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College Football 2009: Texas desaturates the Red Raiders

The Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Texas Longhorns.  Mix ’em in a cauldron.  Which Big 12 team doesn’t sink?!

Broadcast on ABC, with commentary by Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger, the first quarter began with a Red Raiders field goal (forty-one yards) by Matt Williams.  The Longhorns wide receiver Jordan Shipley returned a punt forty-six yards and sliced across the front, right corner of the end zone halfway through the quarter.  The Longhorns increased their score with a field goal in the top of the second quarter.  Texas 10 and Texas Tech 3.

The third quarter began with the Longhorns upping the number with a TD by running back Tre Newton.  Texas 17 and Texas Tech 3.  Red Raiders quarterback Taylor Potts then threw a TD pass to wide receiver Lyle LeongCody Johnson, running back for the Longhorns, didn’t like the look of that score gap, so he got his team another  TD.  Lyle Leong hit right back with a second TD in the bottom of the quarter.  Texas 24 and Texas Tech 17.

Longhorns QB Colt McCoy threw a TD pass to wide receiver Dan Buckner in top of the fourth quarter.  Texas 31 and Texas Tech 17.  Another back-and-forth — Tramain Swindall of the Red Raiders ran the ball ino the end zone.  Texas 31 and Texas Tech 24.  Met with a “oh Hades no” as the Longhorns edged up numerically with a field goal.  Texas 34 and Texas Tech 24.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Kirk Herbstreit wore a lavender button-down shirt and a matching, swirly purple tie . Not bad.  It didn’t look ot bad against Brent Musberger’s red and blue, wide striped tie.

2.  Jordan Shipley can play the guitar.

3.  Much of the game-play was rendered pixel-ish and splotchy due to the rainy weather and cloud coverage.  It’s like unwanted, real-time fast-forwarding.  Thus, there was an interception (Red Raiders on Longhorns) that I missed in the second quarter.

4.  After Colt McCoy threw the TD pass in the top of the fourth quarter, Brent Musberger mentioned that McCoy decided not to enter the NFL draft this past spring.  His parents have taken a 3 to 5 million dollar worth insurance policy as a contingency plan in case he experiences any kind of injury at any time of day that would prevent him from pursuing a career in professional football.

5.  With under six minutes left in the game, the telecast cut to footage of Colt McCoy standing on the banks of a lake successfully throwing to Jordan Shipley, who was in a boat coming towards land at 45 mph.

6.  With just a minute left in the fourth quarter, the camera cut to a medium close-up of Red Raiders offensive lineman Brandon Carter sitting on the sidelines, facing screen-right.  He had a mohawk–the hair was bright teal.

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College Football 09: Crimson Tide flips over the Hokies

The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Virginia Tech Hokies players and fans amass in the GA Dome on the same date as the first day of Dragon Con.  Downtown Atlanta must’ve been one frothy cauldron of red, maroon/plum, and all the other colors of ROY G BIV.  How lovely the Dome looked from an aerial view (provided by the Metlife blimp).

Televised by ABC, commentary was supplied by Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger.   The Crimson Tide scored first and second with two field goals (thanks to kicker Leigh Tiffin).  Alabama 6 and Virginia Tech 0.  The Hokies would give the Crimson a shocker with ninety-eight yard kickoff return for a TD by wide receiver Dyrell Roberts (he ran with such momentum that after he reached the end zone, he tumbled into a padded, triangular object of sponsorship promotion).  Virginia Tech 7 and Alabama 6.  The Crimson Tide got a luck-ball-change when Hokies tailback Ryan Williams let the ball slip out of his reach during a kickoff-return attempt.  Tiffin went out for another field goal after his teammates couldn’t get the ball in the end zone.  Alabama 9 and Virginia Tech 7.

Five minutes into the second quarter Hokies defensive end Jason Worilds intercepted Crimson Tide quarterback Greg McElroy.  Tries for the end zone were unsuccessful.  Hokies kicker Matt Waldron then sent a twenty-eight yarder through the uprights.  Virginia Tech 10 and Alabama 9.  As the clock whittled down to three minutes, Crimson Tide running back Roy Upchurch got his upper body across the goal line.  Alabama 16 and Virginia Tech 10.   By the time there was just a minute left in the second quarter, the Hokies managed to scoot their bottoms down to the red zone and Ryan Williams, who had dropped a not-properly-gripped ball in the first quarter, planted his body into the end zone.  Going into halftime, Virginia Tech 17 and Alabama 16 (Tiffin would not make a thirty-six yard field goal with seconds left on the clock).

The third quarter bleeped all the way to five minutes before anything eye-popping happened.  Roy Upchurch was on the run and was bumped from behind by Hokies linebacker Cody Grimm.   The ball tumbled out of Upchurch’s hands and Virginia Tech recovered it.  No points resulted from the turnover.

The fourth quarter reached a high point just three minutes in when Crimson Tide running back Mark Ingram made a TD (and then subsequently did a little celebrating in the end zone, but not excessively).  The two-point conversion was good–tight end Colin Peek caught McElory’s pass in the back of the end zone.  The Hokies barely had a turn on offense when the Tide caused and took control of a fumbled ball.  A field goal came out of that snatch-up.  Alabama 27 and Virginia Tech 17.  Ryan Williams gave his Hokies fans something to smile with his dash to break the plane.  A booth review had confirmed that he had crossed the goal line.  Alabama 27 and Virginia Tech 24.  Mark Ingram straightened out that smile ever so concretely when he made a TD a few minutes later.  Alabama 34 and Virginia Tech 24.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Crimson Tide wore white jerseys; the Hokies wore maroon.

2.  Why is Alabama’s mascot an elephant?   If the reason were more arbitrary, I’d like to see the Crimson Tide represented by a barge or a a periscope or trout.

3.  Alabama defensive end Brandon Deaderick was wounded in a robbery attempt a week ago.  So, how was he able to suit up in today’s game?  In the first quarter, the Herbstreit and Musburger explained that the bullet entered Deaderick’s left arm, exited, and then went into a hip (and out again).  The bullet didn’t touch any bones or blood vessels.  Medical opinion apparently didn’t object after Deaderick was treated.

4.  The second quarter of the UGA @ OSU game felt exceptionally long.  The entire first half of tonight’s game seems interminable.

5.  Immediately after the Colin Peek two-point conversion in the fourth quarter, the camera cut to a medium close-up of three Hokies fans.  Two young men in the middle of the frame and another in the foreground, slight left side of the screen.  This redhead male was visibly upset as he bent his upper body forward thrice (almost thrashing).  It looked like he was assaulting the chair below him with a white towel or shirt.

6.  According to Brent Musburger, 74, 954 (?) people were at the GA Dome for this game.  A venue record.  The Dome’s web site indicates a seating capacity of 71, 250.

7.  Do commentators really have to plug “in-house” network shows?  Can’t it be enough for there to be on-screen graphics of such shows?

8.  Where did the fourth quarter surge in energy and ferocity start?  I mean I know when it began, but from what stockpile did the umph emanate?

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Rose Bowl 2009: USC maxes out Penn State

The ninety-fifth Rose Bowl game. Penn State Nittany Lions and USC Trojans. Would the Big 10 or Pac 10 get the last fragrant laugh? Broadcast on ABC, the Trojans marching band performed the national anthem before the game proper began. The first quarter ticked halfway through when USC quarterback Mark Sanchez fumbled the ball (never even threw it out of his hands) and Penn State recovered. Or did they? An offside penalty on Penn State gave the ball back to USC. A few plays later, Sanchez threw twenty-seven yards to wide receiver Damian Williams for a touchdown. USC 7 and Penn State 0. That catch came out of nowhere…in that one second USC’s QB was prepped to launch the ball and the next nanosecond, TD. With fewer than ten seconds left in the quarter, Penn Statequarterback Daryll Clark got himself into the end zone for a TD. Both teams 7.

The second quarter spritzed off with a Trojans TD, shoved in by the quarterback. USC 14 and Penn State 7. A Trojans field goal put USC higher up with 17 to 7 halfway through the quarter. USC’s lead shot up to 24 to 7 (thanks to wide receiver Ronald Johnson’s TD). Penn State’s running back Stephfon Green had a good chance of making great strides down field on his team’s next possession, but he fumbled and USC recovered. Trojans running back CJ Gable increased his team’s numbers by a TD in the bottom of the quarter. USC 31 and Penn State 7.

The third quarter spelled out CJ Gable fumbling the ball and Penn State cornerback Tony Davis getting his hands on it. No scoring resulted from that turnover. In the final forty or so seconds of the third quarter, Penn State wide receiver Jordan Norwood had caught Daryll Clark’s pass and then was immediately slammed by USC safety Taylor Mays. Norwood had to be helped off the field, noticeably discombobulated–his eyes looked like they were pinging all over place. Mays got a helmet-to-helmet penalty. Slow-motion instant replay revealed that Norwood’s head was essentially squashed by two Trojans torsos in the tackle.

The fourth quarter harked the herald with a TD for the Nittany Lions, courtesy of wide receiver Derrick Williams. Trojans wide receiver Ronald Johnson made his second TD of the day with a forty-five yard catch on his team’s next possession. USC 38 and Penn State 14. Halfway through the fourth quarter, Penn State’s numbers rose by three with a field goal, and then by seven in the bottom of the quarter (thanks to Jordan Norwood). USC 38 and Penn State 24. Final score. The Trojans have won the Rose noodle Bowl for the third time in a row.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit were the commentators.

2. Save for Trojans quarterback Mark Sanchez, the USC football players don’t get much news reading done. Who is Joe Biden, TMZ asked recently. Question: How many players in total were asked, “Who is Joe Biden?” and of those players, how many got it right and weren’t included in the final sequence that hit the air?

3. Steve Shaw, of the SEC, was the referee. The Grand Marshal of the 2009 Tournament of the Roses was Cloris Leachman. She threw the coin. USC won the toss and deferred to second half. Cloris Leachman looks like Glenn Close a wee bit.

4. The Trojans’ uniforms made me think of barbecue sauce, mustard, and sloppy joes.

5. As neither a Trojans nor Nittany Lion fan, viewing consisted of soaking up game-play athleticism. Point. Counter-point. Check. Checkmate.

6. Actor John C. McGinley was in attendance. He had a full head of hair and a green shirt.

7. The Trojans marching band hit the field during halftime.

8. Did Brent Musburger say in the bottom of the fourth quarter that the QB plays a more important role in college football than in pro football?

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Big 12 Championship 2008: Oklahoma Sooners milkshaked and whipped creamed the Missouri Tigers

USC skewered UCLA 28 to 7 to nab the Pac-10 magic wand.

Florida took a mouthful out of Alabama 24 to 20 for the SEC snazzy sneakers.


The University of Missouri Tigers and the University of Oklahoma Sooners dropped in on Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri to try for the Pac-10 Championship title. The first quarter spelled a twenty-yard field goal for the Sooners, made by kicker Jimmy Stevens, which was followed by the Sooners Schooner taking to the field (and then cut to a commercial). Tigers kicker Jeff Wolfert tried for a forty-eight yard field goal but he didn’t deliver the goods. Oklahoma 3 and Missouri 0. The Sooners launched their first touchdown in the bottom of the first quarter, courtesy of running back Chris Brown. Oklahoma 10 and Missouri 0.

The second quarter began with Tigers wide receiver Jeremy Maclin making a touchdown. Oklahoma 10 and Missouri 7. The Sooners increased their lead with a TD catch by wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias. He did it again shortly thereafter. Oklahoma 24 and Missouri 7. The Sooners made their fourth TD with a run by running back Mossis Madu in the bottom of the quarter. Despite some mistakes, Sooners quarterback Sam Bradford got his team in the lead with 31 points to Oklahoma’s 7. The Tigers quarterback Chase Daniel threw an interception in the bottom of the quarter. Sooners defensive back Brian Jackson got ahold of the ball. Chris Brown made his way into the end zone a couple of plays later. Oklahoma 38 and Missouri 7.

The third quarter chirped off with a Sooners field goal. Oklahoma 41 and Missouri 7. Just past the halfway point of the third quarter, one of the Sooners defensive players rammed into Tigers Jeremy Maclin. In a slow-motion instant replay, Maclin’s head could be seen bobbling like one of those dashboard accessories. The Tigers pulled themselves up from single digit numbers with a touchdown by wide receiver Tommy Saunders. Oklahoma 41 and Missouri 14.

The fourth quarter started with a TD by Mossis Madu. Oklahoma 48 and Missouri 14. Jeremy Maclin made an end zone catch but when he came down onto the turf, he lost “control” of the ball. He fell backwards onto the ground and likely experienced a grand jolt. The ball got away from his right hand as he hit the turf. It wasn’t ruled a touchdown. His tight end teammate Chase Coffman made a TD catch a few plays later. The Sooners raised their upper rung ever so much farther from the Tigers’ reach as Chris Brown made another TD. Oklahoma 55 and Missouri 21. Sooners defensive back Lendy Holmes picked off a deflected Chase Daniel’s pass towards the bottom of the fourth quarter. Mossis Madu got into the end zone a third time, making the Sooners the first team ever with five straight games with 60+ points. Oklahoma 62 and Missouri 21. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger were commentators.

2. Jimmy Stevens’s field goal in the first quarter almost wasn’t one. The ball skimmed the top of the crossbar of the uprights.

3. Herbstreit and Musburger noted that Big 12 Championship games have never enjoyed the grandeur of a kickoff-returned touchdown.

4. Chris Brown’s TD in the first quarter resulted from a series of fast footwork, and as if time slowed down just a dollop, Brown sprinted into the end zone when the Tigers’ defense inadvertently parted.

5. Halftime featured another Dr. Pepper scholarship football throwing contest. Kevin McShane and David Boger were the lucky two. Ten balls in a giant Dr. Pepper can. Awww, they both look so polite. ESPN did the split-screen from behind the two fellows. CBS filmed from a slight high-angle, extreme long shot (also behind the coeds). They both got six in so another five were attempted. Kevin McShane got the next five inside. He won $100,000.

6. Whenever Kirk Herbstreit said, “Chase Daniel,” I’d think he said, “Shea Stadium” or “Chase Stadium.” A helmeted Chase Daniel reminds me of a young John Travolta.

7. In a hush-hush kind of voice, Brent Musburger pointed out that singer Toby Keith was at the game supporting the Sooners.

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College Football: Texas hulk-smashes Mizzou

The University of Missouri’s Tigers saddled their horses and trekked over to the Lone Star state to duke it out with the University of Texas Longhorns.

But first, Vanderbilt lost to UGA and Clemson couldn’t dowse Ga Tech.

Another detour:

I watched W. (Oliver Stone, 200eight) last night and Max Payne (John Moore, 200eight) this afternoon.  Good times all around.

Retour back to the game:

Televised by ABC, the first quarter started with a Longhorns touchdown by their own quarterback, Colt McCoy.  Texas made their second TD in the bottom of the quarter, courtesy of running back Chris Ogbonnaya.  The second quarter began with a Longhorns TD by freshman wide receiver Malcolm Williams (who had to leap into the air, sandwiched between two Tigers to catch the ball and fall backwards into the end zone).  Ogbonnaya put another one into the end zone shortly thereafter.  Longhorns 28 and Tigers 0.  Mizzou’s next possession took them down into the red zone.  Quarterback Chase Daniel threw the ball to wide receiver Danario Alexander, who caught it in the end zone, but his right foot was out of bounds.  Incomplete.  Towards the bottom of the second quarter, Texas wide receiver Jordan Shipley made a TD.  He and his teammates got up to 35 points.  Mizzou didn’t go into halftime completely numberless.  They finally lit things up with a field goal.  35 to 3.

The third quarter commenced with a Mizzou touchdown by tailback Derrick Washington.  The Tigers closed the score gap a pinch more: 35 to 10.  Nearing the bottom of the third quarter, Texas QB McCoy ran into the end zone a second time.  Longhorns 42 and Tigers 10.  Mizzou tight end Chase Coffman increased his team’s points with a TD in the bottom of the third quarter.   Longhorns 42 and Tigers 17.  The fourth quarter started with Mizzou QB Daniel throwing an interception because Texas defensive end Brian Orakpo tackled him.  Texas cornerback Ryan Palmer snatched the ball from mid-air.  Longhorns running back Cody Johnson increased their lead with a TD.  Texas 49 and Mizzou 17.

Tigers wide receiver Jared Perry made it into the end zone approaching the halfway point of the fourth quarter.  Texas 49 and Mizzou 24.  John Chiles scrubbed in as quarterback for Texas at this time (about halfway through the fourth quarter).  The Longhorns’ lead climbed higher still with a TD by freshman wide receiver Dan Buckner, 56 to 24.  Approaching the bottom of the quarter, Mizzou QB Daniel broke the plane (and then there were off-setting personal fouls to both teams).  Longhorns 56 and Tigers 31.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger provided commentary tonight.  They discussed the trivia that the last time Mizzou beat Texas, the Titanic didn’t exist and Grover Cleveland was President.

2. Derek Jeter was at the game rooting for the Longhorns.

3. When the commercial break ended after Mizzou’s Jared Perry made the TD in the fourth quarter, the Tigers mascot was filmed from an extreme, extreme low angle, medium close-up doing push-ups.  I think he did ten (I wasn’t counting).

4. The commentators mentioned the curse of being AP-polled #1.  It seems that each time that has been in the top spot this season has fallen.  UGA, USC, OSU (Ohio State).  I don’t recall if there were others.

5. Both quarterbacks embraced each other after the game ended.

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