What’s In a Skycam?

I’ve brought up Skycam many, many times in my entries but have yet to give a proper definition or introduction. Thus, I decided to make a page with links to various web sites that provide relevant information on the Skycam as well as other aspects of televised football (I’ll add more terms and links as I think of them). In random order:

Skycam’s Official Site

Skycam on Wikipedia

Philadelphia Business Journal article

NY Times article

1st and Ten Line on Wikipedia

Sportvision (go products & services and then click American Football)

The good people at Sportvision are also responsible for the down-and-yard graphic that I prefer…I think Fox employs it.

DVSport’s Instant Replay

Meet the Telestrator’s inventor.

The Telestrator’s clients.

2 thoughts on “What’s In a Skycam?

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