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College Football: Alabama gives blush to UGA

Two SEC teams with legacies to uphold. One team goes into halftime with 31 points and the other team 0. The latter starts the second half with a renewed spirit and determination, making 17 points by the top of the fourth quarter; and 13 more by the end of the game. Unfortunately for the second team, the first team scores in the second half as well. 41 to 30. Final score.

The UGA Bulldogs beat the Alabama Crimson Tide 26 to 23 in Tuscaloosa last year. Tonight (September 27), on their own turf, UGA was unable to replicate a similar outcome. Donning black jerseys, with unbridled support from the student body, the Bulldogs couldn’t stay afloat against the Crimson that simply overwhelmed.  Since I don’t have cable and the game was televised on ESPN, I went to Houlihan’s to watch it.

I’m not a self-identified Bulldogs fan, but thin mints and Krispy Kremes to UGA quarterback Matthew Stafford, tailback Knowshon Moreno, cornerback Prince Miller, wide receiver Michael Moore, and wide receiver A.J. Green for not giving up offensively. Another round of applause for Green, who fumbled the ball in the second quarter but regained his composure and put a TD on the board for his team in the bottom of the fourth quarter. After Green’s fumble, one of the cameras went to the sidelines, capturing his disappointment and anger. He slammed his helmet downward (not at the ground but definitely emphatically downward–he didn’t let the helmet fall to the ground). One of his teammates grabbed his jersey to try to calm him down and reassure him. One could read his response: let go of me, man.

I’m actually a self-identified GaTech fan, but it still hurt to see UGA reach, reach, reach and not grasp.

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