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Decorate, Tambourine, What’s Your Favorite Shape

The Philadelphia Eagles have done a good thing, even if some will say it should have been the Atlanta Falcons serving up the New England Patriots a bit of humble pie.  The point remains.  The Patriots lost Super Bowl LII by 8 points.  Eagles 41 and Patriots 33. Final score.

Get game summary, stats, and play by play here.

You don’t have to like football to enjoy the following:

There is Only the Moment as the Falcons skittle the Eagles

Sometimes I think the philosophy and practice of focusing on the now because the past and future do not exist was tailor made for athletes.  Just because you win today’s game or match doesn’t guarantee you’ll win the next.  Having won five consecutive games means nothing vis-a-vis games that haven’t come to pass yet.  You can be at the top of your performance potential, you can expertly turn that promise into actuality (today), but there is still no certainty for next week.

Thus, it is paramount to celebrate the victory you just won because it may not come again.

Oh yeah, the Atlanta Falcons won their first game of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles last night.  26 to 24.  Final score.  Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.  You can watch highlights here.

NFL 2012: Falcons ground the Eagles

The Atlanta Falcons traveled north to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles.  Televised on Fox, and narrated by John Lynch and Dick Stockton, the Falcons went on offense first.  Sixteen plays later, quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Drew Davis connected for a touchdown.  The end of the quarter saw another Falcons TD, courtesy of running back Jason Snelling.  Atlanta 14 and Philadelphia 0.

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy got his team on the score board with a TD in the top of the second quarter.  Atlanta 14 and Philadelphia 7.  The Falcons responded with a Julio Jones TD.  Atlanta 21 and Eagles 7.  The quarter ended with a forty-three yard field goal by Matt Bryant.  Atlanta 24 and Eagles 7.

The Eagles closed the score gap a sneeze with a field goal in the top of the third quarter.  Atlanta 24 and Philadelphia 10.  The Falcons dished out a FG about halfway through the quarter and another one at the start of the fourth quarter.  Atlanta 30 and Philadelphia 10.  The Eagles took their sweet time getting into the end zone again with LeSean McCoy at the charge.  Atlanta 30 and Philadelphia 17.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Most players from both teams wore hot pink shoes. The Eagles wore black jerseys and white pants.  The Falcons wore white jerseys and white pants.

2.  Rain was visible on screen in the third quarter after Matt Bryant’s FG.  It fell heavily into the fourth quarter.

3.  Falcons head coach Mike Smith wore a gray cap with a hot pink bill.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

NFL 2011: Falcons gobble up the Eagles

The last time the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles stood eye-to-eye was in October 2010.   The Eagles won 31 to 17.  After a lukewarm performance against the Chicago Bears last week, would the Falcons be able to demonstrate the physical skills we fans know they possess on Sunday Night Football on NBC?


What: Game 3
Who: The Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles
Where: The Georgia Dome
When: Sunday September 18, 2011

First $0.25:
– The game clock twiddle down eleven minutes before any numbers went on the board.  Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Roddy White, who caught the ball in the back of the end zone.

– Score: 7 Atlanta and Philadelphia 0.
Second $0.25:
– The top of quarter saw the Eagles tying the score with a TD by wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.  Michael Vick sent the ball flying his way; he caught it and then took a couple steps into the end zone.  Another drive towards the Falcons’ end zone was downsized to a field goal.
– The Eagles’ next go at a TD failed as Falcons defensive tackle Peria Jerry caused Vick to fumble the ball and Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards recovered it.  He ran the ball back to the Eagles 20 yard line.
– Did the TD pass to Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez count in the final minute of the quarter?  The ruling on the field said it was a TD.  The booth review confirmed it.
– The Eagles had enough time to get down the field for field goal position, but Michael Vick lost control of the ball.  Falcons defensive end John Abraham recovered the ball.  DESPERATELY SEEKING LEEKS AND LENTILS!  The Eagles got the ball back by intercepting Matt Ryan.   Eagles kicker Alex Henery’s 60-some-odd yard FG was no good.

– Score: 14 Atlanta and 10 Philadelphia.

Third $0.25
– Michael Vick threw an interception at the top of the quarter.  Falcons cornerback Kelvin Hayden scooped up the ball.  A couple plays later Tony Gonzalez made another TD.
– The Eagles responded a possession later with a Jeremy Maclin thirty-six yard TD.
– Matt Ryan threw an interception when they got the ball – Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel made the pluck.  Falcons head coach Mike Smith challenged the call.  Smith claimed the point of the ball hit the turf.  The booth review did not over-turn the call.
– Eagles running back LeSean McCoy then swung the game momentum in his team’s direction with a TD.  McCoy would do it again in the bottom of the quarter.
– Michael Vick had to step off the field in the bottom of the third quarter due to a neck injury.  Mike Kafka stepped in as QB for the Eagles.

Score: 31 Philadelphia and 21 Atlanta.

Fourth $0.25:
– Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones made an incredible catch at the top of the quarter.  An Eagle on either side, he leaped into the air and cradled the ball.  A few plays later, Matt Ryan tossed the ball into the end zone and into Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli’s hands.
– Falcons running back Michael Turner made a fantastic 60+ yard run down the field in the middle of the quarter.   Running back Jacquizz Rodgers displayed his rushing chops by getting the ball within the red zone.  One play later, Michael Turner ran the ball into the end zone.

Final Score: 35 Atlanta and 31 Philadelphia.

Miscellaneous Observations:
1.  Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth were the commentators.

2.  The National Anthem was performed by Samuel L. Jackson?!  Not quite.  But he was on the field with his “Rise Up” backup singers.  He probably did something during commercial break.

3.  Conversation I had with a friend earlier today:
Friend: big news. syracuse and pittsburgh are joining the ACC.
Me: What?! What were they before?

Friend: i know. big east.
Me: Did/does the Big East encompass most of the New England schools?  What’s Boston College & Boston University?

Friend: it did. boston college used to be in the big east too. but in 2005, they came to the ACC.  the Big East hates the ACC because the ACC keeps stealing the Big East’s members and they are left scrambling for replacements after this latest round of expansion, the ACC has five former Big East members (virginia tech, boston college, miami, syracuse, pitt).

Me: me: Wow…VA Tech.  How does the NCAA agree to the expansions?
Friend: they don’t.

Me: And yet it still happens…
Friend: college football is moving towards four 16-team “super conferences” and those conferences appear to be the ACC, SEC, Big Ten, and Pac-16. the major conferences that are hit hard will be the Big 12 and the Big East. the ACC has 14 teams now… i think they will add UConn and Rutgers to round it out.

Me: Pac-16…that does not have a nice ring it.  “Pac 10” sounds better.
Friend: the pac-10 no longer exists; it’s officially the pac-12 today … and looking to become the pac-16.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Read more about Syracuse and Pittsburgh joining the ACC here.

NFL 2010: Eagles fish and chip the Falcons

But first: Say hello to UGA VIII.  The New York Times even has something to say about it.

The Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Atlanta Falcons today in week six of the season.  Broadcast on Fox, the Falcons were out on offense first but had to punt the ball away two minutes into the game.  Kevin Kolb quarterbacked for the Eagles.  He and wide receiver DeSean Jackson connected at the end of their first drive with a touchdown.  Philadelphia 7 and Atlanta 0.  Falcons wide receiver Michael Jenkins, in his first game after recuperating from a shoulder injury in the pre-season, made a forty-two yard catch and kept his hands on the ball while being brought down by Eagles defenders.  According to Daryl Johnston, Eagles are skilled at stripping a complete pass from the hands of the receiver.  Falcons kicker Matt Bryant’s forty-one yard field goal attempt was not successful; it bounced off the left upright.  Kolb and Jackson did it again with fewer than seven minutes left in the first quarter.  Philadelphia 14 and Atlanta 0.

The first play of the second quarter (Eagles on offense) led to two players down, Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson and DeSean Jackson.  Robinson went crashing head-first into Jackson’s sternum.  They remained near motion-less when they landed on the turf (Robinson was on his left side, Jackson was on his stomach, hips slightly raised).  Both players were able to get up and walk to their respective locker rooms.  Eagles kicker David Akers tried a thirty-seven yard FG but it was no good.  Wind!  The Eagles were determined to secure a first home win and their third TD, courtesy of wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, certainly helped.  Philadelphia 21 and Atlanta 0. Did the Falcons’ offense wake up in the bottom of the quarter?  Wide receiver Roddy White caught his first pass of the game.  Not quite.  Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel intercepted Matt Ryan’s pass meant for Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez.  Falcons safety William Moore intercepted Kevin Kolb with fewer than sixty seconds left in the first half.   Linebacker Curtis Lofton tipped the ball that Moore then caught.  Would the Falcons be able to get into the end zone?  Yes, they did–thanks to a pass interference call on cornerback Joselio Hanson which put the ball at the one yard line.  Two plays later, Tony Gonzalez made a TD catch.  Philadelphia 21 and Atlanta 7.

Daryl Johnston noted that the Eagles couldn’t continue to make the mistakes of the second quarter if they wanted to maintain offensive and defensive might.  Well, I sure hope they do.  The Falcons increased their score with a twenty-six yard FG in the third quarter.  Philadelphia 21 and Atlanta 10.  I doubt Eagles fans had much to worry about–Kevin Kolb to Jeremy Maclin for eighty-three yards and a TD.  Philadelphia 28 and Atlanta 10.  By the middle of the fourth quarter, David Akers had missed two FGs.  Tony Gonzalez made his second TD of the game with just under six minutes left in the quarter.  David Akers’s fourth FG attempt was good.  Matt Ryan’s pass with over two minutes left was batted out of his hands.  One of the Eagles jumped on the ball.  Philadelphia 31 and Atlanta 17.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Commentary came by way of Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston.  Kenny wore a black jacket, a white button-down shirt, and a bright saffron-caramel tie.  Daryl wore a dark gray-blue jacket (could’ve been black), a maroon-striped button-down shirt, and a burgundy paisley tie.  Did nobody in wardrobe tell him that his stripes would create a moire effect?  I think there was a handkerchief sticking out of the jacket pocket too.

2.  The Eagles wore white jerseys, the Falcons red.  Whenever Philadelphia and Atlanta play, I am reminded of salsa ingredients.

3.  I may not be a fan of baseball anymore, but I watched about five innings of the the first NLCS game last night without feeling bored.  I may watch some of game two tonight on Fox (8 pm).  I have to admit, though, there is something about being able to see the eyes of the players, as they size up each other, that produces spectatorial pleasure.

4.  Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard hung out with Tony Siragusa on the sidelines for much of the first quarter.

5.  The turnover in the second quarter resulted in a horse collar penalty on Kevin Kolb, which gave the Falcons fifteen yards down the field.

6.  When was David Akers’s second FG attempt?  I counted only two as of seven minutes in the fourth quarter?

7.  After the officials determined that the Eagles had recovered Ryan’s “fumble,” the telecast cut to footage of Matt Ryan on the sidelines.  He had fury in his eyes, eyebrows scrunched, and mouth spitting out some kind of displeasure.  The commentators noted that Ryan probably thought the referee should’ve blown the whistle and made an incomplete pass call.

Click here for the Falcons’ roster, here for the Eagles’ roster.

Get  game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.