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NFL Newsies around the may pole

Lawyer Milloy has sights on other stomping grounds.

NY will take Plaxico Burress back into its bosom, but will he accept?  Can he accept?

Giants’ Super Bowl goods previously MIA have been found.

NFL Network and Comcast in a tussle.  Put on your jazz shoes, there’s gonna be a rumble.

The best Nike commercial that never was, but should be…with or without minor modifications.

NFL 08: Falcons freeze-dry the Chiefs

Is it fall yet?

The Atlanta Falcons ushered the Kansas City Chiefs into the stomping grounds of the Georgia Dome to play some block-me-with-your-best-shot ball (broadcast on CBS).

The game progressed at a mostly mellow pace until the bottom of the first quarter when the Falcons went ninety-two yards on six plays that culminated in a touchdown by running back Michael Turner. 7-0. On their next possession, quarterback Matt Ryan threw a stellar fifty-seven yard pass to wide receiver Roddy White who galloped into the end zone. And then he did a back flip. Fantastic.

Falcons safety Erik Coleman intercepted Chiefs Tyler Thigpen’s pass meant for his tight end Tony Gonzalez. That drive ended in a field goal. Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes picked off the ball on the Kansas City’s next possession. With under three minutes on the clock, Michael Turner boosted Atlanta’s score again with a TD. The quarter ended with a Kansas City TD, on account of wide receiver Dwayne Bowe’s catch (Bowe did some improv dancing, nothing too showy). Going into halftime, Falcons 24 and Chiefs 7.

The third quarter began with an enlivened Kansas City offense, primarily due to running back Larry Johnson’s mobility and a touchdown. Falcons 24 and Chiefs 14. Of course, Atlanta wasn’t going to sit back idly. Matt Ryan’s fifteen yard scamper, Roddy White’s receptions, and Michael Turner’s maneuvers led to a touchdown (Turner put it in the end zone himself). Falcons 31. Chiefs 14. Towards the bottom of the fourth quarter, Kansas City wiggled down towards the end zone. Thanks to Falcons cornerback Chris Houston, safety Lawyer Milloy, and linebacker Curtis Lofton, the Chiefs were unable to put up a bouquet of numbers on the board. Chris Houston intercepted Thigpen’s pass with about a minute left on the clock. Houston more or less moseyed on into the end zone (Dwayne Bowe was supposed to catch the ball but he fell and wasn’t quite in the right place on the field to catch it). Atlanta 38 and Kansas City 14. Final score. C’est magnifique.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. There was so much red (and white) on the field! It was like a whirlpool of ketchup, marshmallows, and Santa Claus.

2. After the commercial break in the middle of the first quarter, the camera went to a high-angle, medium shot of a Falcons fan who was dressed in a home-made costume of a falcon. It looked home-made. His beak was fashioned from a football. Pretty creative.

3. After Brent Grimes intercepted Tyler Thigpen’s pass in the second quarter, the commentators, Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker, mentioned that as a franchise, the Falcons do not go up against the Chiefs very often. Their last game was in 2004. Michael Turner has, however, played against them many times when he was a San Diego Charger. He knows their style and they know his abilities.

4. During a replay of Michael Turner’s TD in the third quarter, I heard off-screen shouts of “well done Michael Turner!” from a male voice.

5. Is it my imagination or did Falcons head coach Mike Smith not receive as much screen time today as he has in the past games?

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

The Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots 38 to 13. Click here for the details.

NFL 08: Falcons de-pride the Lions

Opening day of the 2008 NFL regular season on Fox. The Detroit Lions went southwards to size up the Atlanta Falcons. The Lions tried (not well at all in the first quarter) and put up a decent retort (in the second and third quarters), but in the end. Falcons soared above.

Sweet holy tuna sandwich! Just two minutes into the first quarter and Matt Ryan, Falcons starting quarterback, threw a sixty-two yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Michael Jenkins. On the Falcons’ second possession (about halfway through the first quarter), running back Michael Turner made a sixty-six yard dash into the end zone; he then put another TD on the board towards the end of the first quarter. Falcons 21. Lions nope.

Jon Kitna quarterbacked for Detroit. After three (?) attempts to make it into the end zone, Lions running back Kevin Smith finally made it through near the bottom of the quarter. Falcons 21. Lions 7. And then, like a giddy spatula on icing, wide receiver Roy Williams caught a TD pass (in a far corner of the end zone) with fewer than twenty-five seconds left on the clock. Going into halftime, Atlanta 21 and Lions 14.

Third quarter. Falcons safety Lawyer Milloy intercepted a Kitna pass in the top of the quarter. It was an awesome blossom. That drive ended in a field goal. Atlanta 24. Detroit 14. A bit after the halfway point of the third quarter, wide receiver Roddy White caught a forty-six yard pass from Matt Ryan, which got the Falcons down to end zone country. Running back Jerious Norwood made the TD. Atlanta 31. Detroit 14. In the bottom of the third, after Falcons cornerback Chris Houston gets a penalty (pass interference/illegal contact, je pense), the Lions put a TD on the board, thanks to tight end Casey FitzSimmons and a play action fake. Falcons 31 and Lions 21.

The fourth quarter began with what might have been a lovely third Michael Turner touchdown. Alas, it was subtracted–holding penalty on Roddy White–and that drive yielded a field goal instead. Falcons 34 and Lions 21. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. It was still, and I suspect always will be, a pleasure to watch Calvin Johnson reach into the air for the ball–even when he doesn’t hold on to the ball.

2. JC Pearson and Matt Vasgersian provided commentary for Fox.

3. Bottom of the second quarter and Jon Kitna became quite expressive on the sidelines with his frustration. Understandably expressive.

4. I do believe UGA’s Redcoat marching band performed during halftime.

5. According to the commentators, Lawyer Milloy did a stint in the MLB before venturing into football. They also said he is a “soccer dad in the off-season.”

6. Visually, the first thing that came to mind when Jerious Norwood went into the end zone in the third quarter was “prance.” A stag leap, which happens to be a gymnastic maneuver.

7. After returning from the commercial break at around ten minutes, one of the cameras revealed 11Alive’s Fred Kalil at the game sitting next to Gerald Riggs, a former NFL player. Michael Turner broke Riggs’s rushing record.

8. Matt Ryan is the eighth rookie quarterback to dominate and win on opening day.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Fabulous. GaTech and UGA beat their respective opponents yesterday, Boston College and Central Michigan. Click here and here for details.

‘Tis the Season: Cardinals tip over the Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons squared off with the Arizona Cardinals (televised on Fox).

Chris Redman quarterbacked for the Falcons.

Anquan Boldin, wide receiver for the Cardinals, put the first TD of the game on board today. Falcons rookie running back Jason Snelling tied the game with a TD in the bottom of the first quarter. Boldin made another TD in the second quarter, to which Falcons rookie wide receiver Laurent Robinson with a touchdown. The Cardinals made a field goal that broke the tie towards the bottom of the second quarter. With fewer than thirty seconds left in the second quarter, the Cardinals increased their lead with TD by running back JJ Arrington. Arizona 24. Atlanta 14.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. According to one of the commentators, Roddy White is the first Falcon since Terrence Mathis in 1999 to break the 1,000 receiving yards mark.

2. Jason Snelling’s touchdown in the first quarter was the first of his NFL career.

3. After returning from a commercial break at around the twelve minute mark of the second quarter, the camera cut to a low angle medium shot of Arthur Blank chewing gum while Rich McKay talks to him in their box at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

4. Lawyer Milloy, safety for Atlanta, went to the sidelines in the middle of the second quarter. He wasn’t tackled, he just went face-down to the ground. Pulled muscle perhaps.

I wasn’t able to watch the whole game (dinner with friend back in town!). To get the final score, game summary, stats, and play by play, click here. I’ll update this entry when I get back tonight with the final score.

Edit: Indeed. The Falcons lost to the Cardinals with a sobering breath of air. I missed most of the third quarter (incidentally nobody scored) but saw the fourth quarter of the game at the restaurant where I was having dinner with my friend. Atlanta started to play catch-up with a field goal near the middle of the quarter. Falcons tight end Alge Crumpler made a TD towards the bottom. Another field goal allowed the Falcons to tie the Cardinals–with fewer than two minutes left in the game (24 to 24). Atlanta’s defense couldn’t keep Arizona at bay, though. With the fourth quarter expiring, the Cardinals broke tied the game again with a field goal (27 to 24). The Falcons just couldn’t keep aloft in overtime. Arizona won 30 to 27 with a field goal.

I wanted to watch the Eagles-Saints game but it wasn’t on my local Fox station. I was on NFL.com and caught this video clip of Eagles wide receiver Kevin Curtis doing something pretty sweet (he made two TDs in the game, including the first of the entire game as well as the one in the video clip). Philadelphia won 38 to 23.