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NFL 2012: Falcons stride just right by the Seahawks

Ever closer to achieving post-season glory, the Atlanta Falcons circled the Dirty South skies with the Seattle Seahawks today.  Televised on Fox, Brian Billick and Thom Brennaman provided commentary.  The Falcons started on offense and after six minutes of moving the ball down the field via a combination of the run and passing game, they took the lead with a field goal.  Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw an interception during their next possession.  Where would the momentum pendulum swing in the first half of the game?  Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud initiated a fumble that allowed his team to get the ball back.  Shortly thereafter, tight end Tony Gonzalez made a one-handed catch in the back of the end zone.  Atlanta 10 and Seahawks 0.  By the end of the first quarter, running back Jacquizz Rodgers ran powerfully down the field, helmet-clinking against a Seahawk in the process.  Nearing the end of the second quarter, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White made a forty-seven yard TD catch.  Pretty, pretty.  Atlanta 20 and Seattle 0.

The Seahawks finally demonstrated a measure of offensive abilities six minutes into the third quarter when wide receiver Golden Tate scampered into the edge of the end zone (bottom of the screen).  Atlanta 20 and Seattle 7.  The Falcons were performing much better than they did in the previous two games but there was still more stamina and stealth necessary to maintain the lead.  The Falcons responded with a Jason Snelling TD; he broke through a cluster of bodies and crossed the goal line.

The Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, parabola’ed himself into the end zone at the top of the fourth quarter.  Atlanta 27 and Seattle 14.  A few minutes later, Matt Ryan threw another interception, which eventually resulted in a TD by tight end Zach Miller.  Atlanta 27 and Atlanta 21.  There was a couple of instances throughout the fourth quarter when the Falcons could’ve gotten within field goal range or at least made a first down and took more time off the clock but with two minutes left in the game, the Seahawks gave the impression they were in more of a position to shock and awe, which they did.  With fewer than forty seconds left, the Seahawks got the ball into the end zone.  WHAT IN TAR BABY NATIONS?!  Seattle 28 and Atlanta 27.

Matt Ryan had thirty-one seconds to get his players within field goal range, which he did.  Would Matt Bryant make the forty-nine yard FG?  YES! YES! ORGANIC GUACAMOLE YES!   The Seahawks’ attempt to make another score was epically ended when Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones intercepted Russell Wilson in the end zone.  The Falcons are going to the NFC Championship game!  Atlanta 30 and Seattle 28.

Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The National Anthem was sung by four white men wearing black suits.  I didn’t catch their name.  They performed decently but the last line about “the home of the brave” sounded a bit odd.  Too consciously epic and thus not very sonorous.

2.  The Seahawks’ helmets looked to be a deep purple under certain lighting conditions.

3.   Overlain screen graphics appeared occasionally as a player was moving to and from the line of scrimmage in preparation of a play.  The graphic was a horizontal baton with the number and name of the player.

4.  Many of the Seahawks players wore neon green sneakers.

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NFL 2011: Falcons wrap-around the Seahawks

It’s great to be a Yellow Jackets fan.  Go GaTech.

What: Game 5
Who: The Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks
Where: CenturyLink Field
When: Sunday October 2, 2011

First $0.25:
– The Falcons scored first with a touchdown reception made by tight end Tony Gonzalez.

– Score: 7 Atlanta and 0 Seahawks.

Second $0.25:
– Four minutes into the quarter, Falcons linebacker Curtis Lofton intercepted Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.  A few plays later, Falcons running back Michael Turner ran the ball into the end zone.
– Halfway through the quarter, the Seahawks demonstrated offensive skills with a fifty-two yard Sidney Rice TD.
– With just under three minutes left in the quarter, Michael Turner struggled to break the plane, and break it he did (with one hand).  The Falcons increased their lead with a forty-seven yard field goal at the bottom of the quarter.

– 24 Falcons and 7 Seahawks.


Third $0.25:
–  The second half began with a fifty-yard Falcons FG and was followed by a Mike Williams Seahawks TD.
– Pop went the bally in the bottom of the quarter as the Falcons caused and recovered a fumble in the end zone; they ended up having to punt the ball away, though.  The Seahawks returned to where they were before the turnover and got their TD, courtesy of running back Marshawn Lynch.

– Score 27 Falcons and 21 Seahawks

Fourth $0.25:
– The Falcons raised their lead with a FG in the top of the quarter.
– The Seahawks weren’t going to let their fans down; wide receiver Benjamin Obomanu made a TD catch in the middle of the quarter.
– Seahawks and a sixty-yard Steven Hauschka FG attempt?  NO GOOD!

– Final score: 30 Falcons and 28 Seahawks

Miscellaneous Observations:

1.  Commentary was provided by John Lynch and Craig Bolerjack for Fox.

2.  Both teams donned an array of hot pink (gloves, shoes, towels) as a nod to breast cancer awareness.

3.  Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is quick on his feet.

4.  What did Falcons wide receiver snack on while he was sitting on the sidelines after the Falcons FG in the top of the third quarter?  It was a granola-looking bar.

5.  Johnny English Reborn.  I love the part when he sinks with his chair.

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NFL 2010: Falcons sear the Seahawks

Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan provided commentary for today’s game of the Atlanta Falcons at the Seattle Seahawks.  Broadcast on Fox, the Seahawks were on offense first and did an incredible job at moving the ball down the field.  Eight minutes into the first quarter and the Seahawks were nose-to-nose to the end zone.  One play later, running back Marshawn Lynch broke the plane.  Seattle 7 and Atlanta 0.  With under three minutes left in the quarter, Seattle lost a challenge of whether or not Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan got enough forward progress to get convert a fourth down.  Would they be able to do it again for a touchdown?  Running back Michael Turner carried the ball a handful of times and then at the top of the second quarter, Matt Ryan and running back Jason Snelling connected for six points and the extra point was good.  Seahawks 7 and Atlanta 7.

Just as the Falcons’ offense was demonstrating its prowess, Jason Snelling had back-to-back losing his grip on the ball.  Luckily for him, his teammates recovered the ball.  Matt Bryant’s twenty-seven yard field goal in the bottom of the second quarter gave the Falcons a slight edge.  Eleven minutes into the quarter and Matt Ryan threw an interception–Seahawks strong safety Jordan Babineaux took the ball right from its trajectory.  The Seahawks’ own kicker tied the game with a thirty-eight yard FG.  Atlanta 10 and Seattle 10.  The Falcons finished the first half on top with a touchdown catch by wide receiver Michael Jenkins.  Atlanta 17 and Seattle 10.

The Falcons started on offense at the top of the third quarter; although they had to punt the ball away, when the Seahawks went on offense, Jonathan Babineaux recovered a fumbled ball in the end zone (Jamaal Anderson caused Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck to drop the ball).  Atlanta 24 and Seattle 10.  Halfway through the quarter, Hasselbeck threw an interception (Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes leaped and nabbed the ball from mid-air).  Four minutes later, Matt Bryant went onto the field for a twenty-five yard FG.  Atlanta 27 and Seattle 10.  SMOKIN SALLY BEAUTY SUPPLY PLUS!! Did the Falcons recover another fumbled Seahawks ball at around the three minute mark in the third quarter?  Indeed they did.  A few plays later, wide receiver Roddy White increased the Falcons lead by another TD.  Atlanta 34 and Seattle 10.  Charlie Whitehurst relieved Matt Hasselbeck of quarterbacking duties in the very bottom of the third quarter.

Seven minutes into the fourth quarter, the backup QB made a TD himself by sashaying into the end zone.  The Seahawks attempted but failed two-point conversion.  A pass interference call on Falcons safety William Moore moved the line of scrimmage to the one yard line; the conversion worked that time (Whitehurst threw the ball to wide receiver Benjamin Obomanu).  Atlanta 34 and Seattle 18. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum was in attendance supporting his Seahawks.

2.  I watched this game on an HD 65 inch television.

3.  The Seahawks wore full-bodied cobalt uniforms; the Falcons wore white tops and pants.  Have the Seahawks worn green gloves before?

4.  As of the bottom of the first quarter, the Falcons would no doubt be in the playoffs because the New Orleans Saints and New York Giants lost their respective games.

5.  Jonathan Babineaux is a defensive tackle for the Falcons; his brother Jordan is a Seahawk.  Their mother was in the stands supporting both sons (Seahawks jersey frontside and Falcons jersey on the backside).

6.  In the bottom of the fourth quarter, Falcons owner Arthur Blank and Matt Ryan had a short chat on the sidelines.  Blank patted Ryan on the back.  He then made it down the sidelines and exchanged encouraging words with the rest of the Falcons.

Click here for the Falcons’ roster and the Seahawks’ roster here.

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NFL Thanksgiving 08: Cowboys crush-with-eyeliner the Seahawks

The Dallas Cowboys.  The Seattle Seahawks.   The Lone Star State.  Candied Yams Day 2008 part deux.   Televised by Fox, the first quarter began with a touchdown catch by Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett.   On their next possession, running back Marion Barber got into the end zone.  The Seahawks got on the board with a field goal in the bottom of the quarter.  Dallas 14 and Seattle 3.  The second quarter started with a TD catch by tight end Jason Witten, who was playing with a broken rib.  Dallas 21 and Seattle 3.  The Cowboys increased their lead with a field goal as the clock headed towards the half of the second quarter.  Dallas 24 and Seattle 3.  The Seahawks field goaled again in the bottom of the quarter.  Dallas 24 and Seattle 6.

The third quarter started with a Seattle field goal.  Cowboys 24 and Seahawks 9.   Seattle cornerback Marcus Trufant intercepted an end zone pass from Dallas quarterback Tony Romo that was meant for wide receiver Terrell Owens.  That turnover yielded nothing.  After making an impeccable left-handed twirling catch, Owens made a TD catch in the bottom of the third quarter.  Dallas 31 and Seahawks 9.  The fourth quarter progressed about halfway and the Cowboys landed another field goal.  34 to 9.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were commentators.

2.  Demi Lovato sang the national anthem.   I was eleven years old when she was born.   Kurt Cobain was still alive when she was born.  The camera caught a shot of a helmet-less Tony Romo and Terrell Owens among others.   Demi’s voice is nice and throaty but she sounded a pinch nervous.

3.  Troy Buck and Joe Aikman talked about the Jonas Brothers in the minute or so in the bottom of the second quarter.  Apparently the trio is popular with first-grade girls and middle-aged women.  Two of the brothers look alike enough to be assumed to be related (maybe it’s the eyebrows); the other one does not.  They performed three songs: “Tonight,” “Love Bug,” and “Burnin Up.”  They were quite out of breath by the end of the second song.

4.  Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was sacked seven times today.

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NFL 08: the Buccaneers frizz up the Seahawks

O Champs-Elysees, O Peyton Manning, O Packers jumped the Colts 34 to 14.

The Raiders confiscated the Jets in overtime 16 to 13.

The Rams shoe-horned the Cowboys (sans Tony Romo) 34 to 14.

Now on to Sunday Night Football starring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks. Seneca Wallace stepped in as Seattle quarterback because Matt Hasselbeck was out with an injury. Jeff Garcia was performing the equivalent role for Tampa Bay (Brian Griese wasn’t playing due to an injury). The first quarter started with a touchdown by Tampa Bay wide receiver Antonio Bryant. The second quarter progressed into eight minutes or so and Buccaneers running back Ernest Graham made a TD. Tampa Bay 14 and Seattle 0. The second quarter drew down to three minutes with more Buccaneers numbers in the form of a field goal. 17 to 0. The third quarter gave the Seahawks a field goal at ten minutes. Tampa Bay 17 and Seattle 3. The fourth quarter sailed down towards the bottom with a Buccaneers field goal. 20 to 3. Final score? Not yet. With two minutes left in the game, Seahawks tight end John Carlson caught the ball in the end zone. Tampa Bay 20 and Seattle 10. That would be the final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth provided commentary tonight. John Madden was at home resting.

2. Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren will not return to the helm at the end of the season.

3. Bud Light and Drinkability. I like the Pool Party one but not the Tailgaters one. A beer isn’t filling because a beer is empty calories. Unless a Bud Light isn’t filling because it won’t go down into the digestive system and sit there with carbonation building until one must belch or else.

4. Does Brian Griese have an underbite?

5. Fullback Mike Alstott’s number 40 was retired by Tampa Bay during halftime.

6. Seattle kicker Olindo Mare’s field goal attempt in the third quarter was no good–it was filmed from behind him. There may have been skycam action. Very odd, visually.

7. With some three minutes left in the third quarter, I do believe Al Michaels said, “pulling a George Clooney and getting the first down” in reference to Buccaneers wide receiver Michael Clayton catching Garcia’s pass. Ah and indeed–“Michael Clayton” is also a film starring George Clooney.

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