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College Football 2009: UT pins the tail on UGA’s donkey

But first, Army beat Vanderbilt in overtime 16 to 13.

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UGA’s Bulldogs swirled and spun with the Tennessee Volunteers this afternoon at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, TN.  Broadcast on Peachtree TV and with commentary by Andre Ware and Dave Neal, the first quarter was scoreless and predominantly uneventful until the clock went to two minutes and thirty-nine seconds when Bulldogs quarterback Joe Cox’s throw was interrupted by Volunteers defensive end Chris Walker.  That turnover eventually lead to a touchdown in the top of the second quarter with a connection between Volunteers quarterback Jonathan Crompton and wide receiver Gerald Jones.  The Bulldogs barked back with a 100 yard kickoff return TD by cornerback Brandon Boykin, who had broke through the middle of field in front of the end zone, made a dash for the sidelines and took the ball all the way to the other side of the field.  UGA 7 and UT 7.

Say what karaoke happened next?  The Volunteers wide receiver Denarius Moore launched his body towards the bottom left corner of the end zone (from the POV of the field) and extended his right arm forward to break the plane.  There was a booth review, which then confirmed the TD call.  UT 14 and UGA 7.  The Dawgs responded with a fifty-three yard Blair Walsh field goal (filmed from an extreme high angle, long shot behind the uprights such that I had to look at the officials’ hand signals to know if the good was good or not).  The Volunteers amped up their offense Chi with a third TD (catch made by wide receiver Marsalis Teague).  UT 21 and UGA 10.  With half a minute left in the first half, the Dawgs got a safety when Zach Renner blocked Chad Cunningham’s punt.  UT 21 and UGA 12.

The third quarter started with Volunteers defensive back Dennis Rogan catching a pass that Joe Cox meant to the sidelines.  Handbags.  More than 100,000 spectators saw that turnover.  The Volunteers jumped ahead numerically with a field goal at the end of that drive.  Kicker Daniel Lincoln sent up a thirty yarder.   UT 24 and UGA 12.  A few minutes later, the Dawgs’ defense caught the Volunteers unawares as strong saftey Bacarri Rambo intercepted Jonathan Crompton’s pass and scampered twenty-eight yards into the end zone (click here to watch me watching the instant replay of the interception).  UT 24 and UGA 19 (truly awesome).  Those Volunteers would not be intimidated or disheartened.  Running back Montario Hardesty ran thirty-nine yards into that end zone.  Fewer than ninety seconds remained in the third quarter and Gerald Jones made another TD.  UT 38 and UGA 19.  The entire Volunteers team then gathered on the field and simulated a bit of a moshpit–without the body surfing.

And Peachtree TV’s signal went out.  “We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by.”  That lasted just a few minutes.  Hmmm.

A dark shadow hovered over the Dawgs in the fourth quarter.  Volunteers defensive back Eric Berry got his hands on a ball that wide receiver Michael Moore caught then fumbled.  Three plays later, running back Bryce Brown trotted into the end zone.   Logan Gray went in as QB in the middle of the quarter.  Nick Stephens went in for Jonathan Crompton as well.  Andre Ware remarked that most of the Dawgs’ fans had left or were in the processing of vacating the premises by the final minute of the game.  UT 45 and UGA 19.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  I started watched the game three minutes in to the first quarter.  Once again, due to the weather, the TV signal was patchy.  Splotchy.

2.  The Volunteers’ end zone makes me think of Home Depot.

3.  The commercial break before the two minute warning in the first quarter was prologued by a shot of the Volunteers Smokey IX, followed by a low angle, medium close-up of UGA’s Loran’s Best.

4.  Denarius Moore didn’t just reach over that pylon in the top of the first quarter.  As one of the commentators remarked during the subsequent slow-motion instant replay (from various angles), Moore leaped into the air after dodging a Bulldogs defender at around the five yard line and had amazing hangtime.  It resembled a basketball play, especially in slow-motion.  That play, as it was televised, was filmed from a high angle, medium long shot.  Moore’s entire body was on screen.  The sidelines was on the left side of his body.

5.  An instant replay of Gerald Jones’s first TD of the game revealed that he had the ball in both of his hands as he hurled his body, hands first, towards the bottom left pylon.

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College Football: UGA mashes the Volunteers

The Tennessee Volunteers traveled southward to Athens, GA for SEC recognition against the UGA Bulldogs. 97,000 spectators packed in Sanford Stadium to watch the festivities (televised by CBS).

Sophomore Nick Stephens stepped in as quarterback for the Volunteers. The first quarter progressed to the half with a touchdown by UGA (thanks to a thirty-seven yard run by fullback Shaun Chapas and fullback Brannan Southerland for getting into the end zone). The Bulldogs nearly had another TD in their next possession, but it morphed into a field goal because wide receiver A.J. Green was so close and yet so far from keeping the ball in his hands in the end zone.

The second quarter started off with a UGA field goal. Bulldogs 13 and Volunteers 0. After the halfway mark of the second quarter, Bulldogs quarterback Matthew Stafford threw his second interception of the season. Tennessee defensive end Robert Ayers got his hands on to the ball. Wide receiver Gerald Jones put the Volunteers on the board with a touchdown at the bottom of the second quarter. With fewer than thirty-seconds left in the first half, UGA swings scoring momentum back in their direction with a TD by wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. 20 to 7.

The third quarter featured the second interception Matthew Stafford threw today (halfway through the third). Volunteers defensive back Eric Berry picked off the ball in the end zone and ran back up field to the forty-six yard line. The Volunteers capitalized even more on the interception by making a TD, courtesy of wide receiver Lucas Taylor. UGA 20 and Tennessee 14. The fourth quarter began and wound down with two UGA field goals. 26 to 14. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. After returning from commercial break (after Tennessee punted the ball away in the first quarter), the camera got a shot of Lorna’s Best sitting comfortably in his air-conditioned dog house.

2. Is it my imagination or was there no 1st and ten line? The blue line of scrimmage was certainly superimposed onto the screen, but I didn’t see the yellow first down line. No, wait. It was my imagination.

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SEC Championship 2007: LSU Tigers wrench the title from the Tennesee Volunteers

The University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Louisiana State University Tigers fought it out at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA for the SEC Championship title.

The Volunteers tight end Chris Brown made the first touchdown of the game.  The Tigers put up two field goals by the end of the first quarter.  The second quarter was scoreless.  LSU wide receiver Demetrius Byrd made a TD in the top of the third quarter.  Volunteers wide receiver Josh Briscoe reclaimed the lead, 14 to 13, for his team with a TD in the bottom of the third quarter.

LSU corner back Jonathan Zenon intercepted a Tennessee pass and made a touchdown in just after the top of the fourth quarter.  Ryan Perrilloux, who stepped in as QB for this game because of Matt Flynn’s shoulder injury from a previous game, went into the end zone for a two-point conversion.  LSU 21.  Tennessee 14.

All right. LSU is going to the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day. Head Coach Les Miles must be so elated right now.

Observations & Miscellania:  

1.  Verne Lundquist, one of the commentators, said something along lines of “there’s Matt Flynn, the Matt Damon lookalike, on the sidelines” when the camera filmed the LSU quarterback.   Lundquist also pointed out that LSU’s previous appearances at the SEC Championship Game were in odd number years (2005, 2003, 2001).

2.  I believe Lundquist also mentioned in the third quarter that not since 1999 have the Volunteers worn all-orange uniforms.  Either he or Gary Danielson added that they look like moving dreamsicles.  Here are the non-all-orange uniforms.

3. Gary Danielson brought up the Pythagorean Theorem in an attempt to approximate some kind of value regarding the Byrd touchdown.

4. Three no good field goals today, two from Tennessee, one from LSU.

5. Ryan Perriloux sustained an index finger injury in the third quarter (if memory serves correctly).  He’d have to get stitches after the game ends.

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Pic creds: google image search