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Cotton Bowl 2011: LSU bites the Aggies’ dust

The only part of the Cotton Bowl that I watched was Josh Jasper’s fifty-yard field goal for LSU in the middle of the fourth quarter.  He and his Tiger teammates ended up taking home the prize, beating Texas A&M 41 to 24.

Click here for game summary, stats, and play-by-play.

Do you like college football? Do you like the Bowl Games even more? Or are you a “diminishing fan“?

Capital Gator One Bowl 2010: Penn State gains Capital and Florida State relishes Gator

Virginia Tech’s Hokies grabbed the Chick-Fil-A bowl from the Tennessee Volunteers with 37 to 14 win.

Patrick Stewart is now a Knight!


Walton High School from Marietta, GA on the Tournament of Roses Parade! 12:44PM on ABC.


This year’s Capital One Bowl between Penn State and LSU and the Gator Bowl between West Virginia and Florida State were televised by ABC and CBS respectively.  I’ve flipped back and forth between the two games.

Capital One Bowl Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The Penn State Nittany Lions and the LSU Tigers played on a mushy and wet field in Orlando.

2.  The Lions wore dark blue jerseys and the Tigers wore white.

3.  It was raining in the first quarter.

4.  Nittany Lion Derek Moye put his team on the score board with a touchdown in the bottom of the first quarter.  LSU made a field goal by the top of the second quarter.  Penn State added three in the second quarter and three more going into halftime.  13 to 3.

5.  The players from both teams were splattered with grayish mud.

6.  The third quarter gave Penn State another field goal.  Brandon LaFell made the first LSU TD of the day in the bottom of the quarter.  LSU took the lead in the top of the fourth quarter with a TD by Stevan Ridley.  The bottom of the fourth quarter put Penn State back on top with a field goal.  19 to 17.  Final score.  Penn State Nitany Lions have taken the 2009 Capital One Bowl.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Gator Bowl Observations & Miscellania:

1. The West Virginia Mountaineers and the Florida State Seminoles also competed against each other in moist conditions.

2.  The Seminoles were red jerseys and the Mountaineers wore yellow (reminded me of Juicy Fruit gum).  Those gold helmets atop the Seminoles’ heads made me think of hockey helmets.  The Mountaineers’ cosplay-mascot was played by a woman this year.

3.  Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden, who would retire after today, was chewing gum when he was interviewed by a CBS side-line reporter.  I wonder what flavor.  Mint? Spearmint? Cinnamon? He threw a feathered spear into the middle of the field.

4.  Jarrett Brown made a touchdown and gave his Mountaineers teammates the lead in the top of the first quarter.   The Seminoles churned out a field goal in response.  Mountaineers Noel Devine increased his team lead towards the bottom of the quarter. 14 to 3. Florida State’s kicker Dustin Hopkins made a wide, wide left FG in the top of the second quarter.  The Seminoles intercepted the Mountaineers quarterback not long after that botched field goal and Jermaine Thomas made a touchdown.  Going into the second half, Dustin Hopkins closed the score gap for his fellow Seminoles. 14 to 13.

5.  Deion Sanders was dressed in Florida State colors and standing on their sideline.

6.  The sun came out in the bottom of the second quarter.

7.  Florida State took the lead with a field goal in the top of the third quarter.  In the bottom of the third, Jarmon Fortson made a super cool one-handed catch and a couple plays later, Jermaine Thomas made his second TD of the day.  Top of the fourth quarter gave West Virginia a TD by Ryan Clarke.  23 to 21.  Did Seminoles quarterback EJ Manuel get the ball into the end zone in the middle of the fourth quarter?  Yes, he did, an official booth review confirmed.  The bottom of the quarter increased Florida State’s lead with a field goal. 33 to 21.  Final score.  Florida State Seminoles have won the 2009 Gator Bowl.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

College Football: Texas Tech mini milanos Oklahoma State

But first. I had my oil changed when I woke up and then spent all day looking for boots. The first retail stop yielded a dress; the second stop produced a jacket; the third stop turned up a watch (which I had been meaning to obtain), and, finally, two pairs of boots (one black and one brown from the kids section!, good Odin, my feet are small). I also watched the last minute in the fourth quarter of Alabama vs. LSU game at the third retail stop. Both teams had 21 points, and because Alabama’s field goal attempt was unsuccessful, the game went into overtime (which I did not watch). Alabama ended up winning by six points.


Two more points of interest:

GaTech couldn’t get it together to fend off UNC.

UGA escaped from Kentucky’s offensive thrust.


I started watching the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Oklahoma State Cowboys pigskin pillow fight at halftime. Around nine minutes into the third quarter, Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree made a touchdown catch. Oklahoma State’s running back Kendall Hunter got into the end zone on his team’s next possession, but a bad snap prevented the execution of the extra point. Red Raiders 35 and Cowboys 20. Towards the bottom of the third quarter, Crabtree made another TD catch (his third of the evening). Texas Tech 42 and Oklahoma State 20.

The fourth quarter progressed halfway and then Red Raiders running back Shannon Woods ran into the end zone for a TD. He did it again at the bottom of the second quarter. Texas Tech 56 and Oklahoma State 20. Final score.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

College Football: UGA demythologizes LSU

UGA’s Bulldogs went west to visit fellow SEC rivals, the LSU Tigers. Nearly 93,000 spectators were in attendance. Broadcast on CBS, the first quarter started with LSU’s quarterback Jarrett Lee throwing an interception. UGA’s linebacker Darryl Gamble nabbed that ball and ran forty-yards for a touchdown. Bulldogs 7 and Tigers 0. LSU answered that turn of events with a TD of their own, thanks to wide receiver Brandon LaFell. 7 to 7. Yes, glory did have a hallelujah–the Bulldogs pounced back with a TD, courtesy of fullback Fred Munzenmaier.

UGA increased its lead again at the top of the second quarter with a TD catch by split end Kenneth Harris. Bulldogs 21 and Tigers 7. LSU increased their numbers with a fifty-eight yard field goal by kicker Colt David. Halfway through the second quarter, LSU running back Charles Scott put the ball into the end zone. Bulldogs 21 and Tigers 17. UGA safety Reshad Jones intercepted Jarrett Lee’s pass around four minutes in the second quarter. The Bulldogs tacked on three more points with a field goal. 24 to 17.

The third quarter started well for UGA–wide receiver A.J. Green put a touchdown on the board. Bulldogs 31 and Tigers 17. The bottom of the quarter included a field goal attempt by Colt David that went wide right. UGA’s running back Knowshon Moreno ran sixty-eight yards into the end zone for a TD on the Bulldogs’ next possession. UGA 38 and LSU 17. Following Moreno’s TD, LSU’s Charles Scott made it into the end zone. Bulldogs 38 and Tigers 24. At the very bottom of the third quarter, UGA kicker Blair Walsh missed a fifty-five yard field goal…quite blatantly missed it too.

The fourth quarter started with Bulldogs quarterback Matthew Stafford scurrying into the end zone for a touchdown. UGA 45 and LSU 24. The Tigers were not letting up any of their energy or determination, as evidenced by running back Keiland Williams’s TD. UGA 45 and LSU 31. Darryl Gamble intercepted another Lee pass for a TD in the bottom of the fourth quarter. But LSU was still not giving up. Brannan LaFell ran forty some-odd yards for a TD. Bulldogs 52 and Tigers 38. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. The opening montage announcer guy’s monologue took the form of boxing contender introductions.

2. Verne Lundquist, one of the commentators, continued with the boxing metaphor, remarking that the game carried significance much like a “championship fight.” Gary Danielson was the other commentator.

3. Loran’s Best got an extreme close-up after returning from commercial break following UGA’s field goal in the bottom of the second quarter.

4. This game marked UGA’s eleventh appearance at Tiger Stadium playing against LSU. They also scored the most number of points today than they have in previous games. I guess the 31 points as of the middle of the third quarter broke the track record.

5. As the commentators were talking about Knowshon Moreno’s 140 yards rushed today (after returning from the commercial break proceeding Moreno’s third quarter TD), the camera was on a medium close-up of LSU fans. Two men were in the middle of the screen. The man on screen right extended his middle finger to the camera (at which point, the camera zoomed back).

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.


A technicality, semantics, or a last resort to keep high school football alive in Atlanta. When budgets get slashed, everyone suffers. From no more field trips to scaled back arts programs. Nobody wants to see high school football affected, n’-est-ce pas? In economically brighter times, I suppose this kind of practice would be scandalous–not unfortunate but understandable.

Do you remember Ian Johnson?

Virginia beat GaTech. 24 to 17.

SEC Championship 2007: LSU Tigers wrench the title from the Tennesee Volunteers

The University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Louisiana State University Tigers fought it out at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA for the SEC Championship title.

The Volunteers tight end Chris Brown made the first touchdown of the game.  The Tigers put up two field goals by the end of the first quarter.  The second quarter was scoreless.  LSU wide receiver Demetrius Byrd made a TD in the top of the third quarter.  Volunteers wide receiver Josh Briscoe reclaimed the lead, 14 to 13, for his team with a TD in the bottom of the third quarter.

LSU corner back Jonathan Zenon intercepted a Tennessee pass and made a touchdown in just after the top of the fourth quarter.  Ryan Perrilloux, who stepped in as QB for this game because of Matt Flynn’s shoulder injury from a previous game, went into the end zone for a two-point conversion.  LSU 21.  Tennessee 14.

All right. LSU is going to the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day. Head Coach Les Miles must be so elated right now.

Observations & Miscellania:  

1.  Verne Lundquist, one of the commentators, said something along lines of “there’s Matt Flynn, the Matt Damon lookalike, on the sidelines” when the camera filmed the LSU quarterback.   Lundquist also pointed out that LSU’s previous appearances at the SEC Championship Game were in odd number years (2005, 2003, 2001).

2.  I believe Lundquist also mentioned in the third quarter that not since 1999 have the Volunteers worn all-orange uniforms.  Either he or Gary Danielson added that they look like moving dreamsicles.  Here are the non-all-orange uniforms.

3. Gary Danielson brought up the Pythagorean Theorem in an attempt to approximate some kind of value regarding the Byrd touchdown.

4. Three no good field goals today, two from Tennessee, one from LSU.

5. Ryan Perriloux sustained an index finger injury in the third quarter (if memory serves correctly).  He’d have to get stitches after the game ends.

Get game stats and play by play here.

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