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NFL 2022: The Pittsburgh Steelers mortar and pestle the Atlanta Falcons

So close and yet so far, today’s game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  A casually formed thought I had while gchatting with a friend during the middle of the first quarter:

I think it’ll be a game of field goals until the middle of the second and then more field goals until maybe the top of the third.  The defense for both teams will do better than the offense.

And sure enough, in the middle of second quarter, the Steelers made it into the end zone.  The field goals resumed through the end of the first half, though, not quite a one-to-one.  The Falcons didn’t do much offensively when they had the ball with just over a minute left in the second quarter, but after their defense kept the Steelers to a field goal towards the end of the third quarter, they finally made a touchdown (courtesty of tight end MyCole Pruitt). 19 to 13.

During the commercial break between the third and fourth quarter, I had a more purposefully formed thought:

I didn’t surmise what the fourth quarter is going to be like, but I’m imagining the defense of each team will hold up to about 5 minutes left in the fourth, whereupon the Falcons will recover a fumbled Steelers ball.  The Falcons will either win by just a touchdown or a touchdown and a field goal.

The Falcons have been ahead of their opponents 19 to 13 in past games only to lose by between 2 and 5 points.

Well, the Falcons recovered a fumbled Steelers ball at the top of the fourth quarter, but it was overturned.  I imagined that it could still happen with about four minutes left to play.  Although they did get another FG, decreasing the Steelers’ lead to three points, the Falcons could not get into the end zone again.  In fact, that field goal should have been a touchdown; the Falcons could have gone into the two-minute warning on top with 20 to 19, but nope.  The Steelers ended up intercepting the Falcons with less than a minute left in the game.  19 to 16.  Final score.

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For a approximately forty-five minutes today, I thought my haphazardly conjured game play narrations were coming true. 







NFL 2022: The Washington Commanders tea-cake the Atlanta Falcons

The score, score again, tie, tie-break storyline of the game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Washington Commanders today was not has dramatic as previous Falcons games this season, and yet, it was still an athletically satisfying televised spectacle.  Atlanta’s quarterback, Marcus Mariota, has demonstrated through that his self-confidence in his running abilities is solid and has developed noticeable (if not always reliable) instincts with his offensive players.  Thus, it’s all the more unfortunate to watch his reactions to not being able to move the ball farther down the field for better field-goal position…or throwing an interception in the end zone with under a minute left in the fourth quarter.  The final score of the game then becomes 19 to 13 in Washington’s favor instead of the 20 to 19 final score that would have put your team into better contention for playoffs.

If you’re a Commanders fan, though, the last couple minutes in the fourth quarter was surely nerve-wracking.  Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.


NFL 2022: The Atlanta Falcons pull the rug from under the Chicago Bears

I tuned into today’s game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Chicago Bears in the bottom of the second quarter when the former was down by three points.  A few plays later the Falcons tied the score 17 to 17.  Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota got his hands into the end zone towards the bottom of the third quarter to give his team a 24 to 17 lead.  The Bears got into the end zone as well in the middle of the fourth quarter to tie the game again.  Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo increased Atlanta’s lead by a 53-yard field goal with under two minutes left in the game.

A Bears fan would have every reason to believe that Chicago could tie the game once more or win by a touchdown, and perhaps either scenario would have happened… were it not for Falcons safety Jaylinn Hawkins intercepting Bears quarterback Justin Fields’s pass that was meant for running back David Montgomery.  And just like that with about a minute left in the game, the Falcons were able to hold firmly to a win a final score of 27 to 24.


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NFL 2022: the Minnesota Vikings smudge out the Buffalo Bills

Two weeks ago, the Atlanta Falcons won against the Carolina Panthers.  Both teams met again on Thursday Night Football, and Carolina was victorious with 25 points to 15.  I did not watch that Falcons loss.  It was somewhat of a toss-up today of which teams I would tune in to, and I chose the Buffalo Bills‘ attempt to sever the Minnesota Vikings‘ consecutive-game winning streak.  The second and third quarters showcased the Bills’ defense and offense talents (including a beautiful one-handed catch by Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs).  Going into the fourth quarter, they were ahead 27 to 17.  And then Bills quarterback Josh Allen threw an interception into the arms of Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson.

The last five minutes of the fourth quarter unfolded around the goal line, where the Bills’ defense demonstrated their athleticism enough to keep the Vikings to being in the lead by just a field goal.  Buffalo tied the game with two seconds left.  Once again, their defense showed up in overtime, and then like deja-vu, after getting the ball back, Josh Allen was threw an interception in the end zone into the arms of Patrick Peterson.  The Vikings won 33 to 30 in OT.  Final score.


I’m not a fan of either team but, my, was it an exciting experience, especially in those final minutes of the fourth quarter.

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NFL 2022: The Los Angeles Chargers dust the Atlanta Falcons

It’s a good weekend to be a fan of UGA, LSU, and the Houston Astros.
The UGA Bulldogs beat the Tennessee Volunteers 27 to 13 on Saturday.
The LSU Tigers won against Alabama’s Crimson Tide in overtime 32 to 31.
And the Houston Astros won the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Look at these hugs between teammates.

It’s not as good of a day to be an Atlanta Falcons fan, though.  I started watching the game against the Los Angeles Chargers at the start of the third quarter; the score was 14 to 10 in the LA’s favor.  Despite the Falcons touchdown towards the bottom of the quarter, a missed field goal meant that by the end of the fourth quarter, the Chargers tied then won the game 20 to 17 via two field goals.

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