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Pre-S 08: Titans shimmy past the Raiders

Sometimes the fourth quarter in a football game progresses like a slow jam on the patio during a humid, southern twilight–it ends like a sleep-deprived, lonely heart.  Other times, the fourth quarter flutters, sputters, and snaps out of lethargy like a famished human hearing the words, “free beer and pizza.”

Fox televised the Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans game Friday night; and its fourth quarter was arguably an amalgamation of both kinds of dramatic manifestations.

The short of it is that the Titans beat the Raiders 17 to 16.  Tennessee’s points came from a touchdown in the second quarter (thanks to fullback Ahmard Hall), a TD in the third quarter (made by wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins), and a John Vaughn field goal in the mosh pit bottom of the fourth quarter.  Oakland’s numbers came from a TD at the top of the second quarter (courtesy of tight end Zach Miller) and three field goals in the second and fourth quarters (all delivered by Aaron Elling).

Vince Young, Kerry Collins, and Ingle Martin quarterbacked for the Titans.  JaMarcus Russell and Andrew Walter quarterbacked for the Raiders.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Voice-over narration was provided by Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston with on-field commentary by Tony Siragusa and Chris Myers.

2. Hoopla, hoopla.  Yes, now one of the defense players can wear a green-dot helmet which allows for one-way communication with the defensive coordinator.  Like a spoken telegram in real-time.

3. About halfway through the first quarter, Tennessee punted the ball to Oakland.  Wide receiver Johnnie Lee Higgins didn’t return it too far up the field.  The camera filmed the play in a high-angle long shot, the framing just off-center.  When the other players (from both teams) ran towards Higgins, it looked as if a burst of wind or a wave of water was rushing to meet him.

4. The entire game was a train-load of hits and misses.  Just when the “ooos” and “aaahhhs” came forth from the spectators, passes were incomplete or there was a yellow flag on the field. And then the fourth quarter happened.  The Raiders reclaimed their lead with the second field goal in the fourth.  With fewer than three minutes on the game clock, running back Adimchinobi Echemandu ran seventy-two yards towards the end zone but was brought down by Titans cornerback Marquice Cole around the ten yard line.  Echemandu tries two more times to get into the zone but to no avail.  By the end of the quarter, Tennessee got the ball back, moved back down the field, and got within field goal range (thanks to wide receiver Biren Ealy and wide receiver Chris Davis, #17).

5. There are two Chris Davises on the Titans team.  Number 17 and Number 16.

6. The Raiders and the Titans both have a Chris Johnson on their team.  Cornerback for Oakland and running back for Tennessee.

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Don’t miss the Colts at Falcons game Saturday night.  It will be on myATLtv for all you Atlanta people.  If you’re going to the GA Dome, click here for GDOT construction info.

NFL News: Moss grows, Dunn to go, Crumpler northwards

Eye-catching news items from NFL.com:

Patriots re-sign Moss after record-setting season

NFL.com Wire Reports

BOSTONRandy Moss is staying with the New England Patriots. 

The defending AFC champions re-signed the record-breaking receiver on Monday to a three-year deal worth $27 million, his agent said. The signing was confirmed by the team shortly after Moss posted a message to fans on his Web site.

“I want to take time out to thank all of the fans for their support and for wishing me well in my return to New England,” therealrandymoss.com quotes him as saying. “I’m ready to get back. We have some unfinished business to take care of.”

Moss’ agent, Tim DiPiero, said the deal included guarantees of $15 million, including a $12 million signing bonus to the receiver who set an NFL record with 23 touchdown catches and helped the Patriots reach the Super Bowl in his first season with the team.

“Randy was serious about wanting to stay,” DiPiero wrote in an e-mail. “Because of Randy’s record-breaking year, the interest in him was very high. Randy took less than he could have to rejoin his teammates.”

This story saddens me.  Tears were practically welling up (partially due to listening to “Am I Dreaming?” by Atlantic Starr while reading this article).

Falcons release three-time Pro Bowler Dunn

NFL.com Wire Reports

ATLANTAWarrick Dunn was released by the Atlanta Falcons on Monday, one day after the club signed free agent running back Michael Turner.

Last season, Dunn became the 22nd back in NFL history to rush for 10,000 yards. But his days in Atlanta were numbered after the Falcons doled out a six-year contract to Turner, reportedly for $34.5 million with about $15 million guaranteed.

The 33-year-old Dunn had three straight 1,000-yard seasons with the Falcons, helping the team lead the NFL in rushing from 2004-06. He ran for a career-high 1,416 yards in 2005, earning his third Pro Bowl appearance.

But the 11-year veteran found little room to run after the Falcons fired coach Jim Mora and brought in Bobby Petrino. Dunn rushed for just 720 yards and averaged 3.2 yards per carry during a dismal 4-12 season, which was marred by Michael Vick‘s dogfighting case and Petrino’s sudden resignation 13 games into his debut season.

With a new coach and general manager, the Falcons decided to go for a younger running back, signing Turner to a team with 24-year-old Jerious Norwood.

“The legacy he leaves in Atlanta will be long-remembered and appreciated by his fellow players, fans and the community,” Atlanta owner Arthur Blank said. “In my mind, Warrick will always be part of the Falcons family.”


Titans reach terms on two-year deal with Crumpler

NFL.com Wire Reports

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Titans agreed to a two-year contract with former Atlanta tight end Alge Crumpler, one of many veterans released last month by the Falcons.

Crumpler, voted to four consecutive Pro Bowls from 2003-06, is expected to help an offense that had only nine touchdown passes in 2007. He will get to play with a quarterback in Vince Young whose mobility is similar to Michael Vick.

“I really am excited about the opportunity to work with Vince Young. I’ve admired him as a peer from across the league, and I was itching to get a chance to play with him,” Crumpler said.

The 30-year-old Crumpler had eight touchdown receptions in 2006, and he and the Titans believe he will be a good fit for an offense that needs to improve red zone production.

“He has 35 career touchdown catches, so he knows how to get open in the end zone,” Titans coach Jeff Fisher said Monday while introducing Crumpler. “He knows how to get in the end zone.”

“And I like getting in the end zone,” Crumpler said.

“The thing that stands out when you look at Alge as a player is his production and reliability,” Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt said in a statement Monday. “He is a complete tight end: a dynamic receiver for the Falcons offense, who also contributed as a blocker to a run offense that ranked first in the league in three of the last four years.”

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AFC Wildcard Game 2008: Chargers mortalize the Titans

“Mortalize” isn’t a real word.  N’importe.

Qualcomm Stadium in California. The Tennessee Titans trekked southwestward across the country to challenge the San Diego Chargers for a shot at the AFC divisional championship game, and then hopefully the Super Bowl.

The first quarter started with grey skies, precipitation, and a Titans field goal.   The second quarter ended with another Titans field goal.  Going into halftime, Tennessee 6 and San Diego 0.   The third quarter gave the Chargers a modicum amount of hope with a field goal.  Well Hallelujah.  San Diego wide receiver Vincent Jackson made a touchdown in the bottom of the third quarter.  Chargers 10 and Titans 6.  The fourth quarter picked up again in the precipitation.  Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson nearly made a touchdown just before the halfway point in the fourth quarter.    The ball was called dead at the one yard-line; San Diego challenged but the ruling stood (no more time-outs for them).  Tomlinson made another effort, leaped up and over the Titans defensive players and broke the plane with his outstretched hands.  Chargers up to 17.   Tennessee challenged but the ruling stood (they still had one more at that point).  After 3.65 quarters of underwhelming game-play (excepting interceptions), the game ended 17 to 6 in favor of San Diego.  The Chargers are going to the AFC divisional game.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Because this game was on CBS, the blue line of scrimmage graphic was on the field.  After watching a number of football games on Fox, NBC, and CBS within the the last week, I think I’d be content either way if the blue line of scrimmage was nixed next season.

2. “Jackson has San Diego down to the twenty-six yard line–its deepest penetration,” one of the commentators remarked.  Again, easily misinterpreted.

3. Before Vincent Jackson made the TD in the bottom of the third quarter, Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was flagged for unnecessary roughness. He crept beyond the line of scrimmage and pushed Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers to the ground.  I caught it in a slow-motion instant replay from behind the Titans line; it reminded me of something one would see in sixth-grade gym class.

4. Chargers defensive end Luis Castillo did this reverse kick-ball-change step after he  sacked Titans quarterback Vince Young.

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