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NFL 2010: Falcons sear the Seahawks

Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan provided commentary for today’s game of the Atlanta Falcons at the Seattle Seahawks.  Broadcast on Fox, the Seahawks were on offense first and did an incredible job at moving the ball down the field.  Eight minutes into the first quarter and the Seahawks were nose-to-nose to the end zone.  One play later, running back Marshawn Lynch broke the plane.  Seattle 7 and Atlanta 0.  With under three minutes left in the quarter, Seattle lost a challenge of whether or not Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan got enough forward progress to get convert a fourth down.  Would they be able to do it again for a touchdown?  Running back Michael Turner carried the ball a handful of times and then at the top of the second quarter, Matt Ryan and running back Jason Snelling connected for six points and the extra point was good.  Seahawks 7 and Atlanta 7.

Just as the Falcons’ offense was demonstrating its prowess, Jason Snelling had back-to-back losing his grip on the ball.  Luckily for him, his teammates recovered the ball.  Matt Bryant’s twenty-seven yard field goal in the bottom of the second quarter gave the Falcons a slight edge.  Eleven minutes into the quarter and Matt Ryan threw an interception–Seahawks strong safety Jordan Babineaux took the ball right from its trajectory.  The Seahawks’ own kicker tied the game with a thirty-eight yard FG.  Atlanta 10 and Seattle 10.  The Falcons finished the first half on top with a touchdown catch by wide receiver Michael Jenkins.  Atlanta 17 and Seattle 10.

The Falcons started on offense at the top of the third quarter; although they had to punt the ball away, when the Seahawks went on offense, Jonathan Babineaux recovered a fumbled ball in the end zone (Jamaal Anderson caused Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck to drop the ball).  Atlanta 24 and Seattle 10.  Halfway through the quarter, Hasselbeck threw an interception (Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes leaped and nabbed the ball from mid-air).  Four minutes later, Matt Bryant went onto the field for a twenty-five yard FG.  Atlanta 27 and Seattle 10.  SMOKIN SALLY BEAUTY SUPPLY PLUS!! Did the Falcons recover another fumbled Seahawks ball at around the three minute mark in the third quarter?  Indeed they did.  A few plays later, wide receiver Roddy White increased the Falcons lead by another TD.  Atlanta 34 and Seattle 10.  Charlie Whitehurst relieved Matt Hasselbeck of quarterbacking duties in the very bottom of the third quarter.

Seven minutes into the fourth quarter, the backup QB made a TD himself by sashaying into the end zone.  The Seahawks attempted but failed two-point conversion.  A pass interference call on Falcons safety William Moore moved the line of scrimmage to the one yard line; the conversion worked that time (Whitehurst threw the ball to wide receiver Benjamin Obomanu).  Atlanta 34 and Seattle 18. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum was in attendance supporting his Seahawks.

2.  I watched this game on an HD 65 inch television.

3.  The Seahawks wore full-bodied cobalt uniforms; the Falcons wore white tops and pants.  Have the Seahawks worn green gloves before?

4.  As of the bottom of the first quarter, the Falcons would no doubt be in the playoffs because the New Orleans Saints and New York Giants lost their respective games.

5.  Jonathan Babineaux is a defensive tackle for the Falcons; his brother Jordan is a Seahawk.  Their mother was in the stands supporting both sons (Seahawks jersey frontside and Falcons jersey on the backside).

6.  In the bottom of the fourth quarter, Falcons owner Arthur Blank and Matt Ryan had a short chat on the sidelines.  Blank patted Ryan on the back.  He then made it down the sidelines and exchanged encouraging words with the rest of the Falcons.

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NFL 2010: Falcons pin cushion the Rams

The St. Louis Rams hosted an afternoon of turf wars with the Atlanta Falcons.  Televised by Fox, the Rams, quarterbacked by Sam Bradford, were on offense first.  Three minutes later, the Rams punted the ball to the Falcons.  Due to one 5 yard false start penalty, a 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalty, and an incomplete pass, the Falcons had to send the ball right back to the Rams.  Two plays later, tight end Michael Hoomanawanui made a touchdown catch for the home team.  St. Louis 7 and Atlanta 0.  The Falcons’ offense improved by the middle of the quarter when his decision to throw the ball, after seconds of tip-toeing in the pocket, led to a complete pass to wide receiver Eric Weems.  Five minutes later, Falcons Matt Bryant kicker attempted a forty-two yard field goal.  It was good.  St. Louis 7 and Atlanta 3.

The top of the second quarter had Rams kicker Josh Brown making a fifty-three yard FG.  St. Louis 10 and Atlanta 3.  At the end of the Falcons’ next possession, quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Brian Finneran connected for a TD.  St. Louis 10 and Atlanta 10.  The middle of the second quarter gave the Falcons a lead with a FG.  Atlanta 13 and St. Louis 10.  The final forty seconds could’ve given the Falcons a TD lead but they had to settle for a FG because Brian Finneran couldn’t keep hold of the ball (he was well-covered) and Matt Ryan may not have known that tight end Tony Gonzalez was wide open.  Atlanta 16 and St. Louis 10.

The third quarter began strongly for the Rams–wide receiver Danny Amendola’s thirty-one yard kickoff return and running back Steven Jackson’s sixteen yards of moving down the field preceded a TD catch by wide receiver Brandon Gibson.  St. Louis 17 and Atlanta 16.  The Rams defense turned out a solid performance through the middle of the third quarter.  The Falcons defense wasn’t backing down, but would their offense reclaim their own momentum?  One could argue in the affirmative given Tony Gonzalez’s catch with under six minutes left in the quarter.   Three minutes later, the Falcons were first-and-goal courtesy of a catch by tight end Justin Peelle.  A couple plays later, Peelle brought the ball in to the end zone.  Atlanta 23 and St. Louis 17.

The fourth quarter ticked down halfway and the Falcons gained another three points from a FG.  Atlanta 26 and St. Louis 17.  The game hadn’t seen any sacks by the bottom of the quarter; the first interception would occur when Falcons safety William Moore got his hands on a shovel pass.  Wahoo! Double time on that wahoo as Falcons running back Michael Turner doled out a rushing TD after the two-minute warning.  The Falcons nailed a two-point conversion thanks to wide receiver Roddy White (who cut into the bottom right corner of the end zone).  Atlanta 34 and St. Louis 17. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Game narration was provided by Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan (the former was in the booth, the latter on the field).

2.  Rabbit Hole!  There’s the Nicole Kidman I love.

3.  The Falcons wore white jerseys and pants.  The Rams wore navy tops and bottoms.

4.  After Brian Finneran made the TD in the second quarter, one could hear him “woohoo-ing” all along the sidelines.

5.  Roddy White has had high school experience in wrestling, baseball, and football.  He was good in all three.

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NFL 2010: Falcons swat the Ravens

Oh yeah.  Thursday night football on the NFL Network, featuring the Baltimore Ravens at the Atlanta Falcons, was also broadcast on myATLtv for us Atlantans!   Blessed union of soles.

Although the Ravens’ first half wasn’t nearly as impressive offensively as the Falcons, the third and fourth quarters were quite fantastic for Baltimore.  Quarterback Joe Flacco got his turf legs and connected with three players (wide receivers Anquan Boldin and Derek Mason, and tight end Todd Heap) for touchdowns.  By the time the Ravens scored their first TD in the bottom of the third quarter, the Falcons were in the lead with 13 (courtesy of a Jason Snelling TD and two Matt Bryant field goals).  Despite a few dropped balls and a couple of turnovers that didn’t produce TDs for the southern predatory birds, the Falcons pulled through with a Roddy White touchdown in the bottom of the fourth quarter.  Atlanta 26 and Baltimore 21.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Joe Theismann, Bob Papa, and Matt Millen were the commentators.

2.  Rich Eisen was Guest Programmer on TCM earlier this year.

3.  The Falcons wore black jerseys and red helmets; the Ravens wore white jerseys.

4.  Jeffrey Simmons of the Georgia National Guard sang the National Anthem before the game commenced.  He gave a somewhat twangy and melodic rendition.

5.  Was it my imagination or did the commentators keep having to correct themselves on the names of the players that just made or didn’t make a play?  Narrators for Fox and CBS only have to “take that back” if they got the player wrong because the jersey number was obscured.

6.  When Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan over or under-throws a ball and he knows it’s his fault, he taps his sternum while facing the sidelines.

7.  Was Randy Waters from 11alive standing on the sidelines next to former Falcon Jamal Anderson?

8.  Did one of the commentators just say the Georgia Aquarium was built in 1995?!

8.  The game-winning drive for the Falcons lasted 80 yards, 40 seconds, and 7 plays.  Atlanta went for a 2 point conversion but was not successful.  Still, they won.  After Matt Ryan knew for certain that Roddy White had caught the ball, he hugged his center, Todd McClure.

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NFL 2010: Falcons smoke the Bengals brisket

The Cincinnati Bengals sprinted south to the Georgia Dome to compare notes with the Atlanta Falcons.  Broadcast on CBS, the Falcons went on offense first.  Quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Roddy White made two superb plays three minutes into the game.  Three plays later, Matt Ryan threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Brian Finneran, who caught the ball while leaping horizontally in the back of the end zone).  Atlanta 7 and Cincinnati o.  Carson Palmer quarterbacked for the Bengals.  Despite a few solid passing plays, Cincinnati had to punt the ball away.  The Bengals defense in turn forced the Falcons to punt the ball away.  Cincinnati’s offense shaped up enough to move down the field.  A defensive pass interference call put the ball all the way down in the red zone.  Would the Falcons be able to keep the Bengals from scoring?  A touchdown was prevented but the Bengals were able to get a twenty-yard field goal courtesy of kicker Mike Nugent.  Atlanta 7 and Cincinnati 3.

The second quarter started with suck sparks as Roddy White made a one-handed catch down the sidelines.  The Falcons increased their score with a field goal.  When Cincinnati went back on offense Bengals running back Cedric Benson appeared to have lost control of the ball, which Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes appeared to have recovered for a TD.  The Bengals challenged whether or not Benson caught the ball and maintained possession, they won it.  Atlanta 10 and Cincinnati 3.  When the Falcons returned to offense in the top of the second quarter, Roddy White proved his mettle once again with an enormous nineteen-yard catch.  FANCY FRESH STIR-FRY TOFU!!!  Matt Ryan’s next pass and White’s next catch were even more stupendous as they connected forty-three yards for a TD.  That was a beauty.  Ryan ran down to the end zone to congratulate White.  Atlanta 17 and Cincinnati 3.  In the seven minutes before halftime, Falcons running back Michael Turner demonstrated his athletic abilities by staying upright and “jogging” while half a dozen Bengals tried to bring him to the ground.  With a minute left in the quarter, Turner ran the ball into the end zone.  Atlanta 24 and Cincinnati 3.  Mike Nugent went on the field for a fifty-three yard FG attempt with two seconds left in the first half.  It was no good.

Six minutes of the third quarter elapsed when Mike Nugent made a thirty-three yard FG.  Atlanta 24 and Cincinnati 6.  Six minutes later, non-Cowboy Terrell Owens ran the ball in for a TD.  Atlanta 24 and Cincinnati 13.  Matt Ryan threw an interception in the bottom of the third quarter.  Bengals cornerback Leon Hall got his hands on the ball meant for wide receiver Michael Jenkins.  Bengals wide receiver Jordan Shipley ran sixty-some-odd yards for a TD a couple plays later.  They decided to go for a two-point conversion, but it didn’t work.  Atlanta 24 and Cincinnati 19.  Clearly, the Bengals would not fold so early.  WHAT THE GOYA?!!  When the Falcons got the ball back, Roddy White lost the ball and Bengals cornerback Adam Jones took that ball all the way back for a TD.  Mike Smith challenged whether the ball was still live or not when it came out of White’s hands.  From the televised replays, it would appear that Smith would lose the challenge.  Cincinnati 25 and Atlanta 24.  Another two-point conversion attempt was no good.

The Falcons had better do something–remember Bruce Lee’s words: Never take your eyes off your opponent even when you bow.  The fourth quarter began with a glimmer of redemption for the Falcons as tight end Tony Gonzalez made a crucial catch in the red zone and then Roddy White made a TD.  The Falcons decided to go for a two-point conversion…and SCRUMPTIOUS MACADEMIA NUTS!!!  It was good! Roddy White made the conversion catch!!!  Atlanta 32 and Cincinnati 25.  Did Terrell Owens make a TD upon the Bengals’ next possession? No, he did not.  His left foot went out of bounds when he was still five yards away from the goal line.  Bengals running back Cedric Benson lost the ball a play later and the Falcons recovered the fumble.  Matt Ryan got hit hard in the bottom of the quarter.  He decided to head to the sidelines; Chris Redman went in on QB for one play so that Ryan could catch his breath.  He handed the ball to Michael Turner, who was able to slice through the front right corner of the end zone.  Atlanta 39 and Cincinnati 25.  Bengals Chad Ochocinco made a TD catch with ninety seconds left in the game.  Atlanta 39 and Cincinnati 32.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker provided narration.  Their attire was not memorable.

2. When returning from the commercial break that followed Mike Nugent’s first quarter FG, a camera went to a medium shot of Cedric Benson sitting on the sidelines.  Offensive tackle Dennis Roland was standing between Benson and the camera.  In profile shot, Roland bore a striking resemblance to actor Owain Yeoman.

3.  CBS has a new replay graphic called “double vision,” which is like picture-in-picture and the split screen effect, where one view of a play is in one window and another view of the play is in the other.  In the case of the Ryan-White forty-three yard TD catch, quarterback was in the window on the right (profile view) and receiver was in the window on the left.

4.  Falcons owner Arthur Blank was pacing the sidelines in the bottom of the fourth quarter.

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NFL 2010: Falcons frown on the 49ers

Is it autumn yet?  The temperatures of the past few days have fluctuated between a crisp spring morning and a pre-heated oven evening.  The San Francisco 49ers jumped timezones east to test the Atlanta Falcons’ upwardly improving trajectory.  Broadcast on Fox, the Falcons took to offense first but had to punt the ball away three minutes into the first quarter.  Alex Smith quarterbacked for the 49ers.  Their first drive resulted in a touchdown courtesy of tight end Vernon Davis.  San Francisco 7 and Atlanta 0.  The 49ers special teams put on quite a show when Falcons punter Michael Koenen had to kick the ball away–the 49ers blocked the kick and safety Taylor Mays jumped to catch the ball and stayed just inside the back of the end zone when he landed.  Mays then then he posed for a few members of the press at the back of the end zone and did a little dance.  San Francisco 14 and Atlanta o.  Watch me watching this play.

The 49ers’ performance on offense and defense jolted the Falcons awake.  They started the second quarter with a TD connection between quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Harry Douglas.  San Francisco 14 and Atlanta 7.  What?! Not AGAIN! Just when Matt Ryan and his offense were beginning to bring in da noise and da funk, his pass intercepted by 49ers cornerback Shawntae Spencer.  Luckily for fans of carnivorous ornithological creatures, the 49ers did not score.  But, wait, what’s that I hear?  Falcons linebacker Curtis Lofton recovers a fumbled 49ers ball with a minute left to play in the second quarter (Alex Smith threw to a receiver who couldn’t make a one-handed catch; the ball bounced out of his hand and Lofton grabbed it).  The Falcons couldn’t tie the game, but kicker Matt Bryant’s thirty-seven yard field goal brought the score gap down to just four points.  San Francisco 14 and Atlanta 10.

Six minutes into the third quarter, with the 49ers making good field coverage, and Falcons safety William Moore intercepted Alex Smith.  Matt Bryant went back onto the field for a thirty-one yard FG.  San Francisco 14 and Atlanta 13.  The fourth quarter was all over the place as Matt Ryan was intercepted with fewer than seventy seconds left in 49ers territory.  Falcons wide receiver Roddy White managed to cause a fumble and Harvey Dahl recovered the ball, but they had to go down the field all over again.  Harry Douglas made a beautiful catch a few plays later.  Roddy White did as well thrice.  With seven seconds left on the clock, Matt Bryant went in to attempt a forty-three yard FG.  It was good!  Atlanta 16 and San Francisco 14. Final score.

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My heart was pounding the entire last five minutes of the fourth quarter.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Dick Stockton, Charles Davis, and Jim Mora provided commentary.

2.  Before kickoff, 49ers head coach Mike Singletary popped a piece of blue chewing gum into his mouth.  Extra? Cobalt? Stride?

3.  The Falcons wore black jerseys and red helmets.  The 49ers wore white jerseys and gold helmets; they’ve also incorporated hot pink into their uniform (arm bands, towels, gloves, shoes).

4.  After Harry Douglas made the TD catch in the top of the second quarter, he and a teammate leaped into the air and high-fived each other with the sides of their bodies.

5.  Middle of the second quarter: did the ball hit one of the officials in the face after Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez got the first down?  I’m certain I saw the official who made the arm-in-a-circle-motion get a ball in the face.

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