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NFL 2009: Steelers vampire the Titans’ diaries

But first: Georgia Tech buffy-slayed Clemson 30 to 27.


The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans blessed the opening of the 2009 NFL season Thursday night.  Broadcast on NBC, and narrated by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, the scoreboard remained empty for most of the first half.  The CW was also premiering its new undead-teen-fiction-turned-undead-teen-TV-show.  I watched it (Nina Dobrev, who plays the female lead, is lovely).  When the pilot was over, I flipped back to NBC and the score was still 0 – 0.

By the end of the first quarter, each team’s quarterback, the stealing Ben Roethlisberger and the tightening Kerry Collins, had thrown an interception.  The Steelers eventually beat the Titans 13 (a Santonio Holmes touchdown and two field goals), to 10 (a Justin Gage TD and a field goal) in overtime.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Goodness Graceland, Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels.  What were they wearing?  Collinsworth had on a white, long-sleeve button-down shirt, black pants, and a light blue tie with dark blue diagonally arranged squares on it.  Michaels wore a yellow long-sleeve button-down shirt, grey pants, and a gold and dark blue/black diagonally striped tie.   Tres moche.

2.  After returning to the game from a commercial break in the first quarter, one of the cameras cut to a medium shot of Faith Hill (sans makeup) sitting next to Tim McGraw (who had performed in pre-game festivities).   Faith looked great without the makeup, and she appeared to be eating a cookie.

3.  Pepsi is the official soft drink of the NFL?  Vraiment?  There was a then-and-now-in-the-NFL commercial.

4.  I saw two Old Spice Swagger ads (with karate and with arm wrestling) and one Old Spice different scents commercials.  Unsavory.  Disconcerting.

5.  What exactly did Steelers nose tackle Chris Hoke do with his helmet in the third quarter?  He yanked it off and then plopped it back on?

6.  Steelers safety Troy Polamalu took a nasty left knee injury in the second quarter as a result of colliding with Titans tight end Alge Crumpler’s lower body.

7.  Steelers owner Daniel M. Rooney is now also the US Ambassador to Ireland.

8.  Why did Titans defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch jump across the line of scrimmage in the  fourth quarter?  He was charged with encroachment.  It was quite a sight.  I was looking on the Steelers side of the field when suddenly, there Vanden Bosch was…surrounded by black and yellow.  I think time actually slowed down there for a bit.

9.  Hines Ward?! Hines Ward!  Don’t be mad.  Don’t be sad.  Don’t cry a puddle, not even a puddle.   What did he do or didn’t do?  He made a reception in the bottom of the fourth quarter but was bumped from behind by one of the Titans’ players and dropped the ball.  Ward was roughly twelve yards away from the end zone.

10.  A tender moment occurred in overtime.  Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace caught a pass and was cradled down to the field by Titans safety Vincent Fuller.  They remained in that “embrace” for some ten seconds longer than was probably necessary.

Get summary, stats, and play-by-play here.   Have you noticed NFL.com’s new Game Center interface?  You like it? I’m undecided at present.

Cotton Bowl 2009: Ole Miss tongue-ties Texas Tech

The Red Raiders of Texas Tech and the Rebels of Ole Miss got their snorkeling gear on at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX for the seventy-third Cotton Bowl victory bragging rights.  Broadcast on Fox, eighty-eight thousand plus spectators congregated today to watch this sporting competition for the last time in the Cotton Bowl.  2010’s CB will unfold in the new home of the Dallas Cowboys.

The first quarter progressed more than halfway before anyone put a score on the board.  Edward Britton, Red Raiders wide receiver, got his legs to the end zone for a touchdown.  Shortly thereafter, safety Red Raiders Darcel McBath intercepted Rebels quarterback Jevan Snead’s pass for a TD.  The Rebels TD’d back with about two minutes left in the quarter, thanks to tight end Gerald Harris.  Texas Tech 14 and Ole Miss 7.

The second quarter boosted the Rebels with a touchdown by wide receiver Mike Wallace.  He was surrounded by bodies (friend and foe alike) and he kept the ball cradled when he fell to the turf.  Both teams tied 14.  Briefly.  The next Red Raiders possession resulted in a TD catch made by wide receiver Michael Crabtree.  Texas Tech 21 and Ole Miss 14.  Let’s hear it for a back, back, forth, and forth on the offense in the first half.  The Rebels’ Gerald Harris made another TD with under five minutes on the clock.  Both teams re-tied at 21.  The Rebels had a chance to take the lead when defensive back Cassius Vaughn intercepted the Red Raiders quarterback, Graham Harrell, with roughly three minutes left in the quarter.   Touchdown opportunities were had but they ended up with a field goal.  In the final play of the second quarter, Red Raiders QB got himself within five yards of the end zone.   Going into halftime, Ole Miss 24 and Texas Tech 21.

The third quarter chirped off with Graham Harrell throwing another interception into the scoop of Rebels cornerback Marshay Green, who then sprinted sixty-five yards for a touchdown.  Ole Miss 31 and Texas Tech 21.  Green nearly put another TD on the board (via punt-return) a couple plays later, but one of his feet got out of bounds within ten yards of the end zone.  The Rebels had to take a field goal attempt that was no good.  Would the Red Raiders jump on the opportunity to close a ten point deficit?  Well, those ten points became seventeen points.  Rebels running back Brandon Bolden charged his way into the end zone halfway through the third quarter.  Ole Miss 38 and Texas Tech 21.

The Red Raiders finally got back on the scoreboard in the top of the fourth quarter as Edward Britton made a touchdown.  Ole Miss 38 and Texas Tech 28.  In the space of one end zone and thirty seconds maybe, the Rebels went from turning the ball over to getting a safety.  The Red Raiders safety Daniel Charbonnet landed on a fumbled Rebels ball.  And then, Graham Harrell lost the ball in the end zone.  Towards the bottom of the quarter, Rebels wide receiver Dexter McCluster got the ball into the end zone.  Ole Miss 47 and Texas Tech 28.  The Red Raiders weren’t going to go down with a hissy fit.  They increased their numbers by a touchdown with a Harrell-to-Eric-Morris connection.  Texas Tech tried for a two-point conversion but it was not successful.  Ole Miss 47 and Texas Tech 34.  Final score.  With a handful of Rebels running onto the field holding banners of their school, Ole Miss earned those Cotton swab Bowl bragging rights.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Brian Baldinger and Pat Summerall provided commentary.

2.  The Red Raiders wore black jerseys and white pants.  An odd look.  Like salt and pepper forgot to wear pants to school one day.

3.  Betty Stanford tossed the coin.  Ole Miss received the ball first.  Their uniforms made me think of the Giants’ with their white-with-red tops and gray pants.

4.  One of the cameras got a glimpse of Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell’s mother.  She is so young.  Not “do you still get carded at rated R movies” young…but either Graham is her youngest child (or middle one) or she takes very good care of her physiology….and is videogenic.

5.  Halftime performances consisted of the Ole Miss marching band.  They played Irene Cara’sWhat A Feeling.”   Texas Tech’s band hit the field too, but I couldn’t figure out what song they were playing.  The geometric re-arranging of lines was neat.  The Rangerettes performed as well.

6.  Commercial for David Cook and the American Idol franchise.  His eye make-up increases with every appearance on the tellyvision.  When is he going to go mime? Or jester?

7.  Summerall and Baldinger remarked that Texas Tech wasn’t starting the second half with any substantial changes to methodology.  They would simply do what they’ve been doing better.  Baldinger then said, “Repetition is the mother of invention…is that how the saying goes?”  Summerall responded, “It is now.”  So, what  really is the mother of invention?  It’s necessityPlato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

8.  Was Red Raiders offensive lineman Brandon Carter chewing gum in the fourth quarter?

9.  The Rebels had blue in their Gatorade barrels.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.


And now for something tangentially related…for tailgaters and sports fans that travel by land to watch their teams compete during away games.  Nevermind what morning and evening commuters might posit, people aren’t traveling via automobile in frequency or duration as they once did (before people got trendily environmentally aware), thus, a restructuring or reconceptualizing of public roads is apparently in order.  Otherwise, there won’t be enough money for maintaining healthy roads infrastructure.  Fewer traditional cars, less gasoline purchased.  Click here for the Yahoo news details.