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Andy Reid must be the Happiest Man in America after Super Bowl LIV

According to the game announcers of Super Bowl LIV, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has been coaching in the NFL for twenty-one years and up until tonight, he’s won the most games without seeing a Super Bowl victory.  The Chiefs played the San Francisco 49ers tonight at the fifty-fourth Super Bowl and won.  Final score: Kansas City 31 to San Francisco 20.  I remember watching several Philadelphia Eagles games on TV when Andy Reid was still their head coach in the mid to late 2000s.

Get play-by-play and stats here.


I muted the first half of the game while watching movies on Amazon prime and some videos on YouTube.  I watched the halftime show hoping that Gloria Estefan would make an appearance in the last couple of minutes.*  She did not, but I learned that Jennifer Lopez is proportionately bigger than Shakira.  I don’t mean she had higher heels; her face is ostensibly twice the size of Shakira’s.  Do you see itDo you see it now?

Do you see it now?


I muted the third quarter but watched most of the fourth quarter with sound.  Watching the last touchdown that the Chiefs got (courtesy of running back Damien Williams) was most delightful.  I didn’t think the previous touchdown counted as one (sure, the right foot was inbounds and the ruling was that the ball broke the plane but from the live and instant replay televised vantage points, the entire ball didn’t enter the corner of the end zone.  Does breaking the plane equaling a touchdown only require one part of the ball making it instead of the entire ball?  I did a quick search of the NFL 2019 rule book and it seems that way).

*  It would have been so cool to see the three of them do a version of “The Rhythm is Gonna Get You” and “Conga.”

By the way, Gloria Estefan performed at Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999.



Sunday Night Football 2019 and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Lights, camera, play ball!


The opening sequence of Sunday Night Football for the 2019 season will be set against a certain Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United home stadium.

Seven-time Grammy Award-winner and multi-platinum recording artist Carrie Underwood will perform on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium field and will be accompanied by NFL stars in her presentation of the opening theme for NBC’s Sunday Night Football, primetime television’s No. 1 program for an unprecedented eight consecutive years.

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