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‘Tis the Season: Saints parade over the Seahawks

I didn’t watch any of the daytime NFL games today. I just caught a few minutes of the Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins game (on Fox) when I was at the Falcons store at Perimeter Mall. I saw some of the top of the third quarter; the score was 14 to 7 in Washington’s favor. The Packers would win, though, 17 to 14.

Since the Falcons didn’t play today (they’re playing against the NY Giants tomorrow on Monday Night Football), I decided to watch Tyler Perry’s self-penned, directed, and produced romantic drama Why Did I Get Married?. According to IMDB, it’s the film version of the play. In a pistachio shell, the film examines how four married couples deal with reclaiming the ups when the downs of matrimony grow too heavy.

The film ultimately promotes heteronormativity a tad too much, but it is very funny and well-written for the most part. I do recommend it.

There was a preview for a dance film called How She Move (Ian Iqbal Rashid, 2008). If the trailer is to be trusted, then this movie will be a mix of Stomp the Yard and Save the Last Dance. It’s supposed to hit theatres late January. I’ll be watching it and providing an analysis. ^&^

Now on to the football. The New Orleans played against the Seattle Seahawks and defeated them in their own waters 28 to 17. Most of the scoring occurred in the first and second quarters. The Saints made the first touchdown of the game (thanks to running back Pierre Thomas) after a wonky Seahawks snap. Tight end Eric Johnson and wide receiver Lance Moore gave New Orleans two more touchdowns in the second quarter, making the score 21 to 0. After making the TD, Moore leaned back, looked up at the sky, and stretched his arms up, making a “V.” It was gorgeous in the slow-motion instant replay.

The Seahawks got on the scoreboard in the second quarter with a touchdown by wide receiver Ben Obomanu. The Saints responded with a touchdown by wide receiver Marques Colston, to which the Seahawks pecked back with a field goal. 28 to 10. Nobody scored in the third quarter.

Seattle wide receiver Nate Burleson put a TD on the board in the fourth quarter, giving the Seahawks 17 points, but the Saints kept their lead–a huge lead. Defeating Seattle gives New Orleans their first win of the season.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. The skycam/cable cam suffered an operational malfunction around the eleven minute mark in the first quarter and had to be escorted off the field kicking and screaming. =^!^= No, not kicking and screaming–inanimate objects can’t do that on their own. But it did stop working properly so the game had to be delayed for a few minutes while the cable cam was pulled to the sidelines.

2. Al Michaels and John Madden had brought up the trivia that Qwest Field, home of the Seahawks, has been the stage for fifty-four opponent false starts in eighteen games since 2005.

3. During the third quarter, John Madden made a joke about Starbux coffee and how there are so many options and ingredients…”can you imagine being in line behind someone that orders three of those?” (quoted as close to verbatim as memory allows).

4. There was a very bizarre graphic that appeared in the third quarter. I don’t remember whose play Madden was exploring, but it was a mid-field to end zone play. This reddish color bar flashed on screen, running from the bottom to the top with arrows overlain indicating the direction of movement (from the bottom of the screen to the top).

5. Saints quarterback Drew Brees was flagged for grounding the ball in the fourth quarter. When Al Michaels and John Madden were commenting on the slow-motion replay, there were red lines on the screen marking the boundaries of the area surrounding the quarterback. Brees was standing on one side of it when he threw the ball because he was about to be taken down. Had he thrown the ball outside of that designated space, he wouldn’t have been flagged.

For game stats, summary, and play by play, click here.

The other big NFL game of the day: Patriots crunch the Cowboys. Mr. Tom Brady and his posse have won six games in a row.

Steelers play the Broncos next Sunday night.