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NFL 2009: The Saints did what?!

The New Orleans Saints played the New England Patriots last night on Monday Night Football and beat those blue-white-and-reds 38 to 17.

Watch highlights here.  Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Why did I bother looking up the score?  I over-heard two men talking about Tom Brady in a somewhat pitying light this morning.

Brady and Drew Brees were featured in extreme close-up at the start of the highlights video.  New England’s QB looked so professional, so stern; while New Orleans’s QB looked like a wee lad with big brown eyes–all iris, no white.


NFL 2009: Colts lock and stock the Patriots

The Indianapolis Colts remixed with the New England Patriots tonight on NBC.  The first quarter started with the Patriots on offense…and not much to say about it.  When the Colts took to the ball, quarterback Peyton Manning made a few awesome connections with tight end Dallas Clark and wide receivers Pierre Garcon and Reggie Wayne.  Patriots head coach Bill Belichick challenged the catch but lost the challenge.  Eight plays +  ninety yards + running back Joseph Addai = touchdown.  Indianapolis 7 and New England 0.  The Patriots answered that taunt with a spectacular Tom Brady fifty-five yard pass to wide receiver Randy Moss, and two steps later, running back Laurence Mulroney squeezed threw amassing players to get into the end zone.

The second quarter began with Colts defensive end Robert Mathis sacking Tom Brady.  The Patriots took a thirty-one yard Stephen Gostkowski field goal at the end of their possession.  One possession later, Randy Moss made his second TD of the day.  Halfway through the second quarter, Tom Brady threw directly into the hands of wide receiver Julian Edelman for a TD.  New England 24 and Indianapolis 7.  Consistent with how they played two seasons ago, once the Patriots find or make their first offensive impact, there is no going back.  It’s zippadeedodah scoring parade for them.  The Colts bounced back with a Reggie Wayne TD.  New England 24 and Indianapolis 14.

SUPER SEXY GIRL! Colts defensive back Antoine Bathea intercepted Tom Brady’s pass meant for Randy Moss in the Colts end zone at the top of the third quarter.  Oh. Lourdes.  Peyton Manning was intercepted by cornerback Leigh Bodden a few passes later.  The quarter was scoreless but ended in Patriots wide receiver Wesley Welker returning a punt to first-and-goal.   A kick-ball-change later, Randy Moss made his, what, third TD of the day?  New England 31 and Indianapolis 14 in the top of the fourth quarter.

The Colts offered a retort of a Pierre Garcon TD catch and run into the end zone.  New England 31 and Indianapolis 21.  Would today’s game be the Colts’ first loss of the season?  Probably.  When they got the ball, Peyton Manning threw an interception to Patriots cornerback Jonathan Wilhite.  The Patriots increased their lead with a field goal in the second half of the fourth quarter…briefly.  Joseph Addai made a TD with just under three minutes left to play.  New England 34 and Indianapolis 28.  I must ask again, would today’s game be the Colts’ first loss of the season?  Probably not, as of one minute left in the fourth quarter.  SWEET SWEETBACK’S BAADASSSSS SONG! Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne connected for a TD with under twenty seconds left to on the clock.  Indianapolis 35 and New England 34.  Final score.

I’m not even a Colts fan per se and I’m thrilled.  I do like Peyton Manning.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Tiki Barber was at the Dallas loss to Packers game; he had on a lovely, lilac/violet tie.

2.  Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth both wore gray ties of varying hue and accent.  Andrea Kramer had on a bright purple leather jacket with zippers.

3.  Why was there fire on the field after Joseph Addai made a TD in the first quarter?

4.  Tom Brady still looks really good in a helmet.

5.  Pat Chung, strong safety for the Patriots, is a quarter Chinese.  His father is Jamaican-Chinese.  I googled the phrase “Pat Chung is half Asian” and found this page about Asian NFL players.

6.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire league watched this game and took notes.  “You see that? You see what Peyton Manning did there? Yeah, we need some of that.”

7.  “They’re not used to playing these balls in the air like that…they’re burned on either side,” either Al Michaels or Cris Collinsworth remarked during the middle of the second quarter.

8.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Why are there so many adverts for The Blind Side?  Because, this John Lee Hancock film is going up against a certain Twilight part deux on opening day Friday.  This Friday.  I shall be watching The Blind Side–not to be confused with Blindside from 1986.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

NFL 2009: Patriots French onion the Falcons’ soup

Live from Gillette Stadium, an entourage of Atlanta Falcons led by second year pro Matt Ryan going nose-to-nose with a corral of New England Patriots fronted by a seasoned but recently healed Tom Brady.  Who’s going to take home the turkey bacon?  The hot, char siu bao?

Televised by Fox, with voice-over narration provided by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, the Falcons scored first with a field goal.  When the Patriots had their first offensive turn, the Falcons’ defense kept them to a field goal.  Atlanta 3 and New England 3.  The second quarter started with the Falcons doing what they could defensively (preventing one TD) but unable to stop the one that running back Fred Taylor put in the end zone.  New England 10 and Atlanta 3.  Back to back coach challenges followed.  Falcons head coach Mike Smith threw the red and won (Matt Ryan’s pass was actually incomplete and not fumbled).  Patriots HC Bill Belichick challenged whether or not Falcons wide receiver Michael Jenkins made the catch and had control of the ball a couple plays later.  Belichick lost the challenge.  And then, Falcons running back Michael Turner leaned his way to break the plane for a TD.  Atlanta 10 and New England 10.  The Patriots’ defense met Michael Turner would just enough momentum that he lost the ball.  Luckily for the Falcons, their defense was again able to keep the Patriots to a field goal.  Going into halftime, New England 13 and Atlanta 10.

The third quarter started with another Patriots field goal.  New England 16 and Atlanta 10.  How would the Falcons respond?  A TD catch by wide receiver Michael Jenkins which was nullified due to an offensive interference call.  The third quarter ended with Mike Smith challenging whether or not Patriots running back Sammy Morris was down by contact.  The televised replays suggest that Morris’s right knee hit the ground before the ball came out of his hands.  Smith lost the challenge.

The fourth quarter began with another Patriots field goal.  New England 19 and Atlanta 10.  Their kicker Stephen Gostowski has seen more action than both teams’ offense combined?  Yes, I exaggerate, nonetheless, if it were so far from the truth then the Falcons would only be three to five points down.  So Falcons, what’ll it be?  Would Matt Ryan and his offense be able to perform and get a TD?  Tight end Tony Gonzalez didn’t make his first catch of the game until the top of the fourth quarter!  At 7:47, Patriots tight end Chris Baker made a TD catch.  Grrargh. Hand bags. Okay now,  I have to wonder if Bill Belichick’s hoodie with the cut-off sleeves has cousins.  Does he have a hoodie for each Sunday or does he have just a few and gets them laundered as needed.  New England 26 and Atlanta 10.  Final score.  The first time Matt Ryan and Tom Brady meet and shake hands, Ryan had to concede defeat.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Another choppy signal, more pixelated imagery.

2.  The gecko is back in Geico ads?  There was a meeting, a man was making fun of the gecko’s accent, and a woman mentioned she thought the gecko was Australian.

3.  Joe Buck noted to Troy Aikman after the Michael Turner TD in the second quarter that Matt Ryan grew up admiring Brett Favre, likes the Phillies, and watches the Fox show Fringe.

4.  The camera cut to Tom Brady sitting on the sidelines before the first half ended.  Joe Buck remarked, “Tom Brady is very hot.”  Seconds later, there was some slow-motion instant replay of Brady’s hotness.  The words, “What the fck was that…FCK” or some derivation of it could be read from his lips.  There was also a slow motion rendering of Brady walking off the field, saying more words.  It wasn’t until Joe Buck said, “how hard was that” that I was able to make out what was coming out of Brady’s mouth.

6.  Was Falcons cornerback Chris Houston chewing gum?!  The camera cut to him in the bottom of the second quarter and started zooming in very slowly so that I couldn’t even tell if he was standing on the sidelines or on the field.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Love at First Mortality, Say Hi to Ellis Hobbs

I’m done with Atlanta Film Festival reviews!

I’ve come across this uber cool site called In-Mind.org, which is dedicated to social psychology.

A few fascinating pieces (in random order):

Penetrating the Circle of Death

Love at First Sight


Positive Illusions

Social Psychology and Futbol


Cornerback Ellis Hobbs of the New England Patriots will be a Philly Eagle come fall?  Oh, yes.

NFL 08: Falcons are all the rage in the Chargers parade

The Atlanta Falcons fast-boat to California to grill some steaks with the San Diego Chargers. Televised by Fox, the first quarter trotted to about five minutes on the game clock before anybody scored. The Falcons did–Jason Elam and a field goal. Chargers running back LaDanian Tomlinson got his team on the board with a touchdown at the bottom of the first quarter. The Falcons responded with another field goal. San Diego 7 and Atlanta 6.

The second quarter twinkled about the nine minute mark with former Charger tight end Justin Peelle making a TD catch. Atlanta 13 and San Diego 7. Halfway through the second quarter, I noticed two more points for Atlanta on the TV scorebar graphic. Que? Apparently, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers incurred a penalty which translated into a safety for the Falcons, so 15 to 7.

The third quarter commenced with Chargers safety Eric Weddle recovering a fumbled catch by Falcons wide receiver Brian Finneran for an eighty-six yard touchdown. Falcons head coach Mike Smith challenged the interception call. Smith did not win the challenge. Atlanta 15 and San Diego 13. The fourth quarter shot out a TD catch by Falcons wide receiver Harry Douglas, his first TD reception of the year (the others were run in). Atlanta 22 and San Diego 13.

The Chargers’ next possession included a few strong plays but their field goal attempt was blocked by Falcons defensive end Jamaal Anderson. Falcons linebacker Curtis Lofton recovered the ball. Not long afterwards, San Diego got their hands on the ball after their defense brought Falcons running back Michael Turner to the ground. Mike Smith challenged the call and lost it. The Chargers picked up a field goal at the end of that cul-de-sac run. Atlanta 22 and San Diego 16. At about the two minute mark in the fourth quarter, Philip Rivers hurtled the ball towards wide receiver Malcom Floyd. Falcons safety Erik Coleman went in for the tackle/ball. He and Floyd collided quite audibly in mid-air. It sounded like two plastic trains being smashed into each other. Or bamboo sticks being whacked against each other (a la kendo or tinikling).

Paraphrasing the commentators, Atlanta pivoted the ball to San Diego three times but still managed to stay in the lead…and then ultimately win the game 22 to 16. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Matt Vasgersian and JC Pearson were commentators.

2. Michael Turner was focused on the game–so much so that before he kept to himself before the festivities started. He didn’t acknowledge his former teammates (of four years) on the field.

3. The second quarter ended with four attempts by the Falcons to cross the goal line. The Chargers were able to stop them each time. In watching those exchanges, I started thinking about red zone offense and defense. Why would the offense make four running tries instead of two runs and two passes? Or, if three running attempts were fruitless, why not try passing on the fourth? Well, because you wouldn’t want the other team’s defense to take advantage of any imperfections with a pass. And then there’s how the defense would respond to what they think the offense would do. It really isn’t too different from the game of rock, paper, scissors in that respect. If your opponent went with paper three times in a row, would you think they would go with paper on the fourth? If you had gone with paper three times in a row as well, would you switch to scissors or rock on the fourth? If you believed your opponent would bust out the paper once more, what would you do?

4. I have, and I bet you have too, seen this Peyton Manning Mastercard commercial at least seven times as of today. While some of you are probably sick to toadstools of it, the more I see it, the more I like it. I especially adore the way Peyton says, “the weather is sweet. Nice.”

5. Matt Vasgersian remarked that Jamaal Anderson is a Ludacris lookalike. Hmmm. Do you concur?

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.


The Pittsburgh Steelers clobbered the New England Patriots 33 to 10. Click here for details.