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Cold Noodles embossed with the Falcons

I’ve got a story about a few of the Atlanta Falcons’ rookies to share and it all started with naeng-myun, or cold Korean buckwheat noodles. It reached 90 degrees in Atlanta today, and after I left work I felt like having a bowl of naeng-myun. I went with my mom and sister to the Super H-Mart in John’s Creek. The merchant didn’t quite have the cold noodles, but had a variation called “jang ban myun” if memory serves correctly.

We then went across the street to the Mozart Bakery where I got a green tea smoothie bubble tea. Then, we were debating where to go to take a walk. Container Store? Northpoint Mall (nah, we were there yesterday). And we settled on Perimeter Mall. We nearly always park at the Nordstrom’s deck. Upon entering the mall, I saw a group of people gathered along the railing between the Falcons store and J.Crew. My eyes grew big.

“Fan meeting!”


Despite a few moments’ hesitation, I knew I had to get in line–the timing couldn’t have been more ideal given that Sitting Pugs is practically a one year-old. My mom had my dad drop by the digital camera. I went to the Falcons store and purchased a towel to be used as a canvas for the collection of John Hancocks.

Behold (in order of ‘appearance’):









Now, Behold the finished product:


The Whose What close-up


In order that the towel was signed:

1. Cornerback Wilrey Fontenot drew me a smiley face.

2. Offensive tackle Sam Baker’s favorite number is 50.

3. Linebacker Curtis Lofton’s favorite color is green.

4. Running back Thomas Brown.

5. Quarterback Matt Ryan drew me a pig (I had requested a farm animal ^Y^).

Click here for a picture of Matt Ryan in the process of decorating my towel.

6. Cornerback Chevis Jackson’s favorite car is a BMW 750Li.

7. Safety Thomas DeCoud also drew me a smiley face.

8. Defensive end Kroy Biermann (I asked him what his favorite state was; he said “Montana”).

9. Linebacker Robert James was told he could write anything he wanted, and so he wrote, “To #1 Fan.”

10. Tight end Keith Zinger.

11. Wide receiver Harry Douglas’s favorite candy is Starburst.


In case you couldn’t tell, I’m wearing my new, new glasses in the photos.

Closing note: I’m 3 to 5 years older than all these rookies.

NFL News: Falcons with Prime and Odd Creme Pies

There aren’t any creme pies actually, mianhaeyo!

Eleven new faces will be joining the pollen-powdered corral for the 2008 NFL season here in Atlanta. They are– in no particular order–Matt Ryan (quarterback), Sam Baker (lineman), Curtis Lofton (linebacker), Chevis Jackson (cornerback/free safety), Harry Douglas (wide receiver), Thomas DeCoud (safety), Robert James (linebacker), Kroy Biermann (defensive end), Thomas Brown (running back), Wilrey Fontenot (cornerback), and Keith Zinger (tight end).

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