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NFL 2010: Falcons swat the Ravens

Oh yeah.  Thursday night football on the NFL Network, featuring the Baltimore Ravens at the Atlanta Falcons, was also broadcast on myATLtv for us Atlantans!   Blessed union of soles.

Although the Ravens’ first half wasn’t nearly as impressive offensively as the Falcons, the third and fourth quarters were quite fantastic for Baltimore.  Quarterback Joe Flacco got his turf legs and connected with three players (wide receivers Anquan Boldin and Derek Mason, and tight end Todd Heap) for touchdowns.  By the time the Ravens scored their first TD in the bottom of the third quarter, the Falcons were in the lead with 13 (courtesy of a Jason Snelling TD and two Matt Bryant field goals).  Despite a few dropped balls and a couple of turnovers that didn’t produce TDs for the southern predatory birds, the Falcons pulled through with a Roddy White touchdown in the bottom of the fourth quarter.  Atlanta 26 and Baltimore 21.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Joe Theismann, Bob Papa, and Matt Millen were the commentators.

2.  Rich Eisen was Guest Programmer on TCM earlier this year.

3.  The Falcons wore black jerseys and red helmets; the Ravens wore white jerseys.

4.  Jeffrey Simmons of the Georgia National Guard sang the National Anthem before the game commenced.  He gave a somewhat twangy and melodic rendition.

5.  Was it my imagination or did the commentators keep having to correct themselves on the names of the players that just made or didn’t make a play?  Narrators for Fox and CBS only have to “take that back” if they got the player wrong because the jersey number was obscured.

6.  When Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan over or under-throws a ball and he knows it’s his fault, he taps his sternum while facing the sidelines.

7.  Was Randy Waters from 11alive standing on the sidelines next to former Falcon Jamal Anderson?

8.  Did one of the commentators just say the Georgia Aquarium was built in 1995?!

8.  The game-winning drive for the Falcons lasted 80 yards, 40 seconds, and 7 plays.  Atlanta went for a 2 point conversion but was not successful.  Still, they won.  After Matt Ryan knew for certain that Roddy White had caught the ball, he hugged his center, Todd McClure.

Click here for the Falcons’ roster and here for the Ravens.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Emmys for the NFL; Manning, Manning!

The first one calls for celebratory antics.

~!~ The NFL Network and NFL Films receive Emmy Awards.

~!~ Stir, stir, add a dash of sweetener–what do I hear concerning Peyton Manning?

~!~ Do you use Bounty or Brawny? The former is scowling at the latter.

~!~ The Coral Triangle is steadily shrinking.

~!~ Australian Rugby quite contrite.

NFL Newsies around the may pole

Lawyer Milloy has sights on other stomping grounds.

NY will take Plaxico Burress back into its bosom, but will he accept?  Can he accept?

Giants’ Super Bowl goods previously MIA have been found.

NFL Network and Comcast in a tussle.  Put on your jazz shoes, there’s gonna be a rumble.

The best Nike commercial that never was, but should be…with or without minor modifications.

‘Tis the Season: Patriots bypass the Giants; 16-0

So that nearly the entire country would have the opportunity to watch the New England Patriots make history by having a 16-0 season, the NFL Network-televised game against the New York Giants was also broadcast on NBC and CBS.  I elected to watch the game on my local CBS station.


Giants running back Brandon Jacobs made the first touchdown of the evening, five minutes into the first quarter.  The Patriots ended their first possession with a field goal.  In the top of the second quarter, Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss made a TD, did a little dance, slammed the ball down onto the turf, and got a penalty for excessive celebration.   The Giants answered that TD with a 74-yard kickoff-return TD by wide receiver Domenik Hixon.  New York 14. New England 10.  Seconds before halftime, Giants tight end Kevin Boss made a TD.   Giants 21. Patriots 16.  New England has been behind six times this season and they’ve always managed to win.  I wonder if it’ll happen tonight.  Probably?

Nearly halfway into the third quarter, Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress caught a pass for a TD.  The Patriots weren’t going to accept that kind of skill; their running back Laurence Maroney put six more points onto the board close to the bottom of the third quarter.  With the one-point conversion, the Patriots were up to 23 points, still five points under the Giants’ 28.    At the top of the fourth quarter, Randy Moss caught a 65-yard pass for a TD.  Patriots quarterback Tom Brady raised his right arm and made a peace sign with his fingers: New England would go for a two-point conversion.  And it worked.  Patriots 31. Giants 28.  Towards the bottom of the fourth quarter, Laurence Maroney made another TD.  With one minute left on the clock, Plaxico Burress made a TD.   So close and still yet so far.  Final score: Patriots 38.  Giants 35.  New England made their history.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Idina Menzel sang the National Anthem.  The audio was a little odd–sounded like someone just stuck a microphone to a speaker (echo and all).

2. I’m still not keen on the NFL Network score bar (middle top of the screen), but the field graphics (down and yardage) is exceptionally crisp.  It reminds me of a hot dog and a Slim Jim.  I’ve expressed the same thing before.

3. Commentator Cris Collinsworth uttered during second quarter (regarding a particular play where the Patriots were on defense) the following words:  “the penetration on the front side is forcing those on the back side to go in a little deeper.”  Easily misinterpreted.

4. In the very bottom of the second quarter, Patriots linebacker Junior Seau and Giants Brandon Jacobs got into a little scuffle.   Shortly thereafter, Patriots defensive lineman Vince Willfork stuck his right index finger into Jacobs’s face mask.  The referee charged Seau with a penalty.

5. After returning to the game from commercial break at the top of the fourth quarter, the camera went to a medium shot of Patriots guard Logan Mankins, offensive lineman Matt Light, and center Dan Koppen  sitting on the bench.  They all reminded me of filmic representations of vikings–as in the Nordics not Minnesota’s team.

6. Patriots cornerback Ellis Hobbs intercepted one of Eli Manning’s passes meant for Plaxico Burress nearing the middle of the fourth quarter.   After this moment, the Giants lost their umph.   Laurence Maroney made a TD at the end of that possession run.

7. In addition to the magic that happens between Tom Brady and his offensive teammates that enables them to score, they also have this effect on their opponents.  If the other team is playing pretty well (even leading in points), as soon as their spirits are dampened by an interception, an avoidable fumble or incomplete pass, or significant and ostensibly debatable penalties, the roll they were on suddenly slows to a crawl.

Get game summary, stats, and play by play here.

NFL News: Holy Rusted Metal, Batman! i mean Patriots!

Freshly picked from Yahoo Sports (and in its entirety):

Patriots’ historic game to be available to all of America, after all

By RACHEL COHEN, AP Sports Writer
December 26, 2007

NEW YORK (AP) — After weeks of insisting they wouldn’t cave in, NFL officials did just that Wednesday. Now all of America can see the Patriots’ shot at history.

Saturday night’s game between New England and the New York Giants on the NFL Network, which is available in fewer than 40 percent of the nation’s homes with TVs, will be simulcast on CBS and NBC.

The Patriots could become the first NFL team to go 16-0 in the regular season.

“We have taken this extraordinary step because it is in the best interest of our fans,” commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement after the league announced it was reversing course. “What we have seen for the past year is a very strong consumer demand for NFL Network. We appreciate CBS and NBC delivering the NFL Network telecast on Saturday night to the broad audience that deserves to see this potentially historic game. Our commitment to the NFL Network is stronger than ever.”

NFL Network spokesman Seth Palansky said officials would have no further comment Wednesday.

The NFL had claimed that the onus of making the game widely available fell on the major cable providers with which the league has bitterly feuded. Companies such as Comcast and Time Warner have declined to carry the network as part of basic packages.

But lawmakers have pressured the NFL to ensure more viewers could see the game. Last week, two prominent members of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Goodell threatening to reconsider the league’s antitrust exemption.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., who co-wrote the letter with Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said he was “delighted” by the NFL’s concession.

“I think it was a smart move on their part,” he said in a phone interview.

Leahy expected to speak with Goodell again next month about the ongoing question of how many fans will be able to see games on the channel. Saturday’s matchup wraps up the NFL Network’s second season of airing live contests, with eight per year. This one and a key Thursday night game between Green Bay and Dallas last month drew widespread complaints about the lack of availability.

“I never completely gave up hope, but I was getting a little discouraged Christmas afternoon when we still had not gotten a positive answer,” said Leahy, who added that his staff members were talking with NFL officials during the holiday.

Local TV affiliates in the Boston, Manchester, N.H., and New York areas that were already set to simulcast the game under NFL policy will still air it. That means viewers in those markets will have four channels to choose from if they get NFL Network.

That did not make officials at WWOR in New York happy.

“The NFL is in clear violation of their agreement with WWOR/My9,” the station said in a statement. “We fully expect the league to honor their commitment to My9 as the exclusive free over-the-air broadcaster for Saturday’s telecast of the New England Patriots at New York Giants game.”

In a statement, NFL Network spokesperson Seth Palansky said: “We are in the process of reviewing the situation as it relates to Channel 9.”

According to Palansky, there have been no complaints from the Boston market.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who had urged cable and NFL executives to settle the dispute, had a much more positive reaction to the league’s announcement.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled that as the Patriots rush toward an historic undefeated season, football fans everywhere have won a victory of their own,” Kerry said. “With today’s announcement, the NFL showed their loyalty to the sports fans who made the NFL an empire in the first place.

“The best news of all is that now no die-hard Pats fans will be shut out from watching their team take aim at football history,” Kerry said in a statement.

This will be the first three-network simulcast in NFL history and the first simulcast of an NFL game since the inaugural Super Bowl in 1967, when CBS and NBC televised the meeting of the champions of the newly merged National Football League and American Football League.

“We’re happy to accommodate the NFL’s request for a joint national simulcast of this potentially historic game to make it available to the widest possible audience,” said Dick Ebersol, NBC Universal’s chairman for sports and Olympics.

NBC was scheduled to air “Dateline NBC” and a repeat of “Law & Order: SVU” during the time slot. CBS was set to broadcast the movie “Good Night, and Good Luck” and “48 Hours: Mysteries.”



How cool is this?!   Same game, different networks–near side-by-side, simultaneous comparison of the televised aesthetic!   I know where I’ll be Saturday night.   I’d do a triple-salchow-triple-toe-triple-loop if i could.