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All-Star Game 2010: National League pancakes the American League

Similar to what had transpired the night of the 2008 All-Star Game, I intended to watch most, if not all, of the 2010 event, but ended up doing something else.  I did flip back and forth between the channels, but I spent the majority of prime-time last night on NCIS: Los Angeles and public television.   It was the middle or bottom of the fifth inning when I changed the channel to Fox; neither team had scored yet.  When I turned back during the sixth inning, the American League had put one run on the board.  I didn’t see too many exciting plays (except for Kuo Hong-Chih throw the ball over the head of the first baseman).   When I was about to go upstairs to bed, the National League had just put three players to home.  Handbags, I missed it.  Get game summary, play-by-play, and stats here.

Click here to read about those helmets.

My desire to watch televised baseball has waned significantly in the last few years.  The small amount of the All-Star Game that I did catch–no pun intended–has piqued my curiosity again.  Is it the way the basemen shift weight from one hip to the other?  Or, that there are enough close-ups and still moments in the game that I can look into the eyes of the one at bat? Think, think, think.

To read more about the game, go:



Please, don’t swing Batter

I saw this story on Yahoo Sports about a woman’s firsthand experience with why maple baseball bats shouldn’t be allowed to be used in the MLB anymore–who cares if Barry Bonds wowed audiences with one. Click here to read the story.

An update from my local NBC station about Michael Hutts, a GaTech baseball player who was found dead April 11 at his dwelling. A previous story reported that Hutts died due to morphine toxicity. The update indicates not just morphine, but also heroin (or rather morphine toxicity on account of heroin). Click here for more.