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Rose Bowl 2010: Ohio State tars and plucks Oregon

The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks clipped and collided with each other for Rose Bowl bragging rights today.  Broadcast on ABC, the Buckeyes started on offense in the first quarter.  Running back Brandon Saine made a touchdown four minutes into the game.  There was no more scoring until the bottom of the quarter with a Buckeyes field goal.  Ohio State 10 and Oregon 0.

The Ducks put themselves on the board with a field goal in the top of the second quarter.  Ohio State 10 and Oregon 3.  Ducks running back LaGarrette Blount may or may not have broken the plane for a TD in the middle of the second quarter.  After the official booth review, yes he did.  Ohio State 10 and Oregon 10.  The Buckeyes’ attempt to get another TD before halftime was unsuccesful so they hit a field goal instead.  Ohio State 13 and Oregon 10.  What was surely going to be a Ducks score closing the second quarter suddenly wasn’t anymore when Buckeyes linebacker Ross Homan intercepted Ducks quarterback Jeremiah Masoli.  The second quarter ended with three more points for the Buckeyes.  Ohio State 16 and Oregon 10.

The Ducks quarterback made a touchdown four minutes into the third quarter.  Oregon 17 and Ohio State 16.  In the middle of the quarter, the Buckeyes got back atop the score board with a field goal.  Ohio State 19 and Oregon 17.  The Ducks fumbled the ball not long after they got a turn on offense.  The Buckeyes recovered.  Quarterback Terrelle Pryor was intercepted by Ducks John Boyett.  Oregon didn’t do anything numerically consequential wit the turnover.  The score was still 19 to 17 with Ohio in the lead when the quarter ended.

Halfway into the fourth quarter, Buckeyes wide receiver DeVier Posey made a TD catch in the left edge of the end zone.   There was a failed Ducks field goal attempt with five minutes left to play.  Ohio State 26 and Oregon 17.  Final score.  The Ohio State Buckeyes got themselves a 2009 Rose Bowl.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger provided commentary.

2.  The pre-game segment included Mel Brooks lookalike Lee Corso wearing the Oregon Duck’s head.  That Duck looks a lot like Donald.

3.  Oregon University’s marching band played the National Anthem before the game.  Between the yellow and the reds of the spectators, the Rose Bowl appeared to be filled with light pink and canary petals.

4.  The Buckeyes wore white jerseys, the Ducks green.  The “O” in the Oregon helmet resembles a handcuff, especially when the helmet is white.

5.  The field was a lush and dark green.  The white yard numbers were outlined in dark orangey-red.

6.  Today’s broadcast featured a spotty signal.

7.  I imagine all the people watching this game at the stadium.  How many of them are on Bookface?  How many of them have wordpress blogs? Might I have indirectly interacted with them via blog or youtube commentary?

8.  Did Brent Musberger say in the middle of the second quarter that LeGarrette Blount “became a father in the fall” ?  As in there is small human being that possesses half of his DNA not-yet-running around?

9.  Ohio State’s marching band performed during halftime.  One of the songs they played was “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.”  I like those big drums.

10.  Sunset over the Rose Bowl at 8:02 east coast time was quite stunning.  The sky a dark blue coat with patches of magenta fluffs.

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Fiesta Bowl 2009: Texas serves up Ohio State some guacamole

Glendale, Arizona.  The Ohio State Buckeyes and the University of Texas Longhorns got their potluck on for the thirty-eighth annual Fiesta Bowl in front of a packed house.  Big 10 vs. Big 12 and a  big kazoo in the back for you…if you can lift it.

Televised on Fox, the pre-game show included the Ohio State band forming the “Ohio” on the field–what a mesmerizing sight.  The angle (long shot but not nearly high enough) wasn’t even that great, but it was so neat the way the band members interlaced with each other while holding enormous brass instruments.  I kid you not.

What happens when the defense bets your bottom dollar with more ability than the offense?  Something like the first half of today’s scheduled events.  The first quarter hobbled halfway through before either team scored…in the form of a fifty-one yard field goal by Buckeyes kicker Aaron Pettrey.  Lathered but so completely not repeated in the bottom of the quarter (that ball shot ludicrously left of the uprights).  Ohio State 3 and Texas 0.

The second quarter began with a Longhorns field goal from twenty-seven yards (executed by kicker Hunter Lawrence).  Both teams tied 3.  Six minutes later, Buckeyes second kicker Ryan Pretorius smacked a thirty-yarder through the yellow-painted, double right angles.   Ohio State 6 and Texas 0.  The second quarter ended with Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy throwing an interception.  Buckeyes defensive back Anderson Russell stepped in front of the goal line and caught the ball before it had the chance to find one of the Longhorns.

The third quarter progressed into the eight minute neighborhood when Colt McCoy darted fourteen yards into the end zone for a touchdown (he actually spun or twirled through the goal line).  Texas 10 and Ohio State 6.  And out from the fog comes an energized herd of Longhorns.  Another TD in the bottom of the quarter, thanks to wide receiver Quan Cosby.  Texas 17 and Ohio State 6.

The fourth quarter started off with a monster bang as Buckeyes quarterback Todd Boeckman threw the ball forty-eight yards to wide receiver Brian Robiskie.  A couple plays later, Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor nearly threw an interception in the end zone.  A forty-three yard field goal raised their numbers to 9, but Texas was still on top with 17.  The Buckeyes hammer back with a slab of defense that undercut the Longhorns’ offensive progress–one would-have-been interception, one near-TD, and another impeccable catch by Brian Robiskie.  Halfway through the quarter, after a pass interference and unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Longhorns, the Buckeyes quarterbacks–Boeckman to Pryor–connected for a TD.  They attempted but didn’t pull off a two-point conversion.  Texas 17 and Ohio State 15.

But all was not lost, mes amis.  After getting the ball back, running back Daniel Herron ran into the end zone.  A two-point conversion was tried and Terrelle Pryor caught the ball, but offensive and defensive pass interference calls necessitated a do-over.  The conversion was not successful the second time around.  Pryor threw to tight end Rory Nicol, who couldn’t keep the ball in his grasp.  Ohio State 21 and Texas 17.  With under one minute left to play, the precise location of where the Longhorns would have their ball was challenged by Buckeyes head coach Jim Stressel (the first time he’s challenged a call all season).   He lost the challenge.  A few plays later, Longhorns Quan Cosby ran untouched into the end zone.  Texas 24 and Ohio State 21. Final score.   Well, good golly Miss Molly.   The Texas Longhorns have won themselves a Fiesta Bowl.


Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The national anthem was performed by The Blind Boys of Alabama.  A touching performance.   A bald eagle flew around.

2.  Matt Vasgersian and Tim Ryan were the voices of Stating the Obvious and In Case You Didn’t Know Trivia.

3.  The Buckeyes called tails, but the coin turned up heads.  The Longhorns deferred.

4.  Defensive back Shaun Lane of Ohio State was injured towards the bottom of the second quarter.   He had to be driven off.  Slow-motion instant replays revealed him running into Longhorns wide receiver Jordan Shipley.

5.  Shots of Ohio State fans made me think of ketchup.   Shot of Longhorns fans made me think of orange sherbet.

6.  Which school’s fans would win Tostitos’s Race to the Bowl challenge?  Texas and $250,000 in scholarship money.  Ohio State received $50,000.

7.  University of Texas’s marching band played Led Zeppelin’sStairway to Heaven” during halftime.  According to the announcer, it’s the most requested (and aired) song on American FM radio but was never released as a single.  The announcer was nearly accurate in his remark.

8.  Brian Robiskie’s father, Terry, is the wide receivers coach for the Atlanta Falcons.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

NFL News: DeAngelo Hall, one small step for truculent kind

But first. You know Terrelle Pryor?  Click here to see which University this highly sought high school footballer has chosen to spend the next four years of his time on Earth.

[ ]D

Understandable truculence.

In a previous post, I expressed a combination of surprise and disheartenment that DeAngelo Hall might be migrating to the Pacific Coast.

Wail, according to this little video clip from NFL.com, the cornerback is going to (if he hasn’t already as of 1:01 pm East Coast time) meet with the Raiders elite for some conversation.

Whether or not I think he’s a sensational cornerback is irrelevant. The first time I saw him on the local news, I was struck by his mise-en-scene. Looks like I’ll never get a glimpse of that vibe in person, n’est-ce pas?

So I asked a friend of mine, also a Falcons fan/supporter, about this whole cast-replacement situation and he offered me the following insights:

[The Falcons were] a team built around michael vick, last year he sunk the franchise like no player has ever done before. With a new general manager, a new head coach, and a whole new cast of players, it looks like arthur blank has made the decision to hit the reset button, restart the franchise, and hope things are better the second time around.
i do it all the time while playing madden08, blank just have the money to do it in real life.

US Army All-American Bowl 2008: Go East.

Comprised of the eighty most promising high school football players, the US Army All-American Bowl (in San Antonio, TX at the Alamo Dome and televised on NBC) progressed as podium for players to announce their choice in college and the was the last time they would play high school level football. The two teams consisted of the East (clad in all black) and the West (in yellow pants, white tops, and yellow helmets).

Terrelle Pryor quarterbacked for the East and made the first touchdown of the game. Dan Buckner, wide receiver for the West, tied the game in the bottom of the first quarter. East wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin’s TD in the top of the second quarter gave his team the lead. The point gap decreased with a West field goal just past the middle of the second quarter. DeAndre Brown, wide receiver for the East, made a touchdown in the bottom of the second quarter (extra point no good). Going into halftime, East 20 and West 10.

The third quarter began with a fifty-six yard touchdown by the West’s wide receiver Michael Floyd. Wide receiver John Goodman of the East increased his team’s lead with a touchdown in the very bottom of the third quarter (extra kick no good). East 26. West 17.

I had to go run an errand and didn’t get to watch the rest of the game. I’m having difficulty locating a final score. I’m guessing East won because they were in the lead halfway through the fourth quarter.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. From the high-angle long shot point-of-view, the players literally looked like a clump of yellow jackets.

2. There was no blue line of scrimmage or 1st and Ten Line graphic. I can do without the line of scrimmage graphic. There was no down-yardage graphic either. Surprisingly, it took me two quarters to realize the last one wasn’t there.

3. Andrew Luck quarterbacked for the West (until Dayne Crist switched with him sometime in the second quarter).

4. West running back Sam McGuffie’s ability to hurdle over opponents is due to his gymnastic background (started in third grade).

5. There was an eating competition in the days before the game–the West won.

6. Marquies Gray took over quarterbacking duties for the East at some point in the first half (second quarter I think). Terrelle Pryor was QB’ing again in the third quarter. In the bottom of the third quarter, one of the commentators noted that Pryor would only QB on every third series. Ah Soudesuka.

7. Terrelle Pryor received the US Army All-American player of the year award. He and the correspondent were standing screen-left; the award presenter on the right. Pryor looked exceedingly tall and a tad distracted. I couldn’t tell where he was looking at offscreen.

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Update: Indeed, the East did win (33 to 23). Click here to read more about it.