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College Football 09: OSU dampens UGA

Before I get to the red and the orange:

Firstly,  David Tyree is no longer a wide receiver for the NY Giants.

Secondly, Ohio State beat Navy 31 to 27 earlier today.

Thirdly, GaTech drank up Jacksonville State’s dairy treat 37 to 17.

Fourthly, the punch seen ’round the college football (LaGarrette Blount was raggin on his own teammates too!).

The UGA Bulldogs crossed a time zone to test the Oklahoma State Cowboys.  Broadcast on ABC, Sean McDonough and Matt Millen provided commentary.  UGA quarterback Joe Cox wasn’t 100% physically well, but still took to the field.  The first quarter said hello to a touchdown for the Dawgs, courtesy of Cox and wide receiver Michael Moore.  UGA 7 and OSU 0.

The second quarter saw a few near-interceptions by the Dawgs but was predominantly rather dull until there were fewer than three minutes left on the clock.  Cowboys quarterback Zac Robinson launched a forty-six yard TD catch to wide receiver Dez Bryant.   The Dawgs lost possession of the ball on their next go because Cowboys recovered a fumbled ball.  Kicker Dan Bailey made a twenty-eight yard field goal to take the lead going into halftime.  OSU 10 and UGA 7.

The third quarter started with a whopping sixty-eight yard return by Cowboys defensive back Perrish Cox.  The Dawgs defense were able to thwart a series of TD attempts but couldn’t keep out the one that Zac Robinson ran in himself.  OSU 17 and UGA 7.  Dawgs kicker Blair Walsh put a fifty-three yard field goal through in the second half of the third quarter.  OSU 17 and UGA 10.  The fourth quarter scrounged down halfway and Dez Bryant caught another pass for a TD.  OSU 24 and UGA 10.  Final score.  The Dawgs would not recover.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  From the bright orange of OSU to the bright red of UGA fans in the stands, Boone Pickens Stadium looked awash with salmon roe or masago.

2.  Upon returning from commercial after UGA’s first TD in the first quarter, the camera went to a low-angle close-up shot of Loran’s Best, such a cutie.

3.  Sean McDonough remarked at the end of the first quarter that UGA was the most penalized SEC team last year.

4.  Around six minutes in the second quarter, the camera cut to a couple shots of OSU fans: a medium long shot at “eye level” and then a low-angle close-up of a youung man’s concerned face.  He had black streaks under his eyes and wore a cap.  He must’ve purchased the cap the day of the game because the price tag was visible under the cap’s bill.  There were a couple of stickers on either side of the ISBN, though.

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Suing for hundreds of thousands (or for millions) isn’t the point, it’s the principle behind the plaintiff’s case; recommending the death penalty in situations like this one …. maybe I’m too cynical but neither the principle nor the point is even touchable.  A life for a life on the one hand, but on the other, wouldn’t there be more satisfaction in knowing that a violent crime offender were living the rest of his/her days in varying states of physical and emotional torment?  (Un)fortunately, there is such a thing as the Eighth Amendment.  Still, what is cruel and unusual for Group A isn’t so for Group B.  Torture and physical mutilation needn’t be necessary.  Why not impose something ideologically more wicked, such as giving a vegan nothing but farm animals for caloric intake.  Giving a carnivore nothing but fruits and veggies.  You’d just have to keep the convicted alive for the duration of their sentencing until they reached the age of curmudgeonApres ca, je ne sais pas.

On a tangential note, whether or not brain injuries or brain abnormalities can explain or contextualize an individuals anti-social (socially deviant) behavior, why is it that some of these persons are more a danger to themselves while others are a danger to themselves and other people?

College Football: UGA demythologizes LSU

UGA’s Bulldogs went west to visit fellow SEC rivals, the LSU Tigers. Nearly 93,000 spectators were in attendance. Broadcast on CBS, the first quarter started with LSU’s quarterback Jarrett Lee throwing an interception. UGA’s linebacker Darryl Gamble nabbed that ball and ran forty-yards for a touchdown. Bulldogs 7 and Tigers 0. LSU answered that turn of events with a TD of their own, thanks to wide receiver Brandon LaFell. 7 to 7. Yes, glory did have a hallelujah–the Bulldogs pounced back with a TD, courtesy of fullback Fred Munzenmaier.

UGA increased its lead again at the top of the second quarter with a TD catch by split end Kenneth Harris. Bulldogs 21 and Tigers 7. LSU increased their numbers with a fifty-eight yard field goal by kicker Colt David. Halfway through the second quarter, LSU running back Charles Scott put the ball into the end zone. Bulldogs 21 and Tigers 17. UGA safety Reshad Jones intercepted Jarrett Lee’s pass around four minutes in the second quarter. The Bulldogs tacked on three more points with a field goal. 24 to 17.

The third quarter started well for UGA–wide receiver A.J. Green put a touchdown on the board. Bulldogs 31 and Tigers 17. The bottom of the quarter included a field goal attempt by Colt David that went wide right. UGA’s running back Knowshon Moreno ran sixty-eight yards into the end zone for a TD on the Bulldogs’ next possession. UGA 38 and LSU 17. Following Moreno’s TD, LSU’s Charles Scott made it into the end zone. Bulldogs 38 and Tigers 24. At the very bottom of the third quarter, UGA kicker Blair Walsh missed a fifty-five yard field goal…quite blatantly missed it too.

The fourth quarter started with Bulldogs quarterback Matthew Stafford scurrying into the end zone for a touchdown. UGA 45 and LSU 24. The Tigers were not letting up any of their energy or determination, as evidenced by running back Keiland Williams’s TD. UGA 45 and LSU 31. Darryl Gamble intercepted another Lee pass for a TD in the bottom of the fourth quarter. But LSU was still not giving up. Brannan LaFell ran forty some-odd yards for a TD. Bulldogs 52 and Tigers 38. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. The opening montage announcer guy’s monologue took the form of boxing contender introductions.

2. Verne Lundquist, one of the commentators, continued with the boxing metaphor, remarking that the game carried significance much like a “championship fight.” Gary Danielson was the other commentator.

3. Loran’s Best got an extreme close-up after returning from commercial break following UGA’s field goal in the bottom of the second quarter.

4. This game marked UGA’s eleventh appearance at Tiger Stadium playing against LSU. They also scored the most number of points today than they have in previous games. I guess the 31 points as of the middle of the third quarter broke the track record.

5. As the commentators were talking about Knowshon Moreno’s 140 yards rushed today (after returning from the commercial break proceeding Moreno’s third quarter TD), the camera was on a medium close-up of LSU fans. Two men were in the middle of the screen. The man on screen right extended his middle finger to the camera (at which point, the camera zoomed back).

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A technicality, semantics, or a last resort to keep high school football alive in Atlanta. When budgets get slashed, everyone suffers. From no more field trips to scaled back arts programs. Nobody wants to see high school football affected, n’-est-ce pas? In economically brighter times, I suppose this kind of practice would be scandalous–not unfortunate but understandable.

Do you remember Ian Johnson?

Virginia beat GaTech. 24 to 17.

College Football: UGA mashes the Volunteers

The Tennessee Volunteers traveled southward to Athens, GA for SEC recognition against the UGA Bulldogs. 97,000 spectators packed in Sanford Stadium to watch the festivities (televised by CBS).

Sophomore Nick Stephens stepped in as quarterback for the Volunteers. The first quarter progressed to the half with a touchdown by UGA (thanks to a thirty-seven yard run by fullback Shaun Chapas and fullback Brannan Southerland for getting into the end zone). The Bulldogs nearly had another TD in their next possession, but it morphed into a field goal because wide receiver A.J. Green was so close and yet so far from keeping the ball in his hands in the end zone.

The second quarter started off with a UGA field goal. Bulldogs 13 and Volunteers 0. After the halfway mark of the second quarter, Bulldogs quarterback Matthew Stafford threw his second interception of the season. Tennessee defensive end Robert Ayers got his hands on to the ball. Wide receiver Gerald Jones put the Volunteers on the board with a touchdown at the bottom of the second quarter. With fewer than thirty-seconds left in the first half, UGA swings scoring momentum back in their direction with a TD by wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. 20 to 7.

The third quarter featured the second interception Matthew Stafford threw today (halfway through the third). Volunteers defensive back Eric Berry picked off the ball in the end zone and ran back up field to the forty-six yard line. The Volunteers capitalized even more on the interception by making a TD, courtesy of wide receiver Lucas Taylor. UGA 20 and Tennessee 14. The fourth quarter began and wound down with two UGA field goals. 26 to 14. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. After returning from commercial break (after Tennessee punted the ball away in the first quarter), the camera got a shot of Lorna’s Best sitting comfortably in his air-conditioned dog house.

2. Is it my imagination or was there no 1st and ten line? The blue line of scrimmage was certainly superimposed onto the screen, but I didn’t see the yellow first down line. No, wait. It was my imagination.

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Labor Day Weekend 2008: Alabama soaks Clemson

Saturday, August 30, Labor Day Weekend 2008. 70,097 college football fans converged upon the Georgia Dome in Atlanta to watch the Chick-fil-A College Football Kickoff (televised by ESPN via my local ABC station). While Crimson Tide and Tigers fans were milling about the ATL, hordes of Dragoncon cosplayers and non-cosplayers descended upon downtown as well. But that’s not all, folks. The construction on 75/85, which runs right through downtown, would not be suspended for the duration of the weekend.

Amidst the crowds of gridiron followers and sci-fi/fantasy disciples, representatives of the SEC and the ACC stared each other in the face. Alabama’s Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers came, they saw; and the SEC school conquered. 34 to 10 final score.

John Parker Wilson quarterbacked for Alabama; Cullen Harper went on for Clemson. The Tigers’ defense was able to hold the Crimson Tide’s offense to two field goals (as opposed to two touch downs) in the first quarter. By the end of the first, though, Alabama’s own quarterback put one in the end zone. Thirteen to nothing. The top of the second quarter brought with it a field goal by Clemson. Tight end Nick Walker made a TD for Alabama. By the end of the second quarter, Crimson Tide increased its number to 23. Tigers? 3.

The third quarter began with a ninety-six yard kickoff-return TD by Clemson running back C.J. Spiller. Whatever verbal lashing or wake-up call the Tigers received in the locker room during halftime likely did the trick. Oui?


Alabama made another TD in the third quarter by wide receiver Julio Jones–his first for the team. Crimson Tide went for and reeled in a two-point conversion (thanks to running back Mark Ingram). Alabama 31. Clemson 10. At the end of the fourth quarter, Alabama got another field goal. Clemson would not ring any bells or do any more addition.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. According to the commentators, 1975 was the last time Alabama played Clemson.

2. There was a Mercenaries 2 commericial–the graphics were so mesmerizing.

3. There were highlights and a clip of UGA VII during halftime–what an adorable bulldog! His name is Loran’s Best.

4. 1st and Ten line as well as the blue line of scrimmage were in the house, on the screen rather.

5. Speaking of TV graphics, there was a play in the second quarter where Alabama were on offense and running back Roy Upchurch successfully kept one of the Clemson linebackers away from his teammates. It happened not long after Alabama defensive back Marquis Johnson intercepted Cullen Harper’s pass (which happened with just under four minutes on the clock). Anywheres, there was an instant replay treatment in real time that was accompanied by a pillar of white light that highlighted where Upchurch was on the field (edge of screen left). I hadn’t seen this graphic before and it made another appearance on Nick Walker in the third quarter.

6. Alabama’s kickoff to Clemson at about four minutes was televised entirely from a mostly still Skycam perspective (it hovered but didn’t roam). Most of the field (end zone to end zone in vertical orientation) was on screen.

7. You know the chuckles or smirks you experience when you look in the society pages and see whose marital unions have produced punny or silly last names? Tonight’s game has yielded a Coffee-Spiller (they both got field time). Taking a quick sweep through the team’s rosters, you also get StoneDial, GentrySapp, PriceKing, ClearLove, EarlyPounds, and HunterArenas among others.

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