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Ma Voix Est Retournee

My voice has returned and dust allergies are under control.

I watched the last few minutes of the NFC divisional game where the Arizona Cardinals beat the Green Bay Packers in overtime 26 to 20.  For a brief moment, all the controversy surrounding the cranial trauma players can endure over the course of their career melted away and revealed what had drawn and sustained (for a time) my interest in the aesthetic of football.  Bodies through space, one specific body through space, dodging and persevering.


Were you ever an Eagles fan?  I was.

NFC Divisional 2010: Packers rip the Falcons a new one

The Green Bay Packers trotted over to the Georgia Dome this evening to play the Atlanta Falcons for a chance at going to the Super Bowl.  Broadcast on Fox, the Falcons got the ball at the top of the first quarter but no points resulted from it.  On Green Bay’s first possession, wide receiver Greg Jennings lost the ball (when Falcons linebacker Stephen Nicholas bumped him) and Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes recovered the ball.  Several plays later, Falcons running back Michael Turner spun and dragged himself into the end zone.  Atlanta 7 and Green Bay 0.

Three minutes into the second quarter and Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers and wide receiver Jordy Nelson connected for a TD.  The Falcons answered those points immediately as HOLY HONEY-GLAZED COOKIE DOUGH NIBBLES!!! wide receiver Eric Weems returned a kickoff 102 yards for a TD.  Atlanta 14 and Green Bay 7.  The Packers eventually met that number increase with a TD of their own, courtesy of running back John Kuhn and a couple of penalties on Falcons cornerback Christopher Owens.  Atlanta 14 and Green Bay 14.  GASP!  Falcons wide receiver Michael Jenkins slipped in the right side of the end zone and Packers cornerback Tramon Williams got his paws on that ball.  With under a minute left in the quarter, the Packers increased their lead with a James Jones TD.  Green Bay 21 and Atlanta 14. YARRGGH!! Not so cool under fire is Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan who was intercepted before halftime.  Tramon Williams hustled seventy yards into the end zone.  Hand bags.  Green Bay 28 and Atlanta 14.

The middle of the third quarter indicated that Green Bay was on a bun.  Aaron Rodgers himself ran the ball into the end zone.  Green Bay 35 and Atlanta 14.  Did John Kuhn really get his team another TD?  Green Bay 42 and Atlanta 14.  NANDESUKA?!!!! Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez limped off the field in the bottom of the quarter.  Sure, Matt Ryan and wide receiver Roddy White connected at the top of the fourth, but would the Falcons be able to make four more TDs by the end of the quarter?  Green Bay 42 and Atlanta 21.  Packers kicker Mason Crosby missed a fifty-yard field goal, giving the Falcons a modicum of hope to rise above the cheese.

Another turnover.  At this point, only divine intervention could help the Falcons prevail.  Oh Lourdes, did Green Bay get a FG with fewer than eight minutes left in the game? Yes, they did.  Oh now the head aches.  Yet another turnover.  And another FG?!  Green Bay 48 and Atlanta 21.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were narrators for the game.

2.  The National Anthem was sung by the Zac Brown Band.  We have two Michael Turner fans and two Matt Ryans.  A little pitchy?

3.  I love the questions section of Men’s Health and Fitness magazine.

4.  By the top of the third quarter, my stomach had fallen to my feet, my left eyeball had started to protest, and a wave of defeat invaded me the way it does any time the odds for a Falcons victory grow more and more discouraging.  This moroseness added fuel to the muse that compelled me to write this poemJe pense que le sentiment de tristesse inspiree par la realite est assez accablante, et c’est tellement personnelle that I preferred not to post it directly here.  Besides, I haven’t been paying my LJ enough attention.  I have to remember the wisdom of Baruch Spinoza, that “Suffering ceases to be suffering as soon as we form a clear and precise picture of it.”

5.  I’ve had the game on but I effectively stopped “watching” it in the middle of the third quarter.

6.  I’m now afraid of the poems I’ve written, especially the ones that aren’t blatantly joyful.  This one that I wrote nearly a year ago to the date is so frighteningly applicable to my life right now…I’m reluctant to look at my own reflection.  The muse may consume me, piece by piece, atom by atom until I wouldn’t want to know what’s real and what isn’t.

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NFL 2010: Falcons clobber Panthers for NFC South Crown

The Carolina Panthers rang in the year 2011 by playing their last regular season game against the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome.  Televised by Fox and narrated by Dick Stockton and Charles Davis, the first quarter began with the Falcons on offense.  Five minutes later, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw a touchdown pass to tight end Tony Gonzalez.  Atlanta 7 and Carolina 0.  Nearing the latter half of the quarter, Falcons running back Michael Turner lost control of the ball mere yards from the Panthers end zone.  Although the Panthers recovered the loose ball, the Falcons soon increased their lead with an Eric Weems kick-returned TD.  Atlanta 14 and Carolina 0.

Four minutes into the second quarter and Panthers running back Mike Goodson lost control of the ball; Falcons linebacker Mike Peterson recovered it.  Unfortunately, Atlanta couldn’t capitalize on that turnover.  By the end of the quarter, though, the Falcons made up for previous wobbles with a Roddy White TD.  Atlanta 21 and Carolina 0.

The Panthers finally put some numbers on the board via a fifty-three yard John Kasay field goal in the third quarter.  Matt Bryant put a forty-seven yard FG through not too long afterward.  Atlanta 24 and Carolina 3.  SWEET SOLEDAD SOUR PATCH KIDS!!!  Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson intercepted Panthers Jimmy Clausen’s pass in the middle of the third quarter!   Falcons running back Michael Turner sliced into the end zone with two minutes left in the quarter.  Atlanta 31 and Carolina 3.

Chris Redman took over quarterbacking duties for Matt Ryan in the fourth quarter.  With half a minute left in the game, Jimmy Clausen and tight end Jeff King connected for a TD.  Atlanta 31 and Carolina 10.  Final score.  FALCONS WIN DIVISION!!!!

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The red-jersey-white-pants of the Falcons and the white-blue-accented-jerseys-and-pants of the Panthers created a nice visual juxtaposition.

2.  Pour la premiere fois, je souhaite que Charles Davis serait cesser de parler.

3.  The telecast cut to a commercial break at the top of the fourth quarter, but not before showing footage of a Dirty Bird dressed in Madea-inspired garb getting its groove on in the end zone.

4.  Falcons owner Arthur Blank walked up and down the sidelines talking to each of the players.  With under a minute left in the game, he got Gatoraded.

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Tampa Bay beat New Orleans 23 to 13!  Atlanta will get home field advantage in the playoffs!

NFL Playoffs 2010: the Saints grind down the Cardinals

Who want’s to go to the NFC Championship?  The Arizona Cardinals and the New Orleans Saints do.  Broadcast on Fox, their face-to-face session started with a seventy-yard touchdown run by Cardinals running back Tim Hightower.  The Saints quickly tied the game with a TD by running back Lynell Hamilton.  Arizona 7 and New Orleans 7.  Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner threw to wide receiver Jerheme Urban, who lost the ball when Saints cornerback Randall Gay knocked it loose and safety Darren Sharper recovered it.  A few plays later, Saints quarterback Drew Brees connected with tight end Jeremy Schockey for a TD in the middle of the first quarter.   Saints running back Reggie Bush made escaped a handful of Cardinals defense players and took the ball into the end zone.  New Orleans 21 and Arizona 7.

Cardinals running back Beanie Wells sauntered into the end zone in the top of second quarter.  New Orleans 21 and Arizona 14.  The Saints went right on huffing and puffing with another TD, thanks to wide receiver Devery Henderson.  With just a few minutes before halftime, Kurt Warner threw an interception into the able-bodied Saints defensive end Will Smith.  Saints wide receiver Marques Colston caught a TD pass with a minute left in the first half.  New Orleans 35 and Arizona 14.  Matt Leinart went in as QB for Kurt Warner in the bottom of the quarter.

Kurt Warner returned in the third quarter.  The Saints sent up their first field goal not long after the second half began.  New Orleans 38 and Arizona 14.  When the Cardinals punted the ball away (for the second time in the third?), Reggie Bush ran the ball eighty-three yards back for a TD.  The longest punt-return in post-season NFL history.  Leinart reprised his QB role in the fourth quarter without any fruit for reaping.   New Orleans 45 and Arizona 14. Final score.  The Saints just marched their obsidian and gold little selves one step closer to the big game.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston were the commentators.  They both wore purple ties.  Albert’s was a light, sold hue.  Johnston’s was patterned with red.

2.  Jeremy Shockey’s first quarter TD was followed by his rolling backward and doing a semi-handstand.

3.  Reggie Bush punctuated his first quarter TD with a little side-step-finger-snapping dance.  The camera then cut to Saints fans mimicking it. Seconds later, the camera cut to a medium shot of Kim Kadarshian.  Is she dating the Bush?

4.  “Like a pack of wolves, these guys are huttin’ now,” Tony Siragusa remarked of the New Orleans defense in the bottom of the first quarter.

5.  Kurt Warner was pinned to the ground after he was intercepted by Will Smith.  The camera cut to an extreme close-up of his supine body.  At one point, I could read him mouthing, “I’m okay now.”

6.  Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue was in attendance.

7.  Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald made a beautiful jump-and-catch in the top of the third quarter.  The slow-motion replay gave it a majestic quality.

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For the love of gargamel.  Tim Tebow was meant to exist as a human being and no other creature; meant to be male and have a talent for the football.  Sa mere could’ve put herself in front of a hungry lion and he’d still have been born.  The issue isn’t whether or not abortion is evil or wrong or it shouldn’t be a choice.  Just like the postman, neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night can keep a life from its first breath.

I won’t legislate your faith if you won’t impose your faith on my choices.