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Wrestling Bride Wars

Edit: I was telling a friend of mine what I thought about Notorious and The Wrestler and typed out the following:

notorious was a guilty pleasure.  the wrestler…i went in with a “sports film” frame of mind.  but it ended up not being a sports film in the formulaic sense,
not quite an anti-sports film either.  it almost makes me wish i could write about it for a gender studies class.  as far as his character goes, it could almost be anything else that required a wear & tear of his body, coupled with an exhibition of it…with an audience…so obviously he could’ve been a boxer
but also someone in the army or a circus performer.

Below is the original blog entry.


Firstly, Martin Luther King Jr. Day tout le monde!

Secondly, I saw The Wrestler today (Darren Aronofsky, 200eight).   I enjoyed it.  Thematically, with respect to the prominence and function of wrestling, it reminded me of a boxing film called Fat City (John Huston, 1972).  I was going to do a standard film analysis but was then inspired to write the following:

fixture fix the picture

i saw the man with
ramen hair
his epidermis,
a mixed allocation
of an era gone by
trudging through a present

we are greeted
by a scrapbook of
lights and stages,
bits of paper
clippings and colors
youth, heights of domination
quickly fold in


loved ones scant
dove out of the picture
his own reflection abandons
a longer stretch of road
for one studded with
a buckle
under pressure

the man with
ramen hair quivers
for just a moment
to greater call of duty

–yiqi 19 jan 09 8:29 PM


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I reviewed Bride Wars (Gary Winick, 2009) for FilmThreat.  I liked it much more than I thought I would.  Kristen Johnston stole the boat, though.  I’m sure no matter how I put it, it’s going to come out wrong, but there’s something about her expressions and mannerisms that just make me laugh instantaneously.  No matter the role or the film.  I can’t imagine how I’d react if she were in a serious drama.  People-dying-and-suffering-badly serious film.


Product Placement & Branding:  Including but not limited to Tiffany & Co., iMac laptop, Vera Wang, Diet Pepsi, Sprint.

Read the review here.

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