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NFL 08: Buccaneers corner the Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons rollerblade south to stare down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Televised by Fox, the first quarter was kinder to Tampa Bay with a touchdown by tight-end John Gilmore (pass thrown by Brian Griese). Around the top of the second quarter, running back Warrick Dunn got the ball into the end zone. Tampa Bay 14 and Atlanta 0. By the time Atlanta got the ball again, the Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw a second interception (the first one was in the first quarter). Tampa Bay added three more smackers with a field goal. 17-0. Just before halftime, Atlanta had an opportunity to put a TD up on the board, but Tampa Bay’s defense wasn’t going to have it. Jason Elam gave the Falcons a much-needed ego boost, though, with a field goal. Tampa Bay 17. Falcons 3.

The third quarter ended with what could’ve been a touchdown by Atlanta (thanks to catches by wide receivers Laurent Robinson and Harry Douglas and fullback Ovie Mughelli), but that became a field goal. Buccaneers 17. Falcons 6. Another trip down the field for Atlanta yielded not a TD but a field goal. Falcons now up to 9. Buccaneers running back Ernest Graham then ran sixty-eight yards into the end zone. Final score. 24 to 9.

No cupcakes today.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Tiger Woods was watching this game from the sidelines.

2. I’m not invested in the numbers of football game-play, but Matt Ryan’s numbers were unsightly through much of the first half of the game. Whenever the camera would spot him in medium close-up just prior to the snap, his face radiated a mixture of disbelief, mild panic, anticipation, and guilt.

3. When I was watching the Colts eventually beat the Vikings, CBS aired several promo spots for their new fall show The Mentalist. The idea behind the show seems interesting, but after one of the ads where Simon Baker notices various visual attributes of a few people and then comments on what he makes of them. The two that stick out to me the most were the suit-and-tie grasping a newspaper and the middle-aged blonde wearing jeans, a pink shirt, and sunglasses. Baker calls the suit-and-tie a gambling addict because of how he’s holding the newspaper; the woman is a victim of domestic abuse because she has a bruise on the side of her left eye. Hmmmm.

Why couldn’t the suit-and-tie is nervous about something else? Why couldn’t the woman’s bruise be from boxing? Or a catfight with a PTA mom? or really rough sex? Is this mentalist character simply reiterating assumptions that shouldn’t be made? A man who got a pedicure might just be vain (rather than gay, as one of the promos suggests).

Get game summary, stats, play-by-play here.

Laurent R.-WR, #19

Laurent Robinson. Wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. Number 19.

I saw him face-to-face for the first time a few months ago at a fan signing.


Today would be the second time.

I went to Lenox Mall after work to take a walk and to get some new photos taken.  The pictures were snapped at arguably the best temperature-controlled store in the entire mall (always cool!).  After I stepped out of the store (on the upper level), I noticed a group of people come up the escalator.  One white T-shirted, beige cargo pants’ed Laurent Robinson.  I was within three feet of him when he and his compadres reached the top of the escalator.  As I realized who was standing before me, he looked at me for at least twelve seconds.  He smiled at me.  Before I could get the words, “I’ve seen you before,” out of my mouth, he and his troupe were walking inland.  I maintained a respectful distance but kept looking in their direction.  When they were at least two store-lengths away, Laurent looked back in my direction and smiled again.

The expression that I wore was part awe and part “I know who you are.”  Laurent’s expression suggested more “she recognizes me” rather than “I’ve seen her before.”

Moreover, Falcons pins are finally restocked.  I lost my pin a couple months ago and haven’t felt whole since.  The last time I lost and had to replace a pin was roughly a year ago.  I purchased three (two backups!) before I left the mall.

And now for the photographs:

Click here for a more lavender version.


Now for some cool stuff.  The first two pix shall compare and contrast same location two years apart.


Can you guess what’s wrong with this picture: Here’s a hint.

Lastly, here I am with my numero uno adolescent crush, Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Here we are desaturated.



On a related note, I saw Vernon Jones last Saturday in the upper level Neiman Marcus corridor, in the vicinity of the Diesel store.

Pre-S 08: Colts dirt by the Falcons

The Indianapolis Colts play the Atlanta Falcons at a newly renovated Georgia Dome. While the Falcons’ defense was able to stand its ground, offensive jitterbugs and a special teams faux pas allowed Indianapolis to beat Atlanta 16 to 9.

Joey Harrington, Matt Ryan, Chris Redman, and D.J. Shockley all put in quarterback time for the Falcons.

Jim Sorgi, Quinn Gray, and Jared Lorenzen helmed the offensive game for the Colts.

The Falcons began with swiftness and self-assurance, keeping the Colts down for nearly two whole quarters. Atlanta’s nine-point tally resulted from three field goals made by Jason Elam (two in the first quarter and one in the third quarter). Indianapolis’s 16 points came from a sixty-seven yard interception run into the end zone in the bottom of the second quarter when Colts defensive back Kelvin Hayden made a touchdown (the only TD of the evening) and three field goals (one each in the second, third, and fourth quarters). Adam Vinatieri kicked in the second quarter; Adam Crossett did it in the third and fourth quarters.

Even though Atlanta didn’t win, it was pretty awesome to see wide receivers Harry Douglas and Laurent Robinson demonstrating their skills. When I told a friend of mine that I got the rookies to autograph a towel, she asked me which interaction was my favorite. I told her the one I had with Harry Douglas.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Click here to read about Brett Favre’s performance as quarterback for the New York Jets.

GS Rogers on Chris Redman

That’s Ginger ‘Soybean’ Rogers, the mascot for Sitting Pugs, on Atlanta Falcons quarterback Chris Redman.

A couple of weeks ago, the rookies graced us with their presence at Perimeter Mall. Today, five of the veterans did the same. Linebacker Keith Brooking was supposed to be in the house as well, but he was unable to be present (for some inexplicable reason).

Click here for another group picture.


From start to finish:

Click here for the color version.

Click here for the full picture.

In order that the ball was signed:

1. Safety Erik Coleman drew me a smiley face.

2. I asked Chris Redman to draw me a farm animal; he came up with a chicken head. It’s very appropriate because my Chinese zodiac is a Monkey-arse Cock-head.

3. Wide receiver Laurent Robinson’s favorite brand of car is Infiniti.

4. Cornerback Von Hutchins’s favorite color is red.

5. Fullback Corey McIntyre’s favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake.

Click here, here, and here for close-ups of Chris Redman’s artistic abilities.

I wish the Falcons a prosperous season.

‘Tis the Season: Cardinals tip over the Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons squared off with the Arizona Cardinals (televised on Fox).

Chris Redman quarterbacked for the Falcons.

Anquan Boldin, wide receiver for the Cardinals, put the first TD of the game on board today. Falcons rookie running back Jason Snelling tied the game with a TD in the bottom of the first quarter. Boldin made another TD in the second quarter, to which Falcons rookie wide receiver Laurent Robinson with a touchdown. The Cardinals made a field goal that broke the tie towards the bottom of the second quarter. With fewer than thirty seconds left in the second quarter, the Cardinals increased their lead with TD by running back JJ Arrington. Arizona 24. Atlanta 14.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. According to one of the commentators, Roddy White is the first Falcon since Terrence Mathis in 1999 to break the 1,000 receiving yards mark.

2. Jason Snelling’s touchdown in the first quarter was the first of his NFL career.

3. After returning from a commercial break at around the twelve minute mark of the second quarter, the camera cut to a low angle medium shot of Arthur Blank chewing gum while Rich McKay talks to him in their box at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

4. Lawyer Milloy, safety for Atlanta, went to the sidelines in the middle of the second quarter. He wasn’t tackled, he just went face-down to the ground. Pulled muscle perhaps.

I wasn’t able to watch the whole game (dinner with friend back in town!). To get the final score, game summary, stats, and play by play, click here. I’ll update this entry when I get back tonight with the final score.

Edit: Indeed. The Falcons lost to the Cardinals with a sobering breath of air. I missed most of the third quarter (incidentally nobody scored) but saw the fourth quarter of the game at the restaurant where I was having dinner with my friend. Atlanta started to play catch-up with a field goal near the middle of the quarter. Falcons tight end Alge Crumpler made a TD towards the bottom. Another field goal allowed the Falcons to tie the Cardinals–with fewer than two minutes left in the game (24 to 24). Atlanta’s defense couldn’t keep Arizona at bay, though. With the fourth quarter expiring, the Cardinals broke tied the game again with a field goal (27 to 24). The Falcons just couldn’t keep aloft in overtime. Arizona won 30 to 27 with a field goal.

I wanted to watch the Eagles-Saints game but it wasn’t on my local Fox station. I was on NFL.com and caught this video clip of Eagles wide receiver Kevin Curtis doing something pretty sweet (he made two TDs in the game, including the first of the entire game as well as the one in the video clip). Philadelphia won 38 to 23.