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NFL 2017: Falcons pirouette around the Buccaneers

The Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers met tonight on Monday Night Football on the latter’s turf.  Though the Falcons put a touchdown on the board first, the Buccaneers steadily put up numbers throughout the game such that with four minutes left in the fourth quarter, Atlanta was leading by just three points ….and eventually would win by just that much too (a Tampa 54-yard field goal was no good with seconds left in the game).  Falcons 24 and Buccaneers 21.  Final score.  Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.



NFL 2017: By the Hair of a Field Goal Falcons flick away the Seahawks

Oh yes, indeed.  The Atlanta Falcons went to the Pacific northwest yesterday and beat the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football.  Final score. 34 to 31.  Read all about it here.

I was chatting with a friend last night and he said, “stupid seahawks,” to which I replied, “Seattle Seahawks? What did they do?”

And then I turned to ESPN and watched most of the game, half paying attention.  It seemed like every time I looked up from browsing Reddit, the Seahawks had possession of the ball and were moving it down the field.  The score steadily increased for each tame and then there were four minutes left; Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan got sacked.

Get score, stats, and play-by-play here.


I was going to post this on yiqithings but I swore only sports content would be on Sitting Pugs.  So here is where I shall post:


And off with the garments
and onto the turf,
the quarterback throws
towards the waiting running back
jacked up with mirth,
and he cradles the ball
in the crook of his arm
breaking all the rushing records
as he sprints 40 yards
before stopping at the goal line
cause he’s a tease,
he’s gonna make the QB wait
for those 6 points
unless the QB can get there first.

— yiqi 20 november 2017 5:17 pm

NFL 2012: Falcons torpedo the Broncos on Monday Night Football

The Atlanta Falcons hosted the Denver Broncos tonight on Monday Night Football.  Televised by ESPN, the first quarter began with a dropped jaws as Falcons safety William Moore intercepted Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.  Shortly thereafter, Falcons running back Michael Turner almost made a touchdown after two attempts.  The third time was a charm — a running charge, a leap atop a pile of bodies to break the plane.  Atlanta 7 and Denver 0.

Peyton Manning didn’t get too much time with the ball because he threw another interception (into the waiting grip of Falcons safety Thomas Decoud).  This turnover resulted in a field goal.  Atlanta 10 and Denver 0.  Falcons’ defense intensified as cornerback Robert McClain intercepted Peyton Manning halfway through the first quarter.  No score came out of that one.  Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno lost control of the ball when a Falcons knocked it away; there was a scramble to recover it.  The officials ruled that it became a Falcons ball.

The Falcons increased their lead with a field goal and then a TD (courtesy of tight end Tony Gonzalez) by the middle of the second quarter.  Atlanta 20 and Denver 0.  With under two minutes to play, Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas almost made a TD but William Moore broke that one up.  Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson got his hand in the way of another Broncos near-TD.  Peyton Manning was then brought to the ground before he could make a pass.  The Broncos finally put some numbers on the board with under ten seconds left when Demaryius Thomas was able to hold onto the ball and have two feet in the end zone.  Going into halftime, Atlanta 20 and Denver 7.

The third quarter’s momentum stalled somewhat compared to the first two quarters until Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan connected with wide receiver Roddy White for a TD.  Atlanta 27 and Denver 7.  The fourth quarter saw an increase in the Broncos’ score with a Willis McGahee TD.  He made another end zone trip in the bottom of the quarter.  Atlanta 27 and Denver 21.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico provided commentary.  (The names were not overlain correctly.  During pre-game segment, Gruden was sitting screen left and Tirico was screen right.  When they were introduced just before the start of the game, they had switched places but the titles didn’t).

2.  Some women use clothes as a security blanket or a mirror, a portal into their soul or an instrument in social commentary.  Clothes can be armor or a costume, a gateway into a different persona.  I wonder if there are young men who pursue a career in professional sports partly because the uniform enables them to inhabit a mentality that would otherwise be unacknowledged or silenced.

3.  Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards received a personal foul flag during a scuffle after the fourth Broncos turnover in the bottom of the first quarter.  There was some pushing and shoving.

4.  Sweet bobar with taro! I’m older than Willis McGahee by several months!

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

NFL Films: J’aime beaucoup le Skycam

I recently got my hands on two wonderful boxsets from NFL Films:

Click here for another view


5 of the Minnesota Vikings’ greatest games

and 10 of the Philadelphia Eagles’ greatest games.


Each disc contained in these boxsets is an entire broadcast game, spanning at least two decades.  I watched about an hour’s worth of the Eagles’ games.  Specifically:

NFC Championship Eagles vs. Cowboys January 11, 1981 (18 days before my last non-breath in utero).

Eagles vs. Redskins November 12, 1990 (a  Monday Night Football game and originally televised on ABC).

NFC Championship Eagles vs. Falcons January 23, 2005 (6 days before my twenty-fourth birthday).

I shall return with more in-depth thoughts after I’ve watched some of the Vikings games as well, but I’d like to mention now that the NFC Championship of the 2004-2005 season occurred one year before I started watching televised football.  In just comparing and contrasting the aesthetics (screen graphics) from the early 80s to the early 90s and to the 21st century, what a difference the Skycam makes.   Score graphics from yesteryear (before and after the Cold War ended) certainly betray the datedness of the broadcasts, but the introduction of the Skycam added a dynamic visual dimension that I had taken for granted in the few years since I first started watching football on the television (playoffs of 2006).


Click here, here, and here for more pictures of me holding the boxsets.

NFL News: Do you have a T Kornheiser in your life?

When NFL 2009 begins, Monday Night broadcasts will proceed sans Tony Kornheiser.  Oh, really? Really.

As this Yahoo Sports article remarks, the man’s aversion to aviation has left him with no wiser choice than to disengage in sportscasting duties.  And why now? The 2009 season will apparently involve a substantial increase in having to travel the skies.

After skimming the article for informational details, I doubled back on this nugget:

When Kornheiser started three years ago, his presence made the entire broadcast awkward, because no one — Kornheiser included — knew exactly where he fit in. His jokes usually missed and his timing often interfered with important things that were happening on the field or relevant points that other commentators were trying to make. Every now and then, he’d land a solid joke, but they were few and far between, and not worth the hours of awkwardness between them.

It got me wondering…how many of you know a Tony Kornheiser type? Someone who might very well be a nice guy, even reliable, but the punchlines aren’t so punchy, the mise-en-scene skewed wide left or right such that all attempts at melding in socially (when it matters) inevitably ended up being so close and yet so far?  And regardless of how much you are willing to give him/her a second, third, and fortieth chance to get on the cool bus,* there comes a point when you wish that this person would confess that s/he has a deep fear or distaste of social gatherings and would henceforth rather sit them out?

Moreover, do you call them out on their missteps if they don’t realize just how profoundly they’ve not got on the bus?

*Or, if not the cool bus proper than at least something that tag along and serve a purpose.


Strong Men? Oh yes indeed. Strong men.  I would love to see them do a plie in a kilt.