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College Football: GaTech uncorks UGA with pow

1893. Grover Cleveland was the President of the United States. Thomas Edison was forty-six years-old. F. Scott Fitzgerald wouldn’t be born for three years (he hadn’t even been conceived). DW Griffith was eighteen years-old. And, for our purposes today, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the UGA Bulldogs first felt the pangs of anything-you-can-do-i-can-do-better.

The stingers and the barkers doled out their best moves in Athens today. Would UGA win for the eighth time in a row? Would GaTech yank the handkerchief from the Bulldogs’ breast pocket? Televised by CBS, the first quarter started with a Bulldogs possession which led to a touchdown catch by tight end Tripp Chandler, who spent most of the season injured. UGA 7 and GaTech 0. In the bottom of the first quarter, UGA quarterback Matthew Stafford threw an interception–right into the arms of GaTech safety Morgan Burnett, who then ran thirty-five yards into the end zone for a touchdown. The extra point snap wasn’t executed well (due to the rain perhaps?). An improv two-point conversion was not successful. UGA 7 and GaTech 6.

The second quarter started with a TD for UGA thanks to wide receiver Mohammed Massaquoi. UGA 14 and GaTech 6. Running back Lucas Cox took the Yellow Jackets into the end zone on their next possession. A deliberate two-point conversion was foiled. UGA 14 and GaTech 12. It’s not my imagination. On UGA’s next go, Mohammed Massaquoi threw the ball in search of wide receiver AJ Green (the pass was incomplete). And then, Massaquoi swept himself forty-nine yards into the end zone. Bulldogs 21 and Yellow Jackets 12. The bottom of the second quarter ended with another Massaquoi TD. Going into halftime, UGA 28 and Yellow Jackets 12. Actually, it literally ended with GaTech quarterback Josh Nesbitt throwing an interception; the ball was grabbed by safety Reshad Jones.

Whatever happened in the Yellow Jackets locker room during halftime–a thundering speech by head coach Paul Johnson or just an austere stare down–worked very well. The third quarter started with GaTech running back Jonathan Dwyer running sixty yards into the end zone for a touchdown!!! He also made it into the end zone for a two-point conversion. Bulldogs 28 and Yellow Jackets 20. GaTech, capitalizing on their newfound electrifying umph, increased their points with a TD by running back Roddy Jones. Another two-point conversion was effectively attempted–the goal line broken by Nesbitt. Both teams tied with 28 points. UGA, on their next possession, had the ball for one play. Bulldogs running back Richard Samuel was ferrying the ball back, and as he was tackled, the prolate spheroid fell out from his grasp. GaTech recovered the fumbled ball; Jonathan Dwyer ran it into the end zone one play later. The extra point kick was good. The Yellow Jackets took the lead with 35 to 28 points. GaTech kicker Scott Blair sent out a field goal towards the bottom of the third quarter. Yellow Jackets 38 and Bulldogs 28. The third-quarter-ending play had UGA running back Knowshon Moreno hobbling off the field (but he was able to go back in in the fourth quarter).

The fourth quarter started with Moreno cramming the ball into the end zone. GaTech 38 and UGA 35. Jaybo Shaw had to step in for Josh Nesbitt when the game clock was about nine minutes. Two plays later, Nesbitt was back in the game. Roddy Jones increased GaTech’s lead with a forty-five yard rushing TD halfway through the fourth quarter. C’etait magnifique! Yellow Jackets 45 and Bulldogs 35. UGA was not about to let their rivalry victory reign slip from under their chins. Aided by successful connections between Stafford and Moreno, the Bulldogs got to the red zone and AJ Green put the ball into the end zone. GaTech 45 and UGA 42. Final score. FINAL SCORE. For the first time since he’s been head coach at UGA, Mark Richt and his Bulldogs lost to the Yellow Jackets.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Craig Bolerjack and Trev Albert something or another provided commentary.

2. Both teams were on the field before the game, emulating mosh pit frenzy.

3. Brief shots of the spectators revealed a lot of red.

4. The Yellow Jackets wore white jerseys, the Bulldogs red.

5. The interception that Matthew Stafford was the best thing that could’ve happened to UGA. The Bulldogs offense was on fire after that move.

6. One of the UGA fans wore a Grinch mask and some plaid.

7. Product Placement break: Matthew Stafford holding a Coke cup on the sidelines in the top of the third quarter (after the play where one of GaTech’s defensive players had to hobble slowly off the field). I guess a Gatorade cup wouldn’t have matched his uniform.

8. By the bottom of the fourth quarter, the offensive Bulldogs’ white pants had turned greenish-gray on account of contact with the turf. The defensive Yellow Jackets’ white pants, on the other hand, were still quite white.

9. Four minutes left to play in the fourth quarter, each team had only one time-out. UGA used their last time-out with ninety seconds left. GaTech took their final time-out with forty-eight seconds on the clock.

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Oh, and New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself last night. He’ll live.

Virginia Tech won against Virginia.

College Football: UGA mashes the Volunteers

The Tennessee Volunteers traveled southward to Athens, GA for SEC recognition against the UGA Bulldogs. 97,000 spectators packed in Sanford Stadium to watch the festivities (televised by CBS).

Sophomore Nick Stephens stepped in as quarterback for the Volunteers. The first quarter progressed to the half with a touchdown by UGA (thanks to a thirty-seven yard run by fullback Shaun Chapas and fullback Brannan Southerland for getting into the end zone). The Bulldogs nearly had another TD in their next possession, but it morphed into a field goal because wide receiver A.J. Green was so close and yet so far from keeping the ball in his hands in the end zone.

The second quarter started off with a UGA field goal. Bulldogs 13 and Volunteers 0. After the halfway mark of the second quarter, Bulldogs quarterback Matthew Stafford threw his second interception of the season. Tennessee defensive end Robert Ayers got his hands on to the ball. Wide receiver Gerald Jones put the Volunteers on the board with a touchdown at the bottom of the second quarter. With fewer than thirty-seconds left in the first half, UGA swings scoring momentum back in their direction with a TD by wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. 20 to 7.

The third quarter featured the second interception Matthew Stafford threw today (halfway through the third). Volunteers defensive back Eric Berry picked off the ball in the end zone and ran back up field to the forty-six yard line. The Volunteers capitalized even more on the interception by making a TD, courtesy of wide receiver Lucas Taylor. UGA 20 and Tennessee 14. The fourth quarter began and wound down with two UGA field goals. 26 to 14. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. After returning from commercial break (after Tennessee punted the ball away in the first quarter), the camera got a shot of Lorna’s Best sitting comfortably in his air-conditioned dog house.

2. Is it my imagination or was there no 1st and ten line? The blue line of scrimmage was certainly superimposed onto the screen, but I didn’t see the yellow first down line. No, wait. It was my imagination.

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College Football: Dawgs paw down the Yellow Jackets

UGA’s Bulldogs and GaTech’s Yellow Jackets at Bobby Dodd Stadium (televised by ESPN and my local ABC station).


Most of the first quarter was scoreless, and then UGA put three points on the board with a field goal.  In the top of the second quarter, Yellow Jackets running back Tashard Choice made the first touchdown of the game.  Not long afterwards, the Dawgs quarterback Matthew Stafford put one on the board (a thirty-one yard run), giving UGA the lead once more 10 to 7.   GaTech repositioned themselves on top near the bottom of the second quarter with a touchdown by tight end Colin Peek (Yellow Jackets quarterback Taylor Bennett had to run out of the pocket probably seven to ten yards before he could throw the ball to Peek).   UGA’s wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi got a TD a few plays later, but the extra-point kick was no good.  Therefore, the Dawgs only snatched a two-point lead over the Yellow Jackets, 16 to 14.

The third quarter was also scoreless until the bottom–UGA fullback Brannan Southerland made a TD.  The fourth quarter brought a TD by UGA tailback Thomas Brown and a two-point conversion (pass caught by wide receiver Kenneth Harris).   Dawgs 31.  Yellow Jackets 17.  And that’s how the game ends.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. One of the broadcasters mentioned that GaTech “leads the nation in sacks and tackles for losses.”

2. After Tashard Choice made the TD in the top of the second quarter, the camera cut to the GaTech mascot, Buzz, crowd surfing.

3. What’s the origin of the huddleAmos Alonzo Stagg.   Indeed.

4. The ESPN air coverage camera flew over The Varsity at the top of the fourth quarter.

5. Larry Munson, the voice of UGA games, got some screen-time and voice-time.

6. Uga, the Dawgs mascot, had to get a cornea transplant because his left eye was itching so much that he nearly scratched a hole into it.

7. One of the commentators remarked that eighteen of the GaTech players will never know a victory over UGA.

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