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Pre-S 10: Falcons flauta flatten the Chiefs

The Atlanta Falcons opened their 2009 pre-season with a one point loss to the Detroit Lions.  The preying birds welcomed the 2010 pre-season against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Georgia Dome tonight.  Would the Falcons do their fans proud? Televised by NBC, the first quarter started with the Chiefs kicking to the Falcons.  Matt Ryan took his place as quarterback.  Several plays later, kicker Matt Bryant made a thirty-yard field goal.  Atlanta 3 and Kansas City 0.  Matt Cassel went in as quarterback when the Chiefs went on the offensive.  Three plays later, the Chiefs punted the ball back to the Falcons.  Matt Ryan’s complete vs. incomplete passes during Atlanta’s second possession was about even.  Kicker Steve Hauschka was sent in to attempt a fifty-three yard FG–it was no good.  Slow-motion instant replay after the commercial break revealed that his ball was two to four feet too low; it hit the crossbar.

With three minutes left in the first quarter, Falcons Kroy Biermann knocked the ball out of Matt Cassel’s hands and the Falcons recovered it.  Chris Redman stepped in on QB watch; unfortunately, he didn’t perform as well as he’s demonstrated in the past.  They had to punt the ball away by the bottom of the quarter.  The second quarter began with the Chiefs improving upon offensive execution.  Kicker Ryan Succop tried but missed a fifty-three.five yard FG.  The ball ricocheted off the left upright.  Chris Redman was at QB in the top of the second quarter and his first pass was complete to wide receiver Roddy White.  Matt Bryant’s second field goal, at fifty yards, was unsuccessful (wide right).  Ryan Succop’s second FG attempt, at fifty-three yards, was no good either (wide right).  Brodie Croyle took over quarterback gig for the Chiefs in the bottom of the second quarter.  The Chiefs were focused on making a touchdown with under a minute left in the first half.  They’d have to settle for a twenty-yard FG.  Atlanta 3 and Kansas City 3.

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The Chiefs went on offense first in the third quarter.  Brodie Croyle was back as QB and threw an interception two or three plays in…right into the bosom of rookie safety Shann Schillinger.  Chris Redman returned as quarterback.  A series of good plays led to a touchdown via running back Dimitri Nance.  Atlanta 10 and Kansas City 3.  The Chiefs’ defense was making more noise in the middle of the quarter, at which point John Parker Wilson had gone in as QB for the Falcons.  He moved his teammates down the field to a sneeze away from the end zone.

Dimitri Nance crossed the goal line two plays into the fourth quarter.  He did a little dance, just a little one.  Atlanta 17 and Kansas City 3.  The Chiefs turned the game over by way of Falcons cornerback Chevis Jackson intercepting Brodie Croyle.  Steve Hauschka’s thirty-seven yard FG went through minutes later.  Atlanta 20 and Kansas City 3.  Chiefs defensive back Javier Arenas made a 100 yard return for a TD when Kansas City received the ball next.  A holding penalty on Chiefs lineback Justin Cole quashed that TD, though.  Tyler Palko was QB for that possession.  The fourth quarter was scoreless for the Chiefs until there were fewer than thirty seconds left in the game.  Palko flung his body over the goal line and broke the plane for a second.  Atlanta 20 and Kansas City 10.  Final score.


Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Randy Waters and Brian Baldinger were commentators.

2.  The Chiefs’ white tops (with red numbers), white bottoms (with red-yellow stripe down the side), and red helmets made them look like cheesecake.

3.  Matt Ryan looked fantastic tonight, corporeally speaking.  Great form.  The South has certainly rubbed off on him; he now talks with a more pronounced accent.  Giddy yup.

4.  Former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis is now offensive coordinator for the Chiefs.

5.  Halftime consisted of Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson taking 11alive’s Fred Kalil to his high school Clarke Central in Athens.

6.  Brodie Croyle is only two years younger than ming!

7.  On Falcons head coach, Mike Smith, Randy Waters remarked in context of when/where a Chiefs’ player’s knee went to the ground in the bottom of the second quarter, “Doesn’t matter if it’s the pre-season or recess in the fifth grade; Mike Smith competes.”

8.  Falcons President Rich Mckay joined Waters and Baldinger in the top of the third quarter to chat about his team.  McKay mentioned that he’s beginning to see John Parker Wilson’s arm strength.

9.  The Falcons had the ball for some ten minutes from the middle of the third quarter through the top of the fourth.  Upon returning from commercial break following Nance’s second TD, the camera was on a medium shot of the Falcons’ QBs sitting on a bench, backs facing the camera.  Redman on the left, Wilson in the middle, and Ryan on the right.  Numbers 8, 4, 2 respectively.  Hmmm.  4^2=16.  16/2=8.  8/4=2.  2^2=4.  4×2=8.  2^3=8.  8-4=4.  Redman and Ryan were wearing green caps.  Forest green caps.

10.  Sam Crenshaw interviewed Falcons on the sidelines throughout the evening.  When he spoke with wide receiver Harry Douglas, Roddy White played peek-a-boo with the camera from behind Douglas.  White smiled like a boy on his sweet sixteen birthday.  Harry soon started chuckling.

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Pre-S 09: the Ravens suddenly appear upside the Falcons


Falcons defensive end John Abraham was the guest of this week’s Falcons Face t0 Face with Fred Kalil.   Abraham is incredibly witty; and he can speak in analogy.  He was discussing the contrast between the 2007 and the 2008 seasons.  He likened the change from feeling not so wonderful to feeling great to the way in which a woman’s husband can cheer her up after having a bad day at work.


Oh.  Yes.  The Baltimore Ravens rang around the GA Dome’s rosy tonight against the Atlanta Falcons in the final pre-season game of 2009.  Televised by NBC and narrated by Randy Waters and Brian Baldinger, the first quarter purred down to about two minutes before anyone put any numbers on the board.  It would be a touchdown setup by Ravens quarterback John Beck and caught by fullback Jason Cook.  Baltimore 7 and Atlanta 0.   John Parker Wilson relieved Matt Ryan of quarterbacking duties in the bottom of the quarter.  The second quarter very nearly ended with a Falcons TD between Parker Wilson and wide receiver Robert Ferguson.  It would’ve been a beauty of a catch, if it remained a catch.   Jason Elam then sent a forty-five yard field goal through the uprights.  Baltimore 7 and Atlanta 3.

After a predominantly lackluster first half, the third quarter foxtrotted to about 9.5 minutes when Falcons tight end Keith Zinger made a nice catch.  Running back Thomas Brown then made a twenty-five yard run.  After a few more solid plays, Jason Elam missed a thirty-five yard field goal.  The camera cut almost immediately to a slight high-angle, medium shot of him unstrapping his helmet and walking towards the sidelines.  He looked as displeased as the rest of us Falcons fans.  DJ Shockley went in as QB in the bottom of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter increased the Ravens’ lead with a thirty-three yard Steve Hauschka field goal.  Ravens wide receiver Eron Riley made a TD catch a few minutes later.  Baltimore 17 and Atlanta 3.  Hauschka’s kicked it again with under two minutes left on the clock.  Baltimore 20 and Atlanta 3.  Final score.

Lookin’ forward to NFL 2009 proper on September 13 when the Falcons serve up some Dolphins.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Randy Waters and Brian Baldinger nearly wore the same outfit–dark navy suit, white button-down long-sleeved shirt (on Waters, Baldinger’s was light blue), and a square-patterned yellow tie (Waters’s tie was more yellow, Baldinger’s was more pastelish).

2.  Sam Crenshaw interviewed Falcons head coach Mike Smith before the game started.  Coach looked like he lost about twelve pounds since the last game.  Thomas Dimitroff and Arthur Blank were seen walking across (from screen right to left).

3.  The Ravens’ uniforms looked very nice.  White bottoms with a blackish/dark purple stripe on the outer thigh; white jerseys.

4.  There was a shot of Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes sitting, sans helmet,  on the bench not long after Baltimore scored in the bottom of the first quarter.  He looked so young and so cute.  He’s only two years younger than I am.

5.  Randy Waters confessed just past the middle of the second quarter that he doesn’t own an iPod.  Neither do I, Randy! High-five.

6.  Falcons defensive tackle Peria Jerry’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese.  His favorite movie is Life.  Directed by Ted Demme, the film was released theatrically in April of 1999.  I was a high school senior itching to graduate.  Probably studying for or taking AP exams.  I was eighteen years-old; Jerry was fourteen.  I wonder if he saw it in theatres or waited until it was released on DVD.

7.  Falcons safety Erik Coleman is a year younger than I am.  The folks at 11alive had put mics on Coleman and wide receiver Michael Jenkins during a practice this week.  What fine human specimens.  Jenkins is a year younger than I too!

8.  Thomas Dimitroff stopped by the press box to speak with Waters and Baldinger in the top half of the third quarter.  Ben Hartsock, Von Hutchins, and Willie Evans are no longer FalconsTye Hill (of the Rams) is now a Falcon.

9.  Perhaps I should not have praised the Ravens’ uniforms.  Middle of the fourth quarter and the Falcons’ numbers were limited, confined to a field goal.  Baltimore saw a loftier passing game. Pun absolutely intended. I realize that pre-season games function more like call-back auditions for rookies and staging, full wardrobe-and-makeup rehearsals for the veterans.  And, since the scores don’t contribute officially to team and individual stats, why not play for something other than scoreboard numbers?  Why not play for a charitable cause?

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.


Dogs and infants are very much alike.  Wolves cannot be fooled.   So says an NPR broadcast.

Pre-S 09: the Falcons fraction off the Rams

The St. Louis Rams tested the competitive waters with the Atlanta Falcons tonight at the Edward Jones Dome.  Televised on NBC, the Falcons were first to go on the offense with Matt Ryan at the helm.   A few plays later and touchdown courtesy of running back Michael Turner.    Kyle Boller quarterbacked for the Rams on their first possession.  Tony Gonzalez, former Kansas City tight end, caught a TD pass, increasing the Falcons’ numbers in the bottom of the first quarter.  Atlanta 14 and St. Louis 0.

The second quarter saw DJ Shockley went to quarterback for the Falcons…three (?) plays into it, he threw an interception.  Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis got his hands on the ball, which Falcons wide receiver Marty Booker nearly had.  The Rams got a forty-three yard field goal out of kicker Josh Brown’s foot.   Atlanta 14 and St. Louis 3.

The third quarter spelled a TD for the Rams–QB Brock Berlin to wide receiver Derek Stanley.   Jason Elam made a thirty-four yard field goal with four minutes left in the third quarter.  Atlanta 17 and St. Louis 10.  John Parker Wilson went on as QB in last half a minute of the third quarter; DJ Shockley resumed in the fourth.  On his second pass of the quarter, he was intercepted by Rams safety Todd Johnson.   Keith Null quarterbacked the next drive for the Rams.  They closed the point gap with a field goal.  Atlanta 17 and St. Louis 13.  JP Wilson went in again and threw quite well (even though he couldn’t send in a TD pass).  Jason Elam upped the Falcons score by three.  Atlanta 20 and St. Louis 13.  With under two minutes left to play, the Rams got their legs down to the red zone, but the Falcons’ defense held strong (stood strong; held strongly–hmmm, adjective or adverb).   In fact, safety Eric Brock intercepted Null’s pass in the end zone.  Final score: Atlanta 20 and St. Louis 13.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Randy Waters and Brian Baldinger provided commentary.   During the Rams’ first possession, Baldinger noted that Falcons punter Matthew Koenan’s alma mater, Western Washington University, ended its football program due to financial reasons.

2.  Falcons president Rich McKay spoke with Randy Waters and Brian Baldinger during the top of the second quarter.

3.  Halftime including a segment with Jerious Norwood and defensive tackle Peria Jerry going fishing.

4.  Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff stopped by the press box in the third quarter.  Randy Waters asked and Dimitroff answered: he was born in 1966 (the same year as the Falcons).

5.  Out of all the televised games I’ve seen in the last two to three years, network cameras are more likely to cut to the sidelines to get Kodak moments of the players and coaches than the crowd.  On average, anecdotally speaking, every four sideline shot might yield a crowd shot.  Today’s game, though, was more equal.

6.  Matt Ryan had a much better first quarter tonight than in the game against the Lions.

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Pre-S 09: the Lions squint over the Falcons

Ah… it’s time to relax.  You know what that means.   A glass of wine, your favorite easy chair, and of course this televised pre-season 2009 NFL game playing on your home television.  So go on and indulge yourself.   That’s right.  Kick off your shoes.  Put your feet up.  Just lean back and enjoy the instant replays.  After all, pigskin soothes even the crabbiest of beasts.

The Atlanta Falcons marked their first pre-season 2009 display in the north lands of the Detroit Lions.   Broadcast on NBC, Randy Waters (of 11alive, my local NBC station) and Brian Baldinger provided commentary for the competitive sports affair.  The first quarter chugged off to a sluggish start.  It wasn’t until the Lions got their hands on the ball for the first time, and were ten yards away from the end zone, that there was any likelihood for a score.  Quarterback Daunte Culpepper was integral to the series of plays that moved his team down the field.  He passed to receivers but also ran the ball.  Detroit put the first number on the board with a field goal.

On the Falcons’ second possession in the first quarter, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan connected with wide receiver Brian Finneran, which was followed by a forty-yard touchdown courtesy of running back Michael Turner (and the protection skills of tackle Tyson Claybo and fullback Ovie Mughelli).   Atlanta 7 and Detroit 3.

Chris Redman took over quarterbacking duties in the second quarter for the Falcons.  Kicker Jason Elam nailed a forty-six yard field goal halfway through the quarter.  Atlanta 10 and Detroit 3.  Matthew Stafford made his appearance as QB for the Lions in the second half of the second quarter.

The third quarter bounced out with Falcons linebacker Tony Gilbert intercepting Matthew Stafford’s forty-two yard pass for a TD.   The extra point did not happen.  Atlanta 16 and Detroit 3.  Stafford redeemed himself a few minutes later with a TD throw to wide receiver Derrick Williams.  Atlanta 16 and Detroit 10.   DJ Shockley took over as quarterback in the middle of the quarter.   Falcons running back Jason Snelling pushed his way through the Lions defenders to break the plane and toss up another TD.   Atlanta 23 and Detroit 10.

Falcons linebacker Jamie Winborn intercepted Stafford in the second half of the third quarter…oh, but it wouldn’t count due to penalties on both teams.  A few plays later, Drew Stanton went in as quarterback and Lions running back Aaron Brown galloped thirty-some-odd yards into the end zone with few Falcons on his trail.  Atlanta 23 and Detroit 17.

John Parker Wilson quarterbacked for the Falcons in the middle of the fourth quarter.  In the bottom of the quarter, Jason Elam made a forty-one yard field goal, giving the Falcons a lead of 26 to Detroit’s 17.  A minute later,  Aaron Brown ran the ball fortyish yards into end zone for a TD.  He did a cartwheel and a backflip and was flagged for unsportsman-like conduct.  Atlanta 26 and Detroit 24.  Lions kicker Jason Hanson made a forty-seven yard field goal to give his team a one point win over the Falcons.  Detroit 27 and Atlanta 26.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Matt Stafford looks pretty good in a Lions uniform.  Oh la la, that blue suits him tres bien.

2.  Oh wow.  Did the Falcons’ spandex pants get even more shimmery?  Mon dieu, I’d love to caress a Falcon kneecap.

3.  Randy Waters noted in the first quarter that Calvin Johnson, a wide receiver for the Lions, would not be in today’s game because of a slight mishap in training camp.  There weren’t any more details but I surmise it’s the kind of injury that would compel Johnson to heal and rest through the pre-season.  Wait, I typed too soon.  Brian Baldinger remarked a few minutes later that Calvin Johnson sprained his thumb in practice.

4.  Tight-end Tony Gonzalez is so handsome.  There was some interview footage (horizontal split-screen/boxed window) after a commericial break.  可是 他的眼睛 好像有畫眼線.  也許是影子.  He was wearing a cap.  He looks awesome in Falcons colors.

5.  Falcons linebacker Mike Peterson likes to “run and hit” as he told Fred Kalil in sidelines interview.

6.  Fred Kalil interviewed Matt Ryan before the third quarter.   The QB definitely has a more confident and calmer air about him.  Less eager-scrappy-puppy and more alert-comfortable-soul.

7.  Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, sat in the press box with Randy Waters and Brian Baldinger in the third quarter.  When the camera cut to the three of them (in a medium, low-angle shot), Baldinger was nodding earnestly like a disciple soaking up words of wisdom from a guru.  Among the questions that Waters asked Blank were whether or not there was a moment in last season where Blank knew the Falcons were doing things right.  Blank mentioned a game against Green Bay and how confidently the Falcons had played — Roddy White had a great day.  Waters also asked about Blank visiting Michael Vick.  And then Stafford threw a TD.  When Blank answered the question, he had summarized the meeting as one of how Vick’s life had changed since his personal and professional lowpoint.   Blank and Waters then gave a shoutout to Harry Douglas.  Blank also wished Vick well.

8.  Stafford’s “second” intercepted pass was a surreal one.  To me, a beautiful or awesome interception is the sort where a defensive player plucks the ball from mid-air.  In-the-blink-of-an-eye sort.  A surreal interception occurs when a quarterback misses his intended target so substantially that he might as well have just thrown the ball straight to whomever intercepted the pass.

9.  The game-winning Lions field goal was filmed in a long shot and very, very far behind the Lions on the field.  I couldn’t tell if Jason Hanson had succeeded for failed based on where the ball went.  I saw Lions fans behind the end zone stand up with their arms extended to the stars, and I knew the field goal was good.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Sugar Bowl 2009: Utah sugarcubes Alabama

Alabama Crimson Tide and Utah Utes parading with key rings. Soon comes powder, then comes sweets, then there’s boasting the Sugar Bowl at the Superdome in Louisiana carriage. A first time for Utah. Alabama, a returning patron.
Televised by Fox, the seventy-fifth annual Sugar Bowl blasted off with mucho impressive defensive work by the Utes.

Crimson Tide quarterback John Parker Wilson was sacked by linebacker Stevenson Sylvester ninety seconds into the first quarter. Utes quarterback Brian Johnson connected well with his offensive teammates on their first possession: five plays + sixty-five yards + wide receiver Brent Casteel = touchdown. Utah 7 and Alabama 0. The Crimson Tide didn’t see that coming did they? Would the AL bring their athletic legacy to the show? Would the UT be able to keep up with the surprises? Apparently option B. John Parker Wilson threw an interception; the ball nabbed by Utes defensive back Robert Johnson. A few snaps later, nearly halfway through the quarter, the Utes reeled in another touchdown, thanks to running back Matt Asiata. Utah 14 and Alabama 0.

Perhaps a back-to-back-to-back parlor trick by the Utes shook the Crimson Tide offense back to their senses? Not exactly. They had the ball for a couple minutes before punting it away to the Utes. The Crimson Tide defense did, however, get its act together…to a certain extent. Utes wide receiver Bradon Godfrey increased his team’s lead by another six points. Kicker Louie Sakoda put the extra point through. Utah 21 and Alabama 0. Rocking to the bottom of the first quarter, the Crimson Tide offense demonstrated its waking up as John Parker Wilson completed passes to running back Glen Coffee. Oooo, but just as Parker Wilson was about to let one rip, Utes defensive tackle Kenape Eliapo knocked him down.

The second quarter ascended with Crimson Tide kicker Leigh Tiffin made a fifty-two yard field goal. Utah 21 and Alabama 3. The field goal inspired a noticeable surge of confidence for the AL as Crimson Tide linebacker Bobby Greenwood sacked the Utes QB, who then threw incomplete, complete to wide receiver Jereme Brooks, but the Utes still had to punt the ball away. When Crimson Tide got their hands back on the ball, they displayed marked improvement in the form of running back Mark Ingram. A forty-seven yard field goal attempt was made but didn’t stick. The Utes had to punt the ball back to the AL, and defensive back Javier Arenas ran that ball seventy-three yards (a Sugar Bowl record) into the end zone for a TD. Crimson Tide back in for the kill? Utah 21 and Alabama 10. As the clock ticked to two minutes left in the second quarter, a false start penalty on the Utes forced them to punt the ball. The AL couldn’t take advantage of that offensive opportunity but certainly reshaped their productivity by the end of the second quarter.

The third quarter spurt out crisply for the Crimson Tide. Defensive lineman Dont’a Hightower compelled the Utes QB to lose the ball, which was then recovered by Bobby Greenwood. Shortly thereafter, Glen Coffee sprinted into the end zone. Utah 21 and Alabama 17. The first quarter may have indicated the opposite, but the third quarter suggested that the Crimson Tide was minding the score gap and then some. And yet, even though Brian Johnson threw a few incomplete passes and there was a delay of game penalty, the Utes QB synced up with wide receiver David Reed, who then ran into the end zone for a TD. Utah 28 and Alabama 17. The next Crimson Tide possession produced an unsuccessful forty-nine yard field goal attempt.

The fourth quarter doodled down beyond the halfway mark when Crimson Tide’s QB was sacked and Stevenson Sylvester recovered the football. He was then slapped with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. On the next play, the Utes put forth a trick play where Brian Johnson tossed the ball to Jereme Brooks who then tossed the ball to Brent Casteel. The Utes then elevated their lead with a field goal with fewer then three minutes left to play. When there was just under two minutes left, Robert Johnson intercepted a pass that was meant for Crimson Tide wide receiver Julio Jones. Utah 31 and Alabama 17. Final score. In the end the Utes got to boast about that Sugar oh-honey-honey Bowl. Who’s your candy girl?

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Alabama’s Million Dollar marching band got their brass on before kickoff.

2. New Orleans Shades of Praise gospel choir sang the national anthem.

3. Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston were the commentators.

4. The Utes wore white jerseys and white pants accented with red. Their helmets were red. The Crimson Tide’s uniforms were red on top and white on the bottom. It was like ketchup and more ketchup. Or, ketchup and peppermints. Or, Big Red and candy canes.

5. All surviving former coaches and players of a Sugar Bowl game were invited to the game (did I hear that correctly?). Frank Broyles tossed the coin. Utah won it but decided to defer.

6. Four firsts for Utah tonight. First appearance at the Sugar Bowl, first sack, first touchdown, first interception. The Utes were playing like there was no tomorrow in the first quarter. They blocked and ran and maneuvered like they would never play football again (for some, it probably wasn’t too far from the truth).

7. The slow-mo instant replay (extreme high angle courtesy of the DirecTV cam) of Javier Arenas’s punt-return TD revealed what I guess should be called the marvels of physics. One object moving at X speed in Y direction, nearly getting, surely getting stopped at one moment (surrounded by players, mostly his own teammates), but he isn’t stopped.

8. Utah enjoyed an undefeated 2008 season. They beat Air Force in November by one touchdown.

9. Before the second half began, Chris Myers mentioned that Alabama head coach Nick Saban took his players to see Valkyrie (Bryan Singer, 200eight) last night.

10. Steve Smith, wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, was on the sidelines supporting his alum Utes.

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