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NFL 2012: Falcons canola oil the Redskins

The Washington Redskins played host to the Atlanta Falcons today.  Broadcast on Fox and with commentary provided by Sam Rosen and John Lynch, the Falcons had the ball first but didn’t do much with it.  Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III seemed to do better…until Falcons tackle Jonathan Babineaux and cornerback Dunta Robinson co-sacked him.   The first quarter came and went without much excitement for either team.

The second quarter started quite absurdly as Falcons quarterback was cleanly intercepted by Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan for a touchdown.  He then jumped into the arms of awaiting Redskins fans to celebrate.  Washington 7 and Atlanta 0.  Redskins kicker Billy Cundiff missed  thirty-one yard field goal in the bottom of the quarter.  The Falcons popped out a TD via two crucial catches by tight end Tony Gonzalez with under a minute left in the first half.  Washington 7 and Atlanta 7.

The third quarter boasted a somewhat sharper Redskins offense, though their trip down to the red zone area resulted in a field goal.  Washington 10 and Atlanta 7.  Robert Griffin III had to leave the game soon after on account of a hard hit by two Falcons.  Kirk Cousins stepped in for him in the bottom of the quarter.

The fourth quarter sprang out with a TD catch by Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones.  Atlanta 14 and Washington 10.  The Redskins responded with a seventy-seven yard TD catch-and-run by wide receiver Santana Moss.  There were zero Falcons within spitting distance of Moss.  Kirk Cousins might be a rookie backup QB, but he probably just earned himself job security through (much of) the season.  Washington 17 and Atlanta 14.  Would Falcons kicker Matt Bryant be able to make a fifty-three yard FG in the middle of the fourth quarter?  Si! The Falcons have tied it.  Washington 17 and Atlanta 17.

SUGARY GUM DROPS!  Falcons running back Michael Turner transported himself into the end zone with three minutes left in the game.  Kirk Cousins may have wanted to give his team another chance to pull out some magic but then he threw an interception straight into the bosom of Dunta Robinson.  After getting the ball back, Cousins did it again … into Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud‘s arms.  Atlanta 24 and Washington’s 17.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania

1.  The Falcons wore white tops and white bottoms.  Many Falcons wore hot pink towels or gloves.  The Redskins wore maroon tops, yellow bottoms, hot pink shoes, and hot pink shoelaces.  Some players wore hot pink socks and gloves.

2.  The suspense of whether or not an intended receiver will catch a ball as depicted in televised football increases when the camera is focused on the quarterback before moving to the receiver, who may or may not be surrounded by the other team’s defense.  If the camera were able to have both offensive players in view, there would be less perceived “unknown” of complete or incomplete pass.

3.  After Julio Jones made the TD in the top of the fourth quarter, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White leaped onto Julio’s left shoulder and hung out there for several seconds. Could one call it planking?

4.  The rain started coming down hard after Michael Turner made a TD in the fourth quarter.

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NFL News: Peel that teal off of Donovan McNabb

And put on some maroon burnt sienna, pollen, and whipped mayo for long-time Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Donovan McNabb.  He’s joined the ranks of the Washington Redskins.


Click here to get the NFL.com scoop with video (pic cred).  Is it my imagination or does Lindsay Soto look like Cameron Diaz with a longer face, a pointier chin, and Invisalign? Only in this clip and not in general.

Click here for more information from Redskins Insider.


Speaking of the NFL, what’s the good word with the Atlanta Falcons? Defense, defense, defense.  We need more bodies around the moat.

Woe to be Santonio Holmes right now.  College and pro football players often find themselves in a sticky or delicate situation near or on the premises of a night club …or having operated heavy machinery while intoxicated.  Just a thought: vary the venues.  Hang out with your buddies at an Ikea or a bowling alley.  Nothing ever happens in a bowling alley, except for perhaps a flashback to the color schemes of the 70s and 80s.  Karaoke bar.  Do a karaoke bar.  Bring a driver.

NFL 2009: Falcons go skyhigh over the Redskins

The Washington Redskins came down to the Georgia Dome to gauge the Atlanta Falcons’ performance capabilities after back-to-back losses (to the Dallas Cowboys and then the New Orleans Saints).  Televised by Fox and narrated by Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston, the first quarter started with the Falcons on offense and a much stronger first impression than in recent memory.  The Falcons scored at the end of their first possession via a play-fake to running back Michael Turner.  Quarterback Matt Ryan threw the ball to tight end Tony Gonzalez for a touchdown.  Atlanta 7 and Washington 0.  A change-up of offense later, when the ball went back to the Falcons, Mr. Ryan threw an interception–sss-tew-rate into the grasp of Redskins linebacker Rocky McIntosh.  But…what soft through yonder window breaks! It is Falcons cornerback Tye Hill catching a loose ball–slipped through the hands of Redskins tight end Fred Davis–and making a sixty-two yard TD run!  Atlanta 14 and Washington 0.

The second quarter ticked down to seven or six minutes and the Redskins finally got themselves on board with a field goal.  Atlanta 14 and Washington 3.  With just over three minutes left in the first half, Michael Turner ran the ball in for a TD.   Seconds before the end of the first half, Jason Elam made a field goal for the Falcons.  Atlanta 24 and Washington 3.

Redskins QB, Jason Campbell, took five sacks in the first half.  He and his offense mates appeared to have improved in the third quarter with a sneeze more momentum, a whiff of better pacing, and more ground coverage.   Running back Ladell Betts broke the plane on 4th and goal, giving the Redskins their first TD of the game.  Fellow running back Rock Cartwright made a couple attempts but was stopped by the Falcons defense each time.  Atlanta 24 and Washington 10.

The fourth quarter shot out a TD connection between Jason Campbell and tight end Todd Yoder –or alleged TD connection.  Falcons head coach Mike Smith challenged the TD ruling on account of whether or not both of Yoder’s feet were in-bounds after catching the ball in the rear of the end zone.  The left foot was definitely in, but what about the right foot and knee? The ruling stood.  Atlanta 24 and Washington 17.  Now what?  Would the Falcons be able to finish what they started, as many Falcons fans were wondering moments before Michael Turner made a fifty-eight yard run for the end zone.  Redskins QB went down and out not in Beverly Hills when his team got the ball again.  He suffered an ankle mishap.  Todd Collins went in as QB for a possession.  Campbell came back with three minutes left to play.  The clock ticked and ticked to closing time.  Atlanta 31 and Washington 17.  Final score.

Not Another Teen Movie in German!

Nicht Noch Ein Teenie Film!


Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Former Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall was booed when he making a fair catch in the middle of the second quarter.

2.  According to Kenny Albert (methinks), Michael Turner’s TD in the second quarter marked his ninth for the season so far.

3.  Close-up to Matt Ryan under two minutes in the second quarter: is he wearing eyeliner?  Mike Smith was right there to see a late hit on Ryan by Redskins safety LaRon Landry.   Ryan had already gone out of bounds when Landry came at him.  Within nanoseconds, there was a convergence of jerseys on the Falcons sidelines; DeAngelo Hall (?) started pushing and shoving.

4.  Two strong offensive Redskins were absent: tight end Chris Cooley didn’t play at all and running back Clinton Portis went to the sidelines due to a concussion, if memory serves.

5.  There was a Veterans Day parade in Atlanta yesterday afternoon? Apparently so, Daryl Johnston saw some of it.

6.  After returning from the commercial break that followed Ladell Betts’s TD, one of the cameras cut to a close-up of Redskins wide receiver Malcolm Kelly’s left ankle being taped.  The camera was behind the seated Kelly, on the left side.  His foot ….his toes are all skin, bone, and sinews.  Blood vessels.  Made me think of a dancer.

7.  Todd Yoder reminds me of actor David Morse.

8.  When Todd Collins stepped in as QB for Jason Campbell in the fourth quarter, he patted Campbell on the back as they passed each other on the field.  Campbell kept his head down, flanked by Redskins personnel.

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NFL 2009: Giants leave the Redskins behind

The Washington Redskins and the New York Giants gathering by the knees.   Fox televised the game; Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were the commentators.  The first score of the game was a field goal for the Giants.  New York 3 and Washington 0.  The second quarter started with a tussle between Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss and cornerback Giants Corey Webster.  Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham ran Eli Manning’s pass into the end zone for a touchdown a few minutes into the quarter.  New York 10 and Washington 0.  In the bottom of the quarter, defensive end Osi Umenyiora got his hands around a fumbled Redskins ball and ran it in for a TD.  New York 17 and Washington 0.  With fewer than thirty seconds left in the first half, Redskins pretended to try a field goal and punter Hunter Smith was able to make a TD.  New York 17 and Washington 7.

The third quarter wormed down to under three minutes when Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall intercepted Eli Manning.  Would Redskins QB Jason Campbell be able to take advantage?  Not entirely.  They’d have to make do with a field goal.  New York 17 and Washington 10.   The Giants picked up a field goal in the top and bottom of the fourth quarter.  The Redskins didn’t stop trying, though.  Tight end Chris Cooley made a TD reception in the final 1.5 minutes of the game.  New York 23 and Washington 17.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Liquid nitrogen and a pool.  Pretty.

2.  The skycam swirled up and around the Giants huddle at the four minute mark in the second quarter.  Those Giants looked like action figures with that vertical spatial compression.

3.  When the commercial break ended after Oi Umenyiora made that TD, one of the cameras cut to him sitting on the bench.  He looked upwards and made some hand gestures towards the sky.  Was he thanking unseen forces?

4.  I’ve noticed for quite a long time now that persons in army fatigues have stood behind the end zones in many games.  I decided to google the phrase, “armed forces love NFL” to see what kinds of results are returned. Here’s something on Hines Ward.  Watching the NFL in Okinawa, Japan.  Searching “army NFL end zone” yields footballers in Kuwait.

5.  After Hunter Smith made the TD in the bottom of the second quarter (which was captured with the skycam as it happend), there was some slow-motion footage of Redksins head coach Jim Zorn chewing gum.  I’m going to take this moment to implore all networks never to include slow-motion of anyone chewing gum.

6.  Four minutes into the third quarter, the camera cut to a medium close-up of the Giants sidelines.  I’m not sure who was in the middle of the frame, but one of the non-suited Giants was screen-right in the background.  He had a water bottle that was half-filled with faintly pink liquid and was holding a silver packet close to his mouth as his head was tilted.  Kool Aid drink mixCrystal Light packet?

7.  Troy Aikman’s hands are quite large.  I am amused by the way Joe Buck looks at his colleague during cuts to the press box.  He appears to be listening intently, but on the other hand, he could also not be paying attention.  Is it what he does with his mouth?  And all those instances of swallowing? You can see hints of it here too.

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