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A Tale for the Unexpected

After recovering from the wonky hearing incident (my sinuses were clogged), I’m now nursing myself back to digestive health after an early morning of spewing forth whatever it was that my bowels didn’t want to deal with anymore.  Not something I would wish upon anyone…not even a person who believes women have no right to decide what happens to their own bodies.

So, while I get my gut flora back to optimal operational levels and digestive capacity back to solid/dense foods, I’ll leave you with visual media of a musical artist whom I find so familiar (especially in the way he speaks and grins), but I cannot figure out why.  Is it because his stage name, Machine Gun Kelly, makes me think of the Japanese rock group Thee Michelle Gun Elephant?

I came across Machine Gun Kelly’s name and likeness because I was looking up videos of Fifth Harmony (yes, I went down a mashup-rabbit-hole).  He and Camilla Cabello (one of the 5h members*) did a duet recently called “Bad Things,” which features a reinterpretation of Fastball’s song “Outta My Head.”

Machine Gun Kelly has a few films and TV work on his resume too.  I don’t listen to enough diverse, American rap to form any opinion on his skills or talent from a technical level.  I haven’t listened to enough of his own music to gauge how poetic his lyrics are, but he has a great voice.  Sure, nothing can compare to this original song here, but MGK does an impressive cover of it (alongside Tillie).

Why does he seem so familiar…like I know him from an alternate reality?

I love this clip.

I figured it out! His eyes make me think of Viktor Petrenko, the Olympic figure skater.

 photo nobannic2.jpg

In other news, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets beat the UGA Bulldogs on November 26 by one point. 28 to 7. Read all about it at SB Nation.

* Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony at the end of 2016; she’s gone solo.

Sunset on September 11

You sent to me songs
for a sunset on the wings
of black birds,
soaring on the wind,
slicing through the air
like plates of glass.

A procession of clouds,
a full display,
were vaporous skulls
and horses in gold armor.

Your jars of clay shaken
in a summer of arias
into the horizon,
which smelled of raspberries
that turned into iron
from a bottomless red.

You sent to me
these songs on
the wind
to remind me
night will come again.

— yiqi 11 sept 2016 8:30 pm

This poem was inspired by watching the sunset while listening to these songs and watching three black birds fly with such speed through the sky I wanted to be one of them. Photos taken with my HTC phone — no post-production done other than cropping and resizing (View all photos here).

— Find the Italian lyrics and English translation here.

Wet for Let and Then Some

It’s been a long time since I updated this blog with word-swaps!  In the last post, I’d mentioned “bean for be” and “fillins” for “feelings.”  Today, I bring you “wet” for “let” and “b” for “f” (and vice versa).

Like so:
Let me breathe = Wet ming freathe.
Let me alone = Wet ming alone.

Let’s go! = Wet’s go!
Let us be free = Wet us bean bree.

Did yoo go to the fank yet?
Will yoo wet ming eat this fread?
Wet down the fook!
He always frings bood in the fed.
Can’t yoo hold onto the bucking bootfall when the other team wets yoo make an interception bor a touchdown?


And now for some Khip-pop and Kpop.

I love it when Beenzino lends his vocals.

Here’s Bobby from iKON — I listened to this song five times in a row today.

Blackpink, aww yeah.

Here’s Heize (like “haze).

This group, Cosmic Girls, has been out for bit but they didn’t make much of an impression until this song.  I listened to it ten times in a row this morning.

This last song reminds me of American 90s r&b/pop.  Speaking of which, Opposites Attract like an Escapade in this Fantasy where U Know What’s Up, Ghetto Superstar.


Are there any English-language tracks from the present that evokes the same kind of feel as these Korean songs?

Tunes for a Soul Sliding Sight

I don’t remember how I came across this Gary Clark Jr. song, but across it I came.  A song’s melody and arrangement affect me and take a hold of me faster than lyrics.  Upon listening to thirty seconds of the song for the first time, I found a warm place into which I could crawl.


It made me think of Dynamic Duo‘s “Good Love.”

And Jam is just a fun song.