corner of the end zone nearly halfway through the fourth quarter.  Atlanta 45 and San Francisco 10.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Goodness graceland, those 49ers looked like poles of ketchup and mustard.

2.  I was cleaning out my sent emails and came across a link to college football newsreels.

3.  Gasp!  Upon returning from the first commercial break of the game, one of the cameras caught Falcons wide receiver Brian Finneran spitting on the sidelines.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.  I do like the new Game Center for its enriched graphics, but whenever it refreshes itself, my Firefox browser freezes for a few seconds.

NFL 08: Falcons send the Vikings longship-packing

Looks like someone decided to give the Atlanta Falcons a couple of go-home-and-collect-200 cards. The Baltimore Ravens broke up the Dallas Cowboys’ party 33 to 24 Saturday night. The San Diego Chargers took out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 41 to 24 earlier today. The Falcons went into todays game against the Minnesota Vikings with one condition: win and you’re in the playoffs (as a wild card). So, were they able to do it? and on the Vikings’ turf?

Televised by Fox, the first quarter started with a super cool throw from Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan throwing to wide receiver Michael Jenkins, who caught the ball one yard away from the goal line. Running back Michael Turner trudged his way into the end zone on the next play. Atlanta 7 and Minnesota 0. Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe got his hand into the end zone for a touchdown in response. Atlanta and Minnesota tied 7 a piece.

The second quarter surfaced with Matt Ryan shovel passing the ball to running back Jerious Norwood, who ran his way into the end zone. Atlanta 14 and Minnesota 7. The Vikings hit back with a few good runs by running back Adrian Peterson and throws by quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, and then the ball got away from the Vikings and into the hands of Falcons wide receiver Roddy White. Unfortunately, no score came from that cul-de-sac of ball exchange. Once Vikings were back on offense, Tarvaris Jackson and Adrian Peterson made good ground coverage…but then there was another fumble and Falcons cornerback Chris Houston got his hands on the ball. Going into halftime, Atlanta was in the lead with 17 points to Minnesota’s 7.

The third quarter began with another series of impressive Vikings action which then turned into Falcons fumble recovery. Defensive tackle Kindal Moorehead sacked Tarvaris Jackson and defensive end Chauncey Davis got on top of the ball. The outcome of that turnover? Rien. Nothing. The Falcons had to punt the ball away. SWEET MOLLY OF MARINATED CUBAN SANDWICHES?! The game clock was tripping passed three minutes in the bottom of the third quarter; the Falcons were second-and-five on the Minnesota five yard line; Matt Ryan couldn’t find someone to whom he could launch the ball. Alors, he decided to take it to the goal line himself.

Only, his forward somersault was possibly twelve inches shy of the goal line, and as he came closer to the ground, the ball fell away from his hand and into the end zone (diagonally left from Matt Ryan’s hand). Purple and white swarmed around that prolate spheroid and Falcons guard Justin Blalock ended up with the credit for repossessing it for a TD. Atlanta 24 and Minnesota 7. The fourth quarter commenced with a re-energized Vikings offense…in the form of a field goal. Minnesota benefited from another Visanthe Shiancoe TD in the bottom of the quarter. Atlanta 24 and Minnesota 17. The Vikings’ defense were not going to surrender. With the two-minute warning left to play in the fourth, Tarvaris Jackson and his eligible receivers had one more chance to tie or take the win by a one point lead. Despite the Vikings’ efforts, the Falcons reclaimed control of the ball in the final minute of the game. Atlanta 24 and Minnesota 17. Final score. SWEET SHINY PLANTAINS ON A SUNDAY!!! The Falcons are going to the playoffs!!!

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Wow. After the Tennessee Titans beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31 to 14, CBS cut to the end of the Miami Dolphins attempting to maintain a lead over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Dolphins wore white jerseys and the Chiefs red. Together on the field, they looked like diced salsa ingredients or a Tabasco bottle.

2. Brian Baldinger, Dick Stockton, and Brian Billick provided commentary.

3. So, about that Matt Ryan somersault. I wonder if he’d ever do that again….I wonder if he’d practice doing that again for next season.

4. Last week’s game against Tampa Bay caused much anxiety since Matt Ryan’s second throw. Today’s horse-shoe toss against the Minnesota didn’t fill me with as intense a level of nerves, but from halfway through the third quarter to the end of the fourth, I experienced a dull chattering of anxiousness. I believed the Falcons could maintain a numerical lead but the Vikings just weren’t going to let up one breath, as evidenced in the bottom of the fourth quarter.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

NFL 08: Falcons walnut-cream the Buccaneers by a stolen glance

NFC South. NFC South. Green eggs and dry mouth.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers welcomed the Atlanta Falcons into their parlor in September of this year and certainly proved who owned the lot. Twenty-four to nine, the Bucs won. Today, the roles were reversed. Would the Falcons be able to demonstrate some Southern hospitality to their peninsular brothers?

Tampa Bay quarterback Jeff Garcia was unable to put on his ritz due to an injury. Brian Griese was the substitute teacher for the day. Televised by Fox, the first quarter started off rather creakily, with a pocketful of penalties (most of them on the Buccaneers) and a Falcons field goal (second time with the ball). Falcons wide receiver Roddy White made a spectacular catch towards the bottom of the quarter (body elongated to perfection) but he didn’t spring back up after being brought down to the turf (at least not before commercial break). Falcons running back Michael Turner put the first touchdown on the board for his team with under two minutes on the clock (his TD was preceded by a pretty happenin’ Jerious Norwood run). Atlanta 10 and Tampa Bay 0.

The second quarter started with Tampa Bay rookie cornerback Aqib Talib getting in between Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan’s throw and Roddy White’s hands. It was an interception. Another interception occurred with under a minute in the quarter when Buccaneers cornerback Ronde Barber got his hands on another ball meant for Roddy White. Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Bryant’s thirty-yard catch under thirty seconds was ruled incomplete (his left foot came down out-of-bounds). A couple plays later, Antonio Bryant put the ball into the end zone. Going into halftime, Atlanta 10 and Tampa Bay 7.

The third quarter sprang forth with Falcons tight end Jason Rader breaking the plane for a touchdown, but did the ball come out of his hands before or as he was crossing the goal line? Bucs head coach Jon Gruden challenged the TD call– and he won it. Tampa Bay was awarded possession as cornerback Phillip Buchanon had scooped up the ball after Rader fumbled it in the end zone. Was the offensive tide turning in favor of the Buccaneers? Not completely. Falcons cornerback Domonique Foxworth got his hands around Brian Griese’s pass two or so plays later. Would Atlanta be able to capitalize on that interception? That would be a negative. Niet. Nyet. Nein. Non. Pas du tout. Falcons running back Jason Snelling did, however, grind the Buccaneers’ field position to the nine yard line after Michael Koenen punted the ball away.

The fourth quarter whittled down to under four minutes without any points for either team. Buccaneers kicker Matt Bryant tried to tie the score with a fifty-three yard field goal but the ball swerved to the left of the uprights (from his POV). Falcons still in the lead 10 to 7. Tampa Bay wasn’t going to let their ship sink in the Georgia Dome. A blocked punt in the bottom of the fourth quarter put the Bucs in a position to swipe the victory. Matt Bryant went for a thirty-eightish yard field goal attempt with under a minute left on the clock. And it was good. Both teams tied with 10 points.

Tampa Bay won the coin toss in overtime. Their first possession yielded no score. When the Falcons got their hands on the ball, Matt Ryan slid, then connected with Roddy White, then lost the ball as he was sliding but Falcons recovered the ball. Michael Turner was able to move the ball down the field seventeen yards, but a ten-yard penalty on guard Justin Blalock undid some of that gain. Falcons kicker Jason Elam was sent onto the field to go for a thirty-four yard field goal. SWEET MARY OF MARINARA SAUCE!!!! He did it. FALCONS GAGNENT!!! Atlanta won. 13 to 10. Tampa Bay now has two back-to-back losses.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger provided commentary.

2. I was experiencing major unease, nervousness upon Tampa Bay’s first possession in the first quarter. It lasted the entire game. I watched most of this game standing up. A first I believe.

3. Roddy White did go back into the game a play after he was able to get up. The slow-motion instant replays (from behind and in front of him) indicated that perhaps in his reaching for the ball, he stretched his back a might too far.

4. I wonder how many NFL players do yoga for muscle conditioning. Mind-clearing. I did a search and here are the results.

5. In the bottom of the first quarter, before Michael Turner ran into the end zone, Brian Baldinger gave props to Falcons quarterback coach Bill Musgrave. Offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey has been praised numerous times throughout the season by other commentators. Dick Stockton then remarked that a head coach’s staff doesn’t receive nearly the amount of credit that they should.

6. How rattled would Jeff Garcia feel if Brian Griese led his Bucs to a win? Would he be happy for his backup QB?

7. Brian Baldinger praised Michael Koenen’s punting skills in the bottom of the third quarter.

8. MVPs for the Falcons? I’m thinking Domonique Foxworth, Michael Turner, John Abraham, and Jason Elam.

9. The camera got a glimpse of a red-jacketed Arthur Blank at the two-minute warning. He looked understandably concerned.

10. My heart was beating so fast in OT, which lasted much longer than I’ve seen other OT’s last.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

For by the Grace of Ovie Mughelli

At once, there was Matt Ryan, Sam Baker, and the rookies.

For twice, there was Chris Redman, Laurent Robinson and gang.

For thrice, tonight at the Falcons store at Perimeter Mall, there was fullback Ovie Mughelli, running back Jerious Norwood, and posse signing autographs for canned goods.  We Falcons fans pitched in some canned food items and they Falcons players smiled and signed.



But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Firstly, there were Falcon Cheerleaders, Carey and Heather.



Secondly, there was defensive end Jamaal Anderson.


Click here for a bigger version.


Thirdly, there was quarterback DJ Shockley, who, I absolutely must say is so beautiful.  He has this air of pure and supreme elegant coolness (or cool elegance, whichever you prefer).



In this picture here:


it looks like I’m about to yawn or sneeze.  In actuality, I was relating to Shockley, Turner, and a perplexed and amused Mughelli that Matt Ryan drew me a pig and Chis Redman drew me a “cock head.”  Yes, those words indeed came out of my mouth–for some reason “chicken head” and “rooster head” just wouldn’t.



Fourthly, there was running back Michael Turner, who looks exactly the same in person, still photos, and moving photos.  Some people don’t look good across the board.  Well, Mr. Turner is certainly not one of them.  He looks fabulous.


And now we’re back to Ovie Mughelli and Jerious Norwood.


And now for the finished product:


1. Jamaal Anderson drew me a smiley face.  He asked me to whom should he make the bib out to.  “What’s the child’s name?”  I responded with, “There is no child.  I have a towel and a ball–I figured a bib would be a good choice.”

2. DJ Shockley drew me some kind of farm animal, after bemoaning his unimpressive animal rendering skills.

3. Michael Turner drew me a sun.

4. Ovie Mughelli drew me a Lamborghini.  I named this entry “for by the grace of ovie mughelli” because he radiates such warmth and serenity.  I imagine he would be the kind of person that one could experience and express a range of emotions, from contentment to confusion to frustration to hopelessness and he would make you feel safe to feel those things.

5. Jerious Norwood drew me a flower.  He strikes me as the kind of person who would have these hidden talents and passions and they would make sense.  In other words, I wouldn’t be surprised if it became known that he likes Renaissance art or can play the saxophone or makes the best peach cobbler this side of the Chattahoochee.

Click here for a bigger, non-numbered bib.


Click here for more cheerleading.

Click here for a picture of Jamaal Anderson–it’s darkish but I love it; and here for one where he’s leaning back, looking very contemplative.

Here is Shockley, Turner, and Mughelli from below.