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Super Bowl XLV: Packers drown out the Steelers

Last year the New Orleans Saints took the jewels from the Indianapolis Colts.  Tonight, on Fox, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck narrated the championship event between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.  The fromage boys won the coin toss but elected to begin the second half on offense first.  Thus, the Steelers took to offense in the first quarter.
It took a dozen minutes before anyone scored.  Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw a twenty-nine yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Jordy Nelson.  Green Bay 7 and Pittsburgh 0.  Before the Steelers had a proper chance to get their game on, safety Nick Collins intercepts Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and ran it in for a TD.  Green Bay 14 and Pittsburgh 0.

The Steelers didn’t put any numbers on the board until the top of the second quarter, courtesy of Shaun Suisham’s thirty-five yard field goal.  Green Bay 14 and Pittsburgh 3.  The bottom portion of the second quarter spelled out another interception, made by Packers cornerback Jarrett Bush.  A handful of plays later, the Packers increased their lead with another TD, courtesy of wide receiver Greg Jennings.  Green Bay 21 and Pittsburgh 3.  The Steelers weren’t content to go into halftime without having made it into the end zone.  Roethlisberger and wide receiver Hines Ward connected for a TD.  Green Bay 21 and Pittsburgh 10.

The third quarter brought hope to the Steelers as running back Rashard Mendenhall got himself into the end zone.  Green Bay 21 and Pittsburgh 17.  The top of the fourth quarter turned things around as Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop scooped up the ball after Mendenhall lost it.  Shortly thereafter, Greg Jennings made his second TD of the evening’s festivities.  Green Bay 28 and Pittsburgh 17.  Steelers Mike Wallace closed the score gap with a TD halfway through the fourth quarter.  A two-point conversion was attempted and succeeded.  Wide receiver Antwaan Randle El sliced into the bottom left of the end zone.  Green Bay 28 and Pittsburgh 25.  The Packers got themselves a bit of breathing room with a field goal as the two-minute warning approached.  Green Bay 31 and Pittsburgh 25.  Final score.  The Packers have won Super Bowl XLV.

I was not excited about this year’s game at all; I wasn’t even sure how much of the game I would watch, let alone blog about, until thirty minutes before it started.  Although most of the first quarter bored me to shears, by the time it became certain the Green Bay would win, and then to see the Packers convene on the field amidst press rush, I did experience a pang of bittersweet joy as I could only imagine how the players felt.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Lea Michele sang “America the Beautiful.”  Christina Aguilera sang the National Anthem.  Her hair was platinum blonde, she wore a black suit dress get-up, black tights, and three-inch heels with silver shiny things on the toe portion.  She had a sparkly necklace too.  Her lips were bright red.  She had a ring on each hand.  There was a bracelet or two on her right wrist.

2.  The Packers wore green tops and yellow pants; the Steelers wore white tops and yellow pants.

3.  Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz were sharing snacks in one of the fancy booths.

4.  Will you be watching the premiere of The Chicago Code Monday night at 9pm eastern?  I like Jennifer Beals, so I’m thinking I will.

5.  Troy Aikman and Joe Buck had to have coordinated their outfits for tonight’s game.  Aikman had on a lavender button-down shirt and a purple and white diagonally striped tie.  Though Joe Buck was still wearing a suit jacket, he wore a solid purple tie, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his button-down shirt was a similar hue to Aikman’s.  Matchy-matchy.

6.  The Bridgestone sponsored halftime show consisted of The Black Eyed Peas and a horde of “crowd dancers” in white.  The Peas themselves wore black.  There was some green-glowing-in-the-dark going on too.  Slash made a guitar solo appearance.  Usher found himself unable to stay away from that stage.

7.  After returning from halftime, Troy Aikman put back on his suit.  Joe Buck’s shirt was striped…of purple hue.

8.  George W. Bush, John Madden, and Condoleeza Rice were among the audience members in the Jerry Jones box.

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AFC Divisional 2010: Steelers boil down the Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers faced each other this afternoon to get one step closer to the Super Bowl.  Televised on CBS, the first quarter started with the Ravens on offense.  Neither team did much on the scoreboard until nine minutes into the quarter when the Steelers were in the Ravens’ red zone.  On second-and-goal, Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall broke the plane.  Pittsburgh 7 and Baltimore 0.  With fewer than 90 seconds left in the quarter, Ravens running back Ray Rice made a rushing touchdown.  Pittsburgh 7 and Baltimore 7.  Would you believe that the Ravens would be getting another TD before the next forty seconds ended?  Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had cocked his arm back and was in throwing motion when a Ravens linebacker knocked the ball loose.  It hit the ground, no whistle sounded, and Ravens defensive tackle Cory Redding was the only player to realize the ball was still live.  He picked up that leather baby and scooted into the end zone.  Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin challenged the fumble ruling and lost.  Baltimore 14 and Pittsburgh 7.

The second quarter scrunched and munched to just past the halfway mark when Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco connected with tight end Todd Heap.  Baltimore 21 and Pittsburgh 7.  Steelers kicker Shaun Suisam attempted a forty-three yard field goal attempt with less than thirty seconds left in the second quarter.  It was no good.

The third quarter spelled out flabbergasting fumblery as Ray Rice lost control of the ball and Pittsburgh recovered.  Two plays later, Ben Roethlisberger threw a TD pass to tight end Heath Miller.  Baltimore 21 and Pittsburgh 14.  Whatever the Steelers had to hear in their locker rooms during halftime obviously worked.  Their energy was revved up; Joe Flacco threw an interception in the bottom of the quarter.  I’m not sure which Ravens he was aiming for but Steelers Ryan Clark ended up with the ball.  A few plays later, Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward made a TD catch and dive.  Baltimore 21 and Pittsburgh 21.

Three minutes into the fourth quarter, the Steelers had increased their lead by a FG.  Pittsburgh 21 and Baltimore 21.  The Ravens FG’d too towards the bottom of the quarter,  tying the score 24 to 24.  Mendenhall crept into the TD with 1.5 minutes left on the clock.  Pittsburgh 31 and Baltimore 24.  Final score.  The Steelers are one step closer to the big game.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf provided commentary.

2.  I’m guessing the winter weather is the reason why the turf on Heinz Field looks like pea green soup?

3.  Bottom of the first quarter: one Steelers player had wrapped the Ravens QB around the waist and was bringing him down to the grond; another Steelers player was getting into the face of a Ravens linesmen.  It never ceases to amaze me the aestheticizing powers of slow-motion.

4.  Mike Tomlin’s eyeballs were as big as silver dollars whenever he got a close-up in the second quarter.

5.  I watched the third quarter with the game sounds muted and with my discman on — yes, I (still) have a discman.  I ordered a couple of CDs (One Moment More and Long Island Shores) on Tuesday by Mindy Smith and they arrived in the mail today (from NJ to the ATL even with the snow storm that affected both areas).  Kudos to the participating postal services.  Why on Odin’s fuscous plains would I be doing not listening while watching a televised playoff game?  I wanted to know if I would pay attention to anything different on the visual side.  If so, to what extent.  For instance, Slow-motion seems much slower without the sound.  The Hines Ward TD in the bottom of the third went on and on and on.

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NFL 2010: Steelers freeze-dry the Falcons

The 2010 season opener for the Atlanta Falcons was against the Pittsburgh Steelers sans Ben Roethlisberger.  Up in Pennsylvania, and televised by Fox, the Steelers were on offense first.  Dennis Dixon was the quarterback.  Jeff Reed tried and made a fifty-two-yard field goal at the end of the Steelers’ first possession.  Pittsburgh 3 and Atlanta 0.  The Falcons’ turn suggested they were jittery.  Understandably?  Ca depend.  A Steelers offense minus Roethlisberger may give the Falcons’ defense more room to exhale, but the Falcons’ offense must meet the Steelers’ defense.

By the the top of the the second quarter, it should’ve been clear to the Falcons offense that running plays were counter-productive.  Matt Ryan performed better when he threw the ball…and when he had time to pick an open receiver.  Not all of his passes were complete (or close to complete), nonetheless, a flying football still covered more field than a cradled one.  Just when I thought I’d have to wait until the second half to see a Falcons rise on momentum, outside linebacker Mike Peterson intercepted Dennis Dixon’s pass meant for tight end Heath Miller.  No touchdown and no field goal (there was an attempt for the FG but it went wide right).  The first half drummed to the pit with a fifty-five yard field goal try by Jeff Reed.  Falcons head coach Mike Smith called a time-out with twenty-two seconds left.  The ball bounced off the right upright and back onto the field.  Matt Bryant went back on for a forty-nine-yard FG attempt.  The Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin called a timeout too (by leaning every so slightly onto his right hip and saying “time-out” to the official).  Bryant’s kick was good.  Pittsburgh 3 and Atlanta 3.

Of course, a good football team wouldn’t shy away from running plays just because half a dozen of them do not produce points.  A good football team would probably take a pause from it and then try again.  The Falcons kept at it.  Four minutes into the third quarter, Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez made his one thousandth reception.  Matt Bryant’s third trek to the field resulted in a thirty-nine-yard FG.   Jeff Reed then tied the score with a thirty-six-yard FG.  Atlanta 6 and Pittsburgh 6.

When the fourth quarter started, I flipped over to the Bengals-Patriots game.  New England 31 and Cincinnati 17.  Meanwhile, Atlanta and Pittsburgh were still tied…and Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was performing impeccably.  Reed broke the tie with a thirty-four-yard FG at the end of that possession.  With under four minutes left on the clock, Matt Bryant’s thirty-three-yard FG re-tied the game.  Pittsburgh 9 and Atlanta 9.  Hope and good chances for the Falcons to get a TD or an FG were quashed as safety Troy Polamalu intercepted Matt Ryan.  Forty-three seconds remained on the clock as Jeff Reed’s FG attempt was wide right.  So, the Falcons would have one more opportunity to win the game in over-time. Hallelujah, the Falcons won the coin toss.  Unfortunately, the birds couldn’t capitalize (there were also two holding calls).  Steelers running back Reshard Mendenhall ran the ball back fifty yards into the end zone.  Pittsburgh 15 and Atlanta 9.  Final score.  This victory makes it the eighth time in a row year the Steelers won opening season games.

Watch me watching the kickoff.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Commentary was provided by Dick Stockton, Jim Mora, and Charles Davis.

2.  Did Dennis Dixon wink at someone on the sidelines after he’d led his team’s first go on offense in the first quarter?  He’s got dimples.

3.  When a camera went in for a  close-up of Steelers running back Isaac Redman in the middle of the second quarter, Redman was chewing on his mouth guard en route to the next position around the line of scrimmage.  His mouth guard looked like a lemon wedge.

4.  The commentators couldn’t get over the nonchalant way in which Mike Tomlin called a timeout in the bottom of the first quarter.  It even got a slow-motion replay.  The two Mikes got a split-screen juxtaposition of making that call when the telecast returned just before the third quarter began.

5.  Gah! Falcons cornerback Christopher Owens and safety Erik Coleman had to go to the sidelines on account of foot/leg discomfort.

6.  The Patriots eventually beat the Bengals 38 to 24.  How did the Bengals do better than both the Steelers and the Falcons and going against the Patriots?!

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NFL 2009: Steelers shrug off the Chargers

I didn’t watch any NFL during the day because I had a previous engagement; the Atlanta Falcons didn’t play today either.  I certainly wasn’t going to miss the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Diego Chargers on Sunday Night Football.   Al Michaels (wearing a dark navy suit, light blue button-down shirt, and a gold and navy diagonally striped tie) and Cris Collinsworth (dressed in a black suit, a thinly striped button-down shirt, and a metallic pink tie) narrated the event.

The first quarter started with six plays, seventy-nine yards, and a Steelers touchdown courtesy of running back Rashard Mendenhall.  More than halfway through the quarter, running back Mewelde Moore made a TD.  Pittsburgh 14 and San Diego 0.  The second quarter trotted all the way down without a score for the Chargers, but the Mendenhall forged his way into the end zone for another Steelers TD.  Going into halftime, Pittsburgh 21 and San Diego 0.

The third quarter began with another Steelers TD (thanks to tight end Heath Miller).  Pittsburgh 28 and San Diego 0.  I like the Steelers, but goodness graceland, come on Chargers!  Where’s the noise?  Where’s the power?  Where’s the suspense?  I guess I got what I wanted because Chargers tight end Antonio Gates made a TD catch (in the replay, Cris Collinsworth said that Gates used to play basketball “and he’s playing basketball here” or something along those lines).  Pittsburgh 28 and San Diego 7.

Chargers fullback Devin Hester somehow got the ball out of a heap of bodies in the top of the fourth quarter and ran it in for a TD.  No whistle blew between the materialization of that heap and Hester’s running toward the end zone.  Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin challenged whether or not the ball should’ve been called dead before Hester got his hands on it.  He lost the challenge.   The Steelers shoved back with a TD with Mewelde Moore throwing a TD pass to Heath Miller halfway through the quarter.  Antonio Gates got himself into the end zone a couple minutes later.  The Chargers then recovered a fumbled Steelers ball and wide receiver Chris Chambers sliced through the front corner of the end zone .   Pittsburgh 35 and San Diego 28.  How would the Steelers respond?  A forty-six yard field goal attempt.  Kicker Jeff Reed got it done.   Pittsburgh 38 and San Diego 28.   Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was wearing a cap with a hot pink bill (on top).  Ah…breast cancer awareness month. I want those pink gloves the players are wearing.

2.  The Steelers’ bright yellowish-orange helmets makes me think of orange Fanta and American cheese.

3.  A minute and a half before halftime, Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels stressed the importance for women to get mammograms.

4.  New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees spoke with Bob Costas via satellite during halftime.  Brees should just shave his head.  His bangs aren’t very bangin’.

5.  Andrea Kramer wore a light blue leather jacket.  Very Jetsons.

6.  Cris Collinsworth has no shoulders.  Just like BoA the Korean pop singer who’s been more active in the Jpop music scene and attempted to break into the American music industry.

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NFL 2009: Steelers vampire the Titans’ diaries

But first: Georgia Tech buffy-slayed Clemson 30 to 27.


The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans blessed the opening of the 2009 NFL season Thursday night.  Broadcast on NBC, and narrated by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, the scoreboard remained empty for most of the first half.  The CW was also premiering its new undead-teen-fiction-turned-undead-teen-TV-show.  I watched it (Nina Dobrev, who plays the female lead, is lovely).  When the pilot was over, I flipped back to NBC and the score was still 0 – 0.

By the end of the first quarter, each team’s quarterback, the stealing Ben Roethlisberger and the tightening Kerry Collins, had thrown an interception.  The Steelers eventually beat the Titans 13 (a Santonio Holmes touchdown and two field goals), to 10 (a Justin Gage TD and a field goal) in overtime.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Goodness Graceland, Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels.  What were they wearing?  Collinsworth had on a white, long-sleeve button-down shirt, black pants, and a light blue tie with dark blue diagonally arranged squares on it.  Michaels wore a yellow long-sleeve button-down shirt, grey pants, and a gold and dark blue/black diagonally striped tie.   Tres moche.

2.  After returning to the game from a commercial break in the first quarter, one of the cameras cut to a medium shot of Faith Hill (sans makeup) sitting next to Tim McGraw (who had performed in pre-game festivities).   Faith looked great without the makeup, and she appeared to be eating a cookie.

3.  Pepsi is the official soft drink of the NFL?  Vraiment?  There was a then-and-now-in-the-NFL commercial.

4.  I saw two Old Spice Swagger ads (with karate and with arm wrestling) and one Old Spice different scents commercials.  Unsavory.  Disconcerting.

5.  What exactly did Steelers nose tackle Chris Hoke do with his helmet in the third quarter?  He yanked it off and then plopped it back on?

6.  Steelers safety Troy Polamalu took a nasty left knee injury in the second quarter as a result of colliding with Titans tight end Alge Crumpler’s lower body.

7.  Steelers owner Daniel M. Rooney is now also the US Ambassador to Ireland.

8.  Why did Titans defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch jump across the line of scrimmage in the  fourth quarter?  He was charged with encroachment.  It was quite a sight.  I was looking on the Steelers side of the field when suddenly, there Vanden Bosch was…surrounded by black and yellow.  I think time actually slowed down there for a bit.

9.  Hines Ward?! Hines Ward!  Don’t be mad.  Don’t be sad.  Don’t cry a puddle, not even a puddle.   What did he do or didn’t do?  He made a reception in the bottom of the fourth quarter but was bumped from behind by one of the Titans’ players and dropped the ball.  Ward was roughly twelve yards away from the end zone.

10.  A tender moment occurred in overtime.  Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace caught a pass and was cradled down to the field by Titans safety Vincent Fuller.  They remained in that “embrace” for some ten seconds longer than was probably necessary.

Get summary, stats, and play-by-play here.   Have you noticed NFL.com’s new Game Center interface?  You like it? I’m undecided at present.