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Gotta Do It Right Now

I had lunch at Fuego Mundo today; I ordered the yucca fries and chicken with Spanish rice and cucumber salad.



It was a busy lunch for the two waitresses bringing out orders and the woman clearing tables.  As I was enjoying the delicious yucca, chicken, and rice, I observed the waitress who was ostensibly single-handedly taking orders, giving checks to respective diners, and distributing dine-in and take-out food.  She moved with the smoothness and briskness of a summer breeze.  I wonder how many miles she walks just between the dining area, the beverage counter, the registers, and the kitchen counter (which is visible to the customers).

As far as I could discern, the other diners were patient in their requests for checks, waters, being seated, and readying to give their orders.  In the last ten minutes I was there, waiting for a to-go box, a bag and the check, I watched this woman handle the momentous demands of things that have to happen now.

In my line of work, even when I have ten emails I need to prioritize to read and answer whilst figuring out why an image isn’t appearing correctly on a web page and app as well as looking for a better image to upload for a different web site and app, the sense of urgency to complete these tasks isn’t so heavy that I can’t focus on what really needs to get done “now” vs. within thirty minutes or before the end of business hours.

This woman’s list of “do now” truly means do now.  If that “now” becomes “in a couple of minutes,” most customers would probably understand.  There’s probably a best practice of order of operations.  For instance, seat new diners, get their drinks out, then check with diners who appear to be finished if they want desert or a box or just the check.  Bring out drinks before orders that are ready?  Deliver additional napkins, silverware, straws, or dipping sauces before you take the food orders of the table you know have been ready for the time it took you to seat another party and take their drink orders?

What other jobs or industries consist of a similar air of do now?  Combat soldiers, paramedics, firefighters, airplane pilots, surgeons, school principals, receptionists, bank tellers, plumbers, electricians, hosts of live TV shows, what else?

What’s the worst that would happen in your profession if you didn’t do something “now” or you focused on the “wrong” sequence of things?

Would an athlete participating in a televised game feel any differently than an athlete in a non-televised competition in the matter of “do it now?”  Or, do the rules of the game mitigate legitimate, adrenaline-inducing urges to score already.

Reluctantly competitive Parkour

A couple of weeks ago I came across a YouTube channel called StorrorBlog that features a group of guys* and their parkour goings-on across the world.

This combination of gymnastic techniques, balletic balance, and martial-artistic strength may not have competitive presence like traditional sports (all the team sports involving a ball or a puck) or extreme sports (surfing, skate-boarding, snowboarding), but there are organizations devoted to the cultivation of parkour skill and artistry.    See USA Parkour and World Freerunning Parkour Federation.

NPR did a story a few years ago about how parkour could find itself as part of the Olympics and be modeled after the way snowboarding became included.  What category would be under, though?  Would it be considered outdoor gymnastics?  Obstacle-course track and field?

I’m in awe; I can also see why authoritative figures aren’t so keen on it.  Issues of trespassing notwithstanding, accidental death (with or without dismemberment), property damage, and unsolicited attention (to specific locations) must be considered.

And yet, why not proceed with the understanding that one’s very act of participating in parkour means that they are responsible for whatever may come to pass?


* There may be gals too but I haven’t seen enough videos to be sure.

Football and MMA aren’t forms of art?

The Golden Globe Awards were last night and if you’ve launched any social media or culture outlet today you probably know about Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award.  She spoke on the geographically diverse talent pool in Hollywood and that if they were kicked out, “…we’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.”

Sure, athletic competition is certainly not a fine (high) art form (painting, pottery, sculpting, architecture, music, opera, theatre, poetry).  The activity itself, though, is a performing art as much as dance.  Moreover, as televised football and mixed martial arts are very much part of the visual arts (photography, film, video, digital media), I argue that the representation of these athletic experiences, especially with an audience, is artful in their own voyeuristic physics-at-work ways.  Sanctioned body trauma and sometimes in slow motion. Sweat ricochets, inertia observed, crash-test dummy whooshes, and it is a wonder why some of us like to watch adults inflict physical pain onto each other for entertainment.*


And now for some other performing arts that is just as athletic but without all the violence.


*Of course, NFL Films changed profoundly how we think about football game play vis-a-vis how we see it.

Sports Thoughts Unhad

My foot is doing better.  An increased intake of bananas and application of Chinese herbal patches has helped significantly.  There’s Salon Pas (sah-lon paaahhsss), GouPi Gao, and then there’s YunNan BaiYao.  Awesome stuff.


 photo utenaelbow.jpg

I did a YouTube search of the phrase “sports are dumb” and found this video which tickled me pink with laughter (despite the couple moments of ‘hmmm, I laughed but someone surely took offense’).

Then, I did a search of “sports saved my life” to see what I’d find.  It’s an old video, but I like it.  I wonder what the people featured in it are up to now.

I titled this post “sports thoughts unhad” because even though I think a lot about a myriad of topics, I’d never thought that sports scoring rules could be stupid or how sports have saved specific people’s lives.  I know it plays an important part society (for better or for worse), but I hadn’t wondered about more concrete examples.


And now for some Kpop:

Ladies Code used to be a five-member group but two of them died due to a car accident in 2014.  The surviving three members made their comeback earlier this year with a great song.

I’ve started listening to more Korean hip-pop.
Here’s Babylon featuring Dok2 (translation here).

Off Topic: 50 nifty United States part 6

Last year I put together a fifth edition.  Today, I’m compiling a sixth.


Alabama – Floridians are offending in AL.

Alaska – Will fishermen be able to go for the Chinook this year?

Arizona – Gizmo and Lexy are best friends…and they’re cats.

Arkansas – Indian food in AR.

California – From Blockbuster to hot pot.

Colorado – What to do with plants and flowers damaged by hail.

Connecticut – Foundations are crumbling.

Delaware – Special dietary needs dog missing in DE.

Florida – Driving in Tampa and Orlando.

Georgia – Who is Atlanta’s new watershed manager?

Hawaii – HI’s mental health programs not so healthy for teens?

Idaho – Fossils!

Illinois – High school baseball players are not sore losers.

Indiana – Ancestry.com digitizes IN records.

Iowa – From barn to music venue.

Kansas – Senator Claire McCaskill and homeless veterans.

Kentucky – There’s a Paris in KY…and a bridge.

Louisiana – Radiation treatment for LSU’s mascot.

Maine – Library renovation update!

Maryland – Who robs an eleven year-old?!

Massachusetts – MA House approves transgender rights bill.

Michigan – General Mills flour and sickened MI residents.

Minnesota – Moose could be endangered?

Mississippi – Just dirt and lots of it.

Missouri – Another Dean is done.

Montana – Energy companies and renewable sources.

Nebraska – Blood needed.

Nevada – Teen from NV takes center stage at Carnegie Hall.

New Hampshire – Mac and cheese!

New Jersey – From food to friend.

New Mexico – College cats get new home.

New York – Hawks attack students?!

North Carolina – Skinny jeans are okay (again).

North Dakota – Remembering the 2011 flood.

Ohio – Saving a cat in west Columbus.

Oklahoma – OK meat farms under investigation.

Oregon – It’s hot in OR.

Pennsylvania – There’s a King of Prussia mall?

Rhode Island – There will be no electronic tracking of vehicles in RI.

South Carolina – That’s an intense index finger.

South Dakota – Super fruit helps business growth.

Tennessee – There’s a Milan in TN.

Texas – Water is on the rise.

Utah – EPA on UT: Cut back on the coal.

Vermont – There’s a Berlin in VT.

Virginia – Thought Logic in VA.

Washington – Fast boats made of aluminum.

West Virginia – Beef, it’s very important here.

Wisconsin – Cute pets in WI.

Wyoming – WO homeowners are not supposed to partake in short-term rentals.


Aside from Prince’s death being due to an opoid overdose and the shooting at UCLA and Minnesota connection…people are just out there being people by hurting each other, breaking the law, and occasionally displaying an upstanding gesture of kindness that content strategists deem worthy enough of being teased on a homepage or reported at all.


Map cred: usgs